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Amderesta The 3rd Republic: The Vellans Administration

Here is an excerpt of my book Amderesta The Third Republic: The Vellans Administration set immediately before Amderesta The Third Republic this book gives background to the Second 3rd Republic-AAR War detailed in the prolouge of Amderesta The Third Republic, and the Moderate Blackanian resistance movement featured in the Amderesta: The 3rd/4th Republic series. Since this book is still being written, some things might be changed , added or removed.

This Excerpt is © 2011 by Daniel Zazitski All Rights Reserved in the United States and other countries by virtue of the Berne Convention. Copying in any form without written permission of the author is prohibited.

Chapter One

President-Elect Michael Vellans, the youngest person to be elected as president of the 3rd Amderestan Republic looked out at a crowd of Amderestans who gathered in Amdronia City's main plaza for his swearing in.

He placed his hand on electronic Bible and repeated the oath of office that many Presidents before him had taken, one such person his great-great grandfather.

President Vellans then proceeded to the podium setup on the stage constructed for his inaguation, and glanced down at his datapad.

“Fellow Amderestans.” He said to the crowd. “It is an honor to be standing here as your new President. The next few years will be a time of growth for the 3rd Republic, and of new horizons for the Amdronian Group Alliance as a whole. A moderate voice is beginning to grow inside the Blackanian Federation, a long standing enemy of the Alliance who has aspirations of peace between them and us. Myself along with Former President Telan have had bilateral talks with two moderates on the Blackanian High Council to the lay the groundwork for negotiations that hopefully will lead to a peace treaty. But there are those who want to see the status qoe remain. In order to move forward, we must put aside our differences and come together for a future our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can depend upon.”

The crowd of Amderestans rose from their seats and gave a thunderous applause to President Michael Vellans as he walked away from the podium to his wife, Mary Vellans. Several Presidental Security Agents were positioned near Vellans and his wife, who climbed into a presidental speeder.

The speeder pilot, an officer in the Amderestan Spacefleet Corps with almost 20 years of service activated the anti-grav systems and proceeded toward the 3rd Republic's Executive Building.

Amdronia had served the 3rd Amderestan Republic as it's capital district ever since the Amderestan Army Republic's rebellion backed by the Blackanian Federation many years earlier. During that time, the 3rd Republic had regained a portion of territory from the AAR in a defensive war against the AAR who attempted to unite the Amderesta galaxy under their control.

In the Amderestan Senate building, Prime Minister Kevin Hasslin an Amderestan Conservative swore in each of the Senators-Elect as they made their way into the Senate chambers. Since the Amderestan Conservatives lacked a majority of seats in the Senate, a coalition government was formed with the Amderestan Republicans.

On the 3rd Republic-AAR border, Lieutenant Timothy Forrester, an Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Intelliegence Officer from Taronia sat at the flight control station of an ASC command shuttle.

Once inside AAR controlled space, the shuttle's transponder signal was switched to one that resembled an AAR shuttle to scanner installations.

At AARDF Scanner Installation Epilison Theta, which was situtated near the southern border of the Taronia Region, Ensign Freens called over to another officer on duty.

“See that shuttle there?” Ensign Freens commented as he pointed to it on the tactical display. The flight path has it coming from the Alazenia Region.”

“It's one of ours.” The other AARDF Officer responded. Ensign Freens however consulted a database of AAR registered vessels to confirm the nationality of the shuttle.

He opened a VACS channel to the shuttle and said, “Command Shuttle Alpha Niner Four Six , this is Scanner Installation Epilision Theta, do you read over.”

Lieutenant Timothy Forrester's voice came over the VACS' speakers. “This is Alpha Niner Four Six, currently on route to Taronia.”

“Copy that, Niner-Four-Six.” Ensign Freens responded, as he continued to watch Command Shuttle Alpha 946 on his scanner display. “Alpha Niner Four Six, contact Taronia Approach on Beta Sierra Niner Seven.”

“Affrimative, contact Taronia Approach on Beta Sierra Niner Seven.” Lieutenant Timothy Forrester responded to Ensign Freens. He switched Command Shuttle Alpha 9746's VACS channel over to Beta Sierra Niner Seven.

“Taronia Approach, this is Alpha-Niner-Seven -Six-Four on approach from heading 180.” Lieutenant Timothy Forrester said into the shuttle's VACS.

“Copy that, Alpha-Niner-Four-Six.” A Taronian Traffic Control Officer's voice responded through the VACS. “Continue on your present course and switch to Taronia Aerial Traffic Control on Alpha Sierra Niner Five Seven.”

Lieutenant Timothy Forrester contacted Taronia Aerial Traffic Control on VACS channel Alpha Sierra Niner Five Seven and requested landing clearance on Landing Platform Alpha 899865 in Taronia City.

Taronia Aerial Traffic Control cleared Command Shuttle Alpha Niner Seven Four Six for landing on Platform Alpha 899865. Lieutenant Forrester took his Command Shuttle into Taronia's atmosphere and set an approach toward the designated landing platform. He kept an eye on the scanner display in case of an interception by AARDF Shuttles or Transports.

Several seconds later, An AARDF Command Shuttle came alongside Command Shuttle Alpha 946 in what seemed to be an attempt to force Lieutenant Forrester to land.

“Command Shuttle Alpha-Niner-Seven-Four-Six, you are an ADF operating inside AAR space. Land your vessel, or we'll take necessary measures.” An AARDF Officer's voice said over the VACS.

Lieutenant Timothy Forrester responded, “AARDF Command Shuttle, any attack by your vessel or any others will be considered an act of provocation. Which will be responded in kind. Do you want another war with the 3rd Amderestan Republic?”

“ASC Command Alpha 946, land immediately or we'll shoot you down.” The AARDF Officer's voice responded, which prompted Lieutenant Timothy Forrester to activate the shields and weapons systems and increase speed. The AARDF command shuttle fired a series laser blasts at Command Shuttle Alpha 946 which rolled to starboard to avoid any laser impacts.

On the AARDF Command Shuttle's bridge, Major Michaelson seated at the pilot's console watched as ASC Command Shuttle Alpha 946 seemed to disappear from his view. Before he could manuever the shuttle to bring it behind Command Shuttle Alpha 946, a two Air-to-Air missiles destroyed the shuttle's port and starboard thrusters and damaged the forward thrusters. The next missile destroyed the weapon's system underneath the AARDF shuttle.

Back on ASC Command Shuttle Alpha 946, Lieutenant Timothy Forrester kept an eye out for any other AARDF shuttles that might try to engage him while he concentrated on the damaged shuttