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On this page you can read an excerpt from the tenth scifi novel in my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic series. If you enjoy what you have read, purchase the Print, Kindle, Nook, or kobo version of the book from the links listed on my links page.

This book like the previous nine books that are a part of my Amderesta The 3rd/4th Republic continue the story from the previous book. I am posting the first chapter below so you can read an excerpt from the book if you want to. Keep in mind that this book is a continuation from Amderesta The 4th Republic #8. The Amderestan-Analkian-EGA War. 

Chapter One

“Well, Mr. President, Mr. Deputy President are you two ready to get out there and give your speeches.” President Brians' Chief of Staff inquired of President Brians and Deputy President Callsen.

“Ready as I'll ever be, I guess.” President Brians responded as he went before the crowd of people which had assembled outside the executive building for his swearing-in. Cameramen from Amderesta Republic News Network, Dancalian Republic News Network, Chorane Republic News Network, Branisian Republic News Network, Rylon-Tylonian Republic News Network, Tarozenian Republic News Networks, Analkian Republic News Network and various privately-ran videoscreen channels would broadcast the inauguration to trillions of humans and aliens throughout the Amdronian Group, Northern Group, and Eastern Group.

Chief Judge Andrews proceeded to give the oath of office to President Brians and Deputy President Callsen.

On Taronia, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat in his office at Taronia Region Amderestan Military Field Command Headquarters and read over the latest reports which concerned Operation Northern Engagement Taronia. STPLA had suffered a major defeat thanks to intelligence obtained by Ensign Andrea Forrester and things began to return to normal.

Ensign Andrea Forrester, her twin brother Ensign Timothy Forrester sat at the bar in Adains' and watched President Brians speech on the videoscreen above the bar. Luke Adains poured three glasses of Ranchanian Ale for some off-duty TRIB Agents, then he turned his attention to the Forrester twins.

“Andrea, Timothy.” Luke Adains said. “What can I get you two?”

“What they're having.” Ensign Andrea Forrester responded referring to the three Taronia Region Investigation Bureau Agents. “Tim?”

“I'll have a Ranchanian Ale as well.” Ensign Timothy Forrester responded.

“You two are off-duty right now, right?” Luke Adains inquired of Andrea and Timothy who nodded yes to his answer.

“I just wanted to make sure, considering the two of you are military intelligence officers, and sometimes your great-grandfathers came in here out of uniform.” Luke Adains told Ensign Andrea Forrester and Ensign Timothy Forrester as he poured them two glasses of Ranchanian Ale and was paid for the drinks.

“STPLA wants us to think they're leaving the Taronia Region alone and just focusing on the Tourist Region, Swearia Region, and Parisia Region.” Ensign Andrea Forrester commented as she slowly drank her glass of Ranchanian Ale.

The three Taronia Region Investigation Bereau Agents seated at the end of the bar perked up at Andrea's comment. “Ensign, STPLA lost a large portion of their forces thanks to you.” A TRIB Agent told Andrea who rotated her barstool to face him.

“First, that information is classified.” Ensign Andrea Forrester responded. “Second, we should not let our guard down.”

On Amderestan Military Base Charles Lencon, Commander Jerrin sat in the briefing room at base headquarters to debrief the various Infantry Assault Unit Commanders whose units were stationed at the base.

Meanwhile in the Kanalsian Galaxy Amderestan Military Occupation Zone, Amderestan Military Expeditionary Force Beta under the command of Commander John Kelly was tasked with the administration of planetary systems in the Kanalsian Galaxy under their control. The local Kanalsian Administrative Districts in the Second through Twelfth Kanalsian Council District retained their locally-ran governments.

In the Kanalsian High Council building, Commander John Kelly who oversaw the Amderestan Military Occupation Forces in the Kanalsian Galaxy Amderestan Military Occupation Zone sat in the office which was previously used by the High Councilor. The window to his left while seated at the desk gave a view of several buildings in Kanalsia City damaged in the intense combat. He activated the videoscreen on the desk and proceeded a broadcast a public address to the Kanalsians under Amderestan Military occupation.

“Those of you who are able to receive this tranmission, this is Commander John Kelly, Military Governor of the Kanalsian Galaxy Amderestan Military Occupation Zone.” Commander Kelly said. He took a breath and continued. “A lot of you are currently residing in temporary housing constructed by the Amdronian Group Alliance Refugee Agency which is working alongside EGARA to restore water, power, communication and transportation services. We'll remain here as long Crescent sees fit. Anyone thinking about starting an insurgency against the Amderestan Military be forewarned, we'll use all necessary forces to repress any such uprisings. A curfew is in effect for all planets in the Kanalsian Galaxy Amderestan Military Occupation Zone from 2000 hours to 0600 hours Crescent Time. If you are out during curfew, you'll be arrested and detained by Amderestan Military military police. This notice has been posted throughout the various cities.”

Meanwhile in the Lisalian Galaxy Amderestan Military Occupation Zone, Colonel John-Jack Forrester who had spent the last few hours at one of the many Amderestan Military checkpoints in and around Linnan City parked his speeder in front of a bar and made his way inside.

John-Jack found an empty seat at the bar and ordered himself a glass of Ranchanian Ale which he slowly drank from. He looked at his Santurian DA-974 -A datapad and read several news articles that discussed the Amderestan Military Occupation Force in the Kanalsian Galaxy. The Article went on to discuss the possibility of a phased withdrawl of Amderestan Military Occupation Forces to a buffer zone along the western border of the Kanalsian Galaxy.

Over on Crescent, Senator Thomas Linnen who lead the Amderestan Republic Party in the Amderestan Senate was sworn in as Prime Minister by Deputy President Callsen. The newly elected Administrative District Senators, Region District Senators, and Territorial Senators were sworn in by Deputy President Callsen and took their seats in the legistature chamber.

“The Amderestan Senate is now in session.” Deputy President Callsen said. “The chair recognizes Prime Minister Linnen for forty-five minutes.”

“Thank you, Mr. President.” Prime Minister Thomas Linnen responded as he stood up to address the Senators in the majority and opposition. “Fellow Senators, thanks to the efforts of Commander Jonathan Lencon we have dealt a major blow to the STPLA in the Taronia Region.

Let's all be honest here. As a Taronian I saw the actions by STPLA forces firsthand and bear the scars of such actions. Amderestan Military forces in the Taronia Region should remain under Code One Tactical Alert and work alongside the Taronia Region Investigation Bureau and local law enforcement agencies in the case of renewed STPLA attacks in the Taronia Region.

Despite the ending of martial law imposed by President Brians in the Taronia Region, a State of Emergency is still in effect due to the ongoing conflict with the STPLA and we shouldn't underestimate their ability to quickly reorganize their forces. Mr. President, I reserve the remainder of my time.”

Senator Brian Thompson who was the newly elected Region Senator for the Southeast Taronia Region District was recognized by Deputy President Callsen and he took the floor.

“Mr. President, I share the concerns of the prime minister. STPLA may take this time to reorganize their forces or to blend into the civilian population. There are those primarily in the Amderestan Democrat and Amderestan Unionists Parties who would like to see Commander Lencon court-martialed for actually winning against STPLA forces. This threat is far from over. As a retired Amderestan Military officer holding the rank of Colonel, I have seen my share of combat during my fifteen years of service to the 4th Amderestan Republic in uniform. We've been at war against STPLA forces since 89,945 and we have finally begun to make a major stride towards victory.”

Back on Taronia, Ensign Andrea Forrester and her twin brother Ensign Timothy Forrester finished their glasses of Ranchanian Ale, and they proceeded towards the glass door which had an opaque sign which read Adain's that was backwards to the perspective of people inside the bar.

“Ensigns.” A plainclothes Pairisian Military Intelligence Officer said. “I need a moment of your time.” He lead Andrea and Timothy to a table towards the back of the bar and continued. “As you are two aware, Parisian Military Intelligence and Tarozenian Military Intelligence has been monitoring chatter from STPLA forces. They want us to have a false sense of security.”

Sirens sounded a moment later as missiles launched by STPLA forces in the Tourist Region entered Taronia's atmosphere seperated into MIRVs that severely damaged or destroyed several apartment complexes in Taronia City and it's suburbs.

At TRAMFCH, Commander Jonathan Lencon watched from his office as smoke billowed up from from damaged and destroyed apartment complexes. Scores of civilians mostly women and children were taken to AMB Charles Lencon Amderestan Military Hospital and several civilian-ran hospitals.

Over at AMB Charles Lencon Amderestan Military Hospital, Colonel Sydney Forrester, Major General Jonas, Colonel Timothy Johnson and Colonel Reynolds proceeded to triage the several hundred Taronian men, women and children who were brought in. Those were deceased were taken to the morgue. Colonel Sydney Forrester, Brigadier General Jonas, and Colonel Timothy Johnson focused primarily on patients who needed immediate medical attention.

“Just when you think everything has gone back to normal, right.” Colonel Sydney Forrester commented as she triaged a 17-year-old Taronian girl who suffered a number of injuries from the STPLA missile barrage.

“Are you okay, Colonel?” Major General Jonas inquired of Sydney as two medics took the Taronian girl to an exam room for treatment.

“I'll be fine, Jonas.” Colonel Sydney Forrester responded as she ran scans on another Taronian who received critical injuries from the many missile attacks.

After what seemed like hours, the planetary defense sirens died down and the all-clear was given. On Taronia and various other planets in the Taronia Region, thousands of people were now homeless from the STPLA attacks on their apartment complexes.

Commander Jonathan Lencon contacted Amderestan Military Chief of Staff Commander Jacobs via the Video-Audio Communication Screen and his image appeared on the twelve inch screen.

“Sir, I've had a number of missile attacks on civilians within the last several hours.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said as he read over a number of intelligence reports.

“I've been monitoring your situation, Lencon.” Commander Brian Jacobs responded. “It seems STPLA seems to be changing their tactics. Instead of large scale attacks, they seem to be focusing primarily on infiltration. In other words lying low.

Over in Taronia City, Ensign Andrea Forrester and her twin brother Ensign Timothy Forrester walked down the main street which had a number of checkpoints manned by Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Patrols and Taronia City Police Officers. They presented their Amderestan Military ID cards at the various checkpionts as they made their way back to AMB Charles Lencon.

During the next several days, STPLA forces began to increase the number of attacks against checkpoints manned by Amderestan Military, civilian law enforcement, and TRIB Agents along with a number of police stations throughout a number of cities on planets in the Taronia Region.

Over at the Taronia Region's Governor's Residence, William Brians, who had been sworn in as Region Governor meet with his Region Cabinet to discuss the STPLA situation that worsened by the hour or so it seemed.

“Well, it seems STPLA has stepped up their attacks against our local police, TRIB Agents and Military Police checkpoints.” Governor William Brians said to Region Justice Minister Kerry Thomas who oversaw the Taronia Region Investigation Bereau.

“I think we should increase the presence of Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Units in the major cities.” Justice Minister Thomas suggested to everyone seated around the conference table.

“You mean asking President Brians to declare martial law?” Taronia Region Governor William Brians said. “We're already under a State of Emergency.”

“Haven't you noticed, it's a damned war zone out there!?” Justice Minister Thomas pointed out to Governor Brians as he brought up a showed a list of TRIB Agents killed by STPLA attacks during the past few days on his datapad. “We need to take a back seat and let Commander Lencon handle this. I'm sure the families of these agents would want something to be done.”

Education Minister Richard Warren chimed in. “Are we going post Military units near our schools, that is putting our children at risk.”

“Warren, STPLA has no problem attacking a school full of children and blaming the Amderestan Military. It makes no damn difference.” Justice Minister Thomas responded.

“Alright, get Commander Lencon and President Brians on a secured VACS channel as soon as possible.” Governor William Brians told Communication Minister Mike Swarn who oversaw the qausi-government ran Taronia Information Service and Taronia Region Video-Audio Communication Services.

After a couple of minutes, Commander Jonathan Lencon's image appeared on the conference room's Video-Audio Communication Screen. “Governor Brians, I'm fully aware of STPLA's attacks. Ensigns Forrester passed along intelligence from the Pairisians and Tarozenians concerning the increased STPLA activity.”

“Frankly, Commander.” Justice Minister Thomas said. “Taronia Region Investigation Bereau, and local law enforcement agencies can't handle the amount of STPLA attacks. The Governor is going to request the reinstatement of martial law and a curfew for all civilians except those in law enforcement. TRIB will work alongside Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Units.”

After Justice Minister Thomas, Communication Minister Swarn and the rest of Governor Brian's cabinet left the conference and returned to the nearby Region Ministry Buildings, Governor Brians addressed the several trillion Taronian men, women and children. “Fellow citizens, I have formally requested a declaration of martial law for the entire Taronia Region due to attacks by STPLA units on Amderestan Military and civilian law enforcement personnel. This is necessary as the civilian government here on Taronia is unable to properly function. Administrative Government buildings have been targeted by STPLA.

All civilians have to be in their homes between the hours of 1900 hours and 0700 hours Intergalactic Standard Time. Any who is out during this time, will be arrested by Amderestan Military or civilian police.”

Throughout the various cities on planets in the 1,333,333,332 planetary systems in the Taronia Region, Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Groups setup a number of checkpoints in and around major cities.

Signs were posted at anti-grav planetary transport platforms which read: Due to an increase of armed activity by Swearia Tourist Parisia Liberation Army forces, the Amderestan Military and Taronia Region Investigation Bereau will conduct the operation of all anti-grav planetary transport platforms.

A simular sign was posted at all civilian-ran landing platforms. It read: Under General Order Alpha 98767623, all civilian-ran landing platforms on planets in the Taronia Region are hereby comandeered for use by Amderestan Military Aerial Assault Units. Civilian shuttles and transports will continue to function as before. However, security measures will be taken by Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Units to prevent against sabotage efforts by STPLA forces.

At Amderestan Military Base Charles Lencon on Taronia, Ensign Andrea Forrester and her twin brother Ensign Timothy Forrester joined their great-grandfathers Commander Timothy Forrester and Brigadier General Tom Widan. Andrea and Timothy saluted their great-grandfathers who returned the salutes and they took seats around the conference table.

“Ensigns, you received intel from a Pairisian Military Intelligence Officer operating here on Taronia, correct?” Brigadier General Tom Widan asked of Andrea and Timothy.

“Yes, we did sir.” Ensign Andrea Forrester commented. She proceeded to pass several datapads to her twin brother and great-grandfathers. “Our contact in the PMI told us about the increase of STPLA activity against us and TRIB personnel.” She brought up a holographic map of the Taronia Region, Tourist Region and nearby Pairisian Republic and Tarozenian Republic that showed real-time cross-border attacks by STPLA-NAF forces. “According to my contacts in Pairisian and Tarozenian Military Intelligence, STPLA forces are beginning incursions into the Southwest Pairisia Galaxy and South Central Pairisia Galaxy.”

On Crescent, President Brians sat in his office and read over the stacks of datapads which detailed recent intelligence about Operation Northern Engagement-Taronia, Operation Northern Engagement-Tourist, Operation Northern Engagement-Swearia, and Operation Eastern Engagement-Parisia. He picked one of the datapads up and read one them over for several minutes.

“Mr. President, the Tarozenian and Pairisian Ambassador both want to see you.” President Brians' Chief of Staff said via the intercom unit on the desk.

“Tell Ambassador Geran and Ambassador Tellan, I'm on my way.” President Brians responded to his chief of staff. He got up from the desk, exited the office and joined his Chief of Staff in the corridor. The two men walked past a number of offices and stepped into a conference room where Ambassador Geran and Ambassador Tellan waited.

“Thank you for seeing us.” Ambassador Geran said to President Brians as he joined them at the conference table. “As you're likely already aware, STPLA Combat Assault Groups, Aerial Assault Units, and Infantry Assault Units have begun attacks on planets in the Southwest Parisian Galaxy, South Central Parisian Galaxy and Southeast Parisian Galaxy.”

President Brians nodded in response as Ambassador Geran activated a holographic map of the Pairisian Republic's six galaxies that shared a border with the 4th Amderestan Republic, Tarozenian Republic, Quinuenian Republic and Quanuenian Republic. The real-time map showed the current engagements between STPLA forces and Pairisian Military Combat Assault Groups which suffered heavy losses.

“President Brians, the Status of Forces Agreement between our governments is set to expire within sixty days.” Ambassador Geran said. “and with the losses we substained due to STPLA forces, our joint effort should continue.”

“I'll have Deputy President Callsen convene a special session of the Amderestan Senate to vote on renewal of the SOFA with the Pairisian Republic.” President Brians responded.

Throughout a number of planetary systems in three southern Pairisian Galaxies which bordered the Amderestan Galaxy, STPLA Infantry Assault Groups landed on a number of planets and fought intense street-to-street and building-to-building battles against Pairisian Military Infantry Assault Groups.

On Pairisia, President James Terrin was now in his second term as President of the Pairisian Republic joined the Pairisian Military Chiefs of Staff to discuss the STPLA incursion into the three southern Parisian galaxies. The eight men sat around a large conference table which had a holo-projector in the center that showed the current situation in the three southern galaxies. The incoming reports from Pairisian Intelligence detailed a campaign of enthic cleasing by STPLA forces which went door-to-door and systematically killed Pairisian civilians in addition to those in military service. President Terrin tried to hold his emotions in as he read the graphic details of what the STPLA Infantry Assault Groups were doing to his citizens.

“We can't sit by and watch as our people in the Southwest, South Central and Southeast Galaxies are slaughtered by STPLA forces.” President Terrin told the six Parisian Military Chiefs of Staff. “I want all of you to figure how to deal this and to prepare for mass evacuations if necessary.”

“Evacuations, why would our people need to evacuate?” Commander Jerron who commanded Parisian Military forces in the Northwest Parisia Galaxy responded. “And who will be willing to take us in?”

“Jerron, if you haven't been listening STPLA has been killing our forces and doing God-knows-what to the women and children.” Commander Linnsas responded. He had overall command of Parisian Military Infantry Assault Groups, Aerial Assault Groups and Combat Assault Groups in the Southwest Parisia Galaxy. “Frankly we need to invoke Article V of the AGA Defense Treaty.”

“What good will that do?” Commander Jerron responded. “The AGAAC will spend weeks discussing the option of deploying military forces to deal with STPLA. In the mean time, we have to do something even if it's just the Amderestans and Tarozenians.”

Meanwhile on Crescent, Ambassador Gersan who had returned to his residence at the Pairisian Embassy sat on his couch and read over several reports on his datapad that concerned STPLA's ethnic cleasing in the three southern Pairisian Galaxies.

Several blocks over in the Amderestan Senate Building, Deputy President Callsen proceeded to covene a special session. “Senators, as you are all aware, the Status of Forces Agreement authorizing the presence of Pairisian Military units in the Taronia, Tourist, Swearia and Parisia Regions is due to expire. Once that occurs, all Pairisian Military Combat, Aerial and Infantry Assault Groups will be required to leave.

“Myself along with President Brians, Commander Jacobs and Region Field Commanders have received intelligence from our Pairisian Allies which details a campaign of ethnic cleansing by STPLA forces. We need to extend our Status of Forces Agreement with the Pairisian Republic.”

On Taronia, Colonel Sydney Forrester, Colonel Reynolds, Major General Jonas and several other medics sat in the mess hall at AMB Charles Lencon Medical Center and watched PRNN on the celing-mounted videoscreen.

“I hope the Senate renews the Status of Forces Agreement with Pairisia.” Colonel Reynolds commented to the others seated with him. Colonel Timothy Johnson, Brigadier General Jonas, Colonel Sydney Forrester, and others finished their lunch and went back on duty.

At Taronia Region Amderestan Military Field Command Headquarters, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat at his the briefing room with his Executive Officer, Commander Timothy Forrester, Colonel Tom Widan and the Pairisian Military Liasion Officer, Commander Terran went over the current intelligence that concerned STPLA's activities in the Southwest Pairisia Galaxy, South Central Pairisia Galaxy, and Southeast Pairisia Galaxy.

“Commander Lencon, Commander Forrester, Colonel Widan.” Commander Terran said. “As you all aware, STPLA is currently involved in a full-scale assault against the three southern galaxies in the Pairisian Republic.”

“I am, Commander.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said. “I've given orders to several Combat Assault Groups along the border with the Southwest Pairisia Galaxy to provide aid to Pairisian Military Combat, Aerial and Infantry Assault Groups per the Status of Forces Agreement.”

“Thank you Commander.” Commander Terran said to Jonathan. “Any help is appreciated regarding STPLA.”

Meanwhile on Crescent, President Brians sat in his office and signed the bill passed by the Amderestan Senate which extended the Status of Forces Agreement with the Pairisian Republic. He activated the videoscreen in his office which broadcasted his transmission to Amderestan Republic News Network, Pairisian Republic News Network, Tarozenian Republic News Network, Dancalian Republic News Network, Chorane Republic News Network, Quinuenian Republic News Network, Quanuenian Republic News Network, Rylon-Tylonian News Network, Lenchini Republic News Network, Blackanian Republic News Network, and Antarian Republic News Network.

“A few minutes ago, I have renewed the Status of Forces Agreement and have ordered Amderestan Military Combat Assault Groups, Aerial Assault Groups, and Infantry Assault Groups to enter the Pairisian Republic and provide support to Pairisian Military Combat, Aerial and Infantry Assault Groups.” President Brians said to the trillions who watched the broadcast. “STPLA has been committing atrocities against Pairisian civilians during the last few days. We can't sit by and do nothing about this. Tarozenian President Tellans has issued simular orders to Tarozenian Military Combat, Aerial and Infantry Assault Groups as has the Quinuenian and Quanuenian Presidents.”

Ensign Andrea Forrester watched President Brians' address on her Computer Access Terminal Screen as she composed a message to her and her twin brother's father, Colonel John-Jack Forrester who was now assigned to SRAAMCAF Headquarters on the Sarian Republic's capital planet Calisada. Andrea's thoughts however were focused on the intelligence she and Timothy received from their Pairisian Military Intelligence contact.

In the Southwest Pairisia Galaxy, Amderestan Military Combat Assault Groups, Aerial Assault Groups and Infantry Assault Groups launched attacks against STPLA forces which had gained control of the southern galactic edge. The Amdronian Group Alliance Refugee Agency was swamped by hundreds of thousands of Pairisian displaced by the Swearia Tourist Parisia Liberation Army.

Over on Reyen, Colonel Laura Lencon sat in a cafe in Reyen City and contacted her oldest brother via the Video-Audio Communication Screen and Jonathan's image appeared onscreen.

“Laura, things have been fairly busy here.” Commander Jonathan Lencon told his sister. “As you have likely heard STPLA has been committing atrocities against the Pairisians.”

Laura nodded in response to her oldest brother's comment. “I assume you are doing something about this.”

“Yes, I've sent a number of Amderestan Military Combat Assault Groups, Aerial Assault Groups and Infantry Assault Groups to support the Pairisian Military and provide aid to any Pairisians who have been displaced due to the conflict.”

“Apparently, Crescent seems to be talking it's time concerning the Status of Forces Agreement.” Colonel Laura Lencon responded.

The Videoscreen in the cafe was tuned to ARNN Senate which showed the Administrative Senators, Region Senators and Territorial Senators seated in the Senate Building's Legistature Chamber. Region Senators from the Taronia Region, Tourist Region, Swearia Region and Parisia Region detailed the urgency of sending Amderestan Military Units to support the Pairisian Military. The barista changed the videoscreen channel to ARNN Reyen which showed an image of ARNN Anchor Andrew Talisan seated at the anchor desk in ARNN Reyen's studio.

“Our top story on ARNN Reyen is the STPLA conflict which has involved the Pairisian Republic for several days now.” ARNN Anchor Andrew Talisan said. “Pairisians have been pouring into the Alazenia Region and Amderesta Region where AGARA has been setting up refugee centers on millions of planets throughout the area. A spokesperson for AGARA said they haven't seen this many refugees since Bytoris. Jack Limmans joins us live from Amderesta City for an update on this situation.”

“Thank you, Andrew.” ARNN Correspondent Jack Limmans responded. “Transports filled with Pairisian civilians have been arriving on landing platforms across Amderesta One and other planets throughout the Amderesta Region, as STPLA Infantry Assault Groups have gained control over several thousand planetary systems in the Southwest Pairisia Galaxy, Southeast Pairisia Galaxy, and South Central Pairisa Galaxy. Reports from a number of Pairisian refugees detail atrocities that no one should deal with.”

Alice Lencon made her way down Reyen City's main street which by this point was packed with people who commuted to and from work each day. She noticed a number of Pairisians in the crowd and some of them sought her attention.

“Miss Lencon, a moment please.” A Pairisian Man said to Alice. She noticed he had two very children with him who were around four or five years of age.

“I want to help you and your kids, but I'm just a civilian like yourself.” Alice Lencon told the Pairsian man. “Have you gone to AGARA, I'm sure they can provide temporary housing?”

“You've seen what STPLA's capable of.” The Pairisian Man told Alice who nodded. “One of their soldiers attacked my wife and made me watch.”

“Damn.” Alice Lencon responded. “I'm sure my grandfather's sending Amderestan Military forces across the border to deal with STPLA. Your kids, were they?” She couldn't bring herself to finish her query.

The Pairisian Man composed himself and told Alice STPLA forces had ignored his two kids. Alice like most people were outraged at the thing STPLA personnel were doing to civilians.

“You and your kids could stay at my place for awhile.” Alice Lencon suggested to the Pairisian Man.

“Bless you.” The Pairisian Man said as tears streamed down his face. “You don't have to do this.”

“No, I insist.” Alice Lencon responded. “I haven't caught your name yet.”

“Sorry, I'm Michael Kinns and this is Sarah and Lisa.” The Pairisian Man said as he shook Alice's offered hand. Sarah and Lisa did the same.

Alice got down to Sarah and Lisa's eye level and told them she would take them out shopping for a few things. She stood back up and turned toward Michael Kinns' direction.

“Here's my spare keycard, you can use it to access my apartment.” Alice Lencon told Michael Kinns. “Just go three blocks that way and go a ¼ mile up the side street. Enter the apartment complex on the left side of the street and tell the doorman you and your kids are staying with me.”

“Thank you, Alice.” Michael Kinns said. “Sarah, Lisa be on your best behavior for Miss Lencon. I'll see you two in a bit.” Sarah Kinns and Lisa Kinns each gave their father a hug.

Alice Lencon took Lisa and Sarah to various stores in Reyen City's commercial district and she got them a some outfits to wear and a few dolls and things to play with since they had leave everything except the clothes they wore.

After several hours, Alice Lencon, Sarah Kinns and her sister Lisa Kinns entered Alice's apartment situated on the fifteenth floor and overlooked gave a view to several nearby apartment complexes. Alice found a seat in a recliner while Sarah and Lisa played on with their dolls on the floor.

“Sarah and Lisa shouldn't have to deal with this.” Michael Kinns told Alice as she went into her kitchen and prepared a meal for the four of them.

Alice fixed a plate of food for herself, Michael Kinns, Sarah and Lisa and brought them into the living room. She gave three plates of food to Michael, Sarah and Lisa who ate their meal. She activated her datapad and she connected it to the Amderestan Data and Information Service.

On Taronia, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat at the desk in his office at Taronia Region Amderestan Military Field Command Headquarters and looked over stacks of datapads which had piled up.

A holographic map of the Amderesta Galaxy, Parisia Galaxies, Tarozenian Galaxy was projected from the holo-projector in the room. The transponder signals from Amderestan Military, Tarozenian Military, Parisian Military, Dancalian Military, and Quinuenian Military and Quanuenian Military were indicated by green triangles. STPLA vessels were indictated by red circles. The holographic map showed the real-time engagements between the Amdronian Group Alliance Military Forces and STPLA forces in the Southeast, South Central and Southwest Pairisia Galaxies.

Over at the officer's club, Ensign Andrea Forrester and her twin brother Ensign Timothy Forrester sat at the bar with several other officers who were off duty and sipped from their glasses of Ranchanian Ale.

“Ensign, you think EGAMI is connected with STPLA's invasion of the Pairisian Republic?” One of other Amderestan Military Officers inquired of Andrea who turned her head towards him.

“Well, my brother and I have been monitoring chatter from Sancalian Military Intelligence and Sarian Federal Military Intelligence.” Ensign Andrea Forrester responded. “It seems they have been sending cargo transports equipped with weapons to STPLA bases throughout the Taronia Region, Swearia Region, Tourist Region, and Parisia Region.”

“Aren't portions of the intergalactic wormhole junction hub detection network active?” The Amderestan Military Officer inquired of Andrea who nodded.

“Yes, parts of the network have been activated, but even then cloak generators could used be to hide transponder signals.” Ensign Andrea Forrester responded.

On Pairisia, Amderestan Military Commander Jack Kellson who was appointed by President Brians as Supreme Allied Commander of the Amdronian Group Alliance Military Combat Assistance Force opened an encyrpted VACS transmission to Taronia Region Amderestan Military Field Command Headqaurters, Swearia Region Amderestan Military Field Command Headqaurters, Tourist Region Amderestan Military Field Command Headqaurters, Tarozenian Military Headqaurters, Quinuenian Military Headquarters, Quanuenian Military Headqaurters and Dancalian Military Headquarters.

The large Video-Audio Communication Screen showed the images of Taronia Region Amderestan Military Field Commander Commander Jonathan Lencon, SRAMFC Commander Mark Terran, Tourist Region Amderestan Military Field Commander Commander Thomas Tessan, Tarozenian Military Chief of Staff Commander Andrew Tenns, Quinuenian Military Chief of Staff Commander Rick Gessan, Quanuenian Military Chief of Staff Commander Rick Thomas, and Dancalian Military Chief of Staff Commander Frank Marshal who were in their various offices.

“Alright everyone, since we are all here, let's begin.” SACAGAMCAF Commander Jack Kellson said to the others. “Each one of should have received a currently tactical display of the Southwest Pairisa Galaxy, South Central Pairisia Galaxy, and Southwest Pairisia Galaxy.”

“Yes, we have.” TRAMFC Commander Jonathan Lencon said as he zoomed out his view to show the holographic map projected from the holo-projector by the desk in his office. “Right now, we seem to focusing primarily on using convential tactial against STPLA forces in the Pairisian Republic. STPLA are more adept to non-conventional methods of warfare. As Commander Kellson is aware, this conflict with the STPLA is now in it's tenth year.”

“Lencon, is there a point this?” TMCOS Commander Andrew Tenns responded in his Tarozenian Accent.

“We need to use more dare I say non-conventional methods against them.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded in his native Amderestan Accent which had hints of a Taronian Accent. He went over to the three-demensional holographic map and zoomed in on the Parisian Galaxies. “STPLA Combat Assault Groups are using the Pairisian Republic's section of the wormhole junction hub network to attack Pairisian Military Installations. AGAMCAF forces inside Pairisian Republic should adjust their scanners to Ensign Forrester's modifications.”

Commander Terran, and Commander Tessan agreed with Jonathan's suggestion as he and his aide Commander Timothy Forrester had a lot of experience with insurgent groups. The other AGAMCAF Commanders however were used to more conventional tactics. They also shared their suggestions on how to deal with the Swearia Tourist Parisia Liberation Army.

“Okay, we'll implement Commander Lencon's suggestion and modify our scanners according to the specifications developed by Ensign Forrester.” Supreme Allied Commander of the AGAMCAF Commander Jack Kellson responded.

On the thousands of Abrams-class and Williamson-class Amderestan Military, Tarozenian Military, Quinuenian Military, Quanuenian Military and Dancalian Military vessels in the Amdronian Group Alliance Military Combat Assault Force, the commanding officers received Ensign Andrea Forrester's specification in order to detect STPLA vessels while they traveled inside the wormhole junction hub network.

On Febuary 7, 90,055, Commander Jonathan Lencon, and Commander Timothy Forrester sat in the latter's barracks with Major General Jack Forrester to go over the intelligence reports received by Amderestan Military Intelligence officers and enlisted personnel. Ensign Andrea Forrester and Ensign Timothy Forrester came into the room a few minutes later.

“Sirs.” Ensign Andrea Forrester said to Jonathan, her great-grandfather and father as she and Ensign Timothy Forrester both gave salutes which were returned. Andrea took a seat in her great-grandfather's living room and activated the Computer Access Terminal Screen.

“We've been monitoring chatter between STPLA-NAF Headquarters and Saria.” Ensign Andrea Forrester said as she brought up details of the data and communication transmissions that had been transmitted back and forth between. “Sarian Federal Military Combat Operation Advisor Teams are being sent to support STPLA-NAF forces in the Pairisia Republic.”

“What about weapons and equipment for STPLA forces?” Major General Jack Forrester inquired of his granddaughter.

“They are sending weapons and other military equipment as well.” Ensign Andrea Forrester responded.

Onboard the Ancalisa which served as the flagship of the Amdronian Group Alliance Military Combat Assistance Force, Commander Terlans stood on the bridge of the Abrams-class destroyer and looked out at the other Amderestan Military, Tarozenian Military, Quinuenian Military, Quanuenian Military and Dancalian Military vessels that made up one of the Combat Assault Units.

Klaxons sounded throughout the vessel a moment later as Colonel Terrinas detected several STPLA-NAF units exit from the wormhole junction hub network and attack the AGAMCAF Combat Assault Taskforce. Throughout the destroyer, Amderestan Military officers and enlisted personnel onboard proceeded to their various duty stations.

In the armory, missiles and torpedeos were loaded into the forward launchers that were launched at a STPLA-NAF destroyer several dozen kilometers away. The transphasic missiles and torpedeos went through the shields of the older Alpha-class and Omega-class vessels used by the Swearia Tourist Parisia Liberation Army and severely damaged the vessel. The 64 vessels in the Amdronian Group Alliance Military Combat Assistance Force Combat Assault Taskforce seperated into Combat Assault Fleets and proceeded to outmanuever the older Alpha-class and Abrams-class vessels.

On Taronia, Commander Jonathan Lencon, Commander Timothy Forrester, Major General Jack Forrester, Ensign Andrea Forrester and Ensign Timothy Forrester stood around the holo-projector and watched the real-time tactical display of the engagement between the AGAMCAF Combat Assault Taskforce and Swearia Tourist Parisia Liberation Army vessels. They watched as the three-demensional tactical display showed the AGAMCAF vessels break through the vessels which had surrounded the AGAMCAF Combat Assault Taskforce and decimate the STPLA-NAF forces.

In various suburbs throughout Taronia City, several Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Battalions went street-to-street to clear out the Swearia Tourist Parisia Liberation Army Infantry Assault Units which entrenched themselves in the apartment complexes and launched attacks against the officers and enlisted personnel in the Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Taskforces. Colonel Brians took point as he and several other Amderestan Military officers and enlisted entered an apartment complex used by STPLA forces.

He gave hand signals to the 100 Amderestan Military officers and enlisted personnel in his unit to split up and proceed down the four corridors that went horizontal and the central corridor in the middle of the building.

The four Infantry Assault Patrols entered each apartment on the first floor of the apartment complex and enchanged blaster fire with a number of STPLA officers and enlisted. Explosive charges were used in a number of apartments to clear out the STPLA forces. After the first floor was secured, Colonel Brians and the other 100 Amderestan Military officers and enlisted went up the four stairwells to the next floor. Taronians who lived in this apartment complex had more or less left the apartments when STPLA forces had taken over the apartment complex.

Throughout various cities on Taronia, Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Units came under attack from entrenched Swearia Tourist Parisia Liberation Army forces. Streets throughout Taronia City, it's suburbs and cities that surrounded it had a large number of buildings damaged from the intense street-to-street combat.

At AMB Charles Lencon Amderestan Military Medical Center, Colonel Sydney Forrester, Colonel Reynolds, Major General Jonas, Brigadier General Timothy Johnson and the other medics stationed at AMB Charles Lencon were swamped with large numbers of civilians who became caught in the crossfire between Amderestan Military and STPLA units.

“I thought we had driven STPLA forces out of the Taronia Region.” Colonel Sydney Forrester commented to Major General Jonas, Colonel Reynolds, and Brigadier General Timothy Johnson in a Swearian Accent.

“I thought so as well, Colonel.” Brigadier General Timothy Johnson responded. “By the way, you've spent some time in the Swearia Region. I noticed you were speaking with a Swearian Accent.”

“That's true.” Colonel Sydney Forrester responded in her native Taronian Accent. “Reynolds, Jonas, my sister Lucy, my mother and a few other medical officers and enlisted who are still serving onboard Amderesta 1 AM-1737-L were assigned to Atorsia Seven ASC Medical Center now known as AMB Thomas Kellen Amderestan Military Medical Center for two years after the SSAAR-Yenturian-Amderestan War ended.” She proceeded to take a few bites of her pasta.

“I'm surprised you haven't been seconded to AMI considering you can fluently use a Swearian Accent.” Ensign Kelly commented from a nearby table in the mess hall.

“Ensign, If I was involved in a different method of service I might have gotten involved with AMI like my brother has.” Colonel Sydney Forrester responded. The sounds of nearby explosions assured everyone in the mess hall of Amderestan Military Base Charle Lencon Amderestan Military Medical Center more casualties would arrive.

In Taronia City's commercial district, Ensign Andrea Forrester who was dressed in civilian clothing slowly went up the now mostly deserted main street which had the remains of speeders used by STPLA personnel. Their burnt corpses still smoldered after the intense battle that took place between Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Groups. She walked several blocks to Adain's and entered the bar. It was mostly empty with the except of a few Taronian civilians who went there for a drink.

“Mr. Adain, are you here?” Ensign Andrea Forrester called out and waited for a response. She heard the clatter of odds and ends in the backroom of the bar where Luke Adain's received various supplies from various vendors.

“Ensign, I'm in the back.” Luke Adains responded. “I'll be with you in a moment.”

Ensign Andrea Forrester took a seat at the empty bar and looked around at the various tables that were normally filled with people. Now with the STPLA conducting attacks against Amderestan Military Infantry Assault Units deployed in cities on planets in the Taronia Region, most people didn't go out unless it was necessary.

“This place has seen better days.” Andrea Forrester told herself as she took a few preztels from a small bowl and chewed them.

She removed her datapad from her handbag and connected it to the Taronia Information Service which displayed the TIS homepage on the screen which showed a search box and various links to sites on the Taronia Information Service. Links to the homepages of the Amderesta Data Service, Alazenia Information Service, Swearia Information Services, Parisia Infomation Services, and Tourist Information Services were displayed along the bottom.

Andrea selected the search box on top of the screen and accessed the AGARA site which had links to pages for the Amdronian Group Alliance Ambassadorial Council, Amdronian Group Alliance Military Intelligence Corps, Amdronian Group Alliance Refugee Agency, and organizations ran by the Amdronian Group Alliance.

“Ensign, you wanted to see to me.” Luke Adains asked Andrea as he poured her a soda since it was obvious she was on still on duty and military regulations prohibited drinking while on duty.

“Yes, I did.” Ensign Andrea Forrester responded. “Under orders from Commander Lencon, you are hereby required to report to TRAMFCH at 0800 hours tomorrow morning.” Andrea handed a datapad which detailed the specific orders listed by Commander Jonathan Lencon to Luke Adains who read over the datapad.

“Ensign, have I been drafted?” Luke Adains inquired of Andrea who slowly drank her club soda.

“Well.” Ensign Andrea Forrester began slowly. “AMI needs someone to keep an eye out for STPLA Intelligence and EGAMI Military Intelligence officers and enlisted. Since you informed on the AARM during the covert war during my great-grandfather's administration, Commander Lencon decided your skills would be useful.”

“I am a bartender, not a spy.” Luke Adains responded as he removed a few bottles from a storage container and placed them beneath the bar.

“I know, AMI wants you to continue your day job as a bartender, but keep an eye out for any intelligence operatives like myself that might come in for a drink.” Ensign Andrea Forrester commented. “How much for the soda?”

“It's on the house.” Luke Adains told Ensign Andrea Forrester as she finished the soda and slid the empty glass to him. “If anybody inquires about our meeting?”

“Tell them you were catching up with a friend.” Ensign Andrea Forrester said as she put her datapad in her bag and exited Adain's Bar. She made her back towards Amderestan Military Base Charles Lencon where showed her military ID to the military police officer on guard and proceeded to the Taronia Region Amderestan Military Headqaurters Building positioned fairly close to base headquarters. Andrea entered the building and took the stairwell up to the 15th floor where the TRAMFC office was located. She rapped on the door.

“Come in, Ensign.” Commander Jonathan Lencon's voice said in his native Amderestan Accent.

Ensign Andrea Forrester activated the door control and walked into the Taronia Region Amderestan Military Field Commander's office where Commander Jonathan Lencon sat at the desk. She stood at attention and gave him a salute.

    “At ease.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said to Ensign Andrea Forrester as he returned her salute and gestured for her to sit in the empty chair. “So?”

     “He's in, sir.” Ensign Andrea Forrester responded.

     “Good, went easier than I thought.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said.

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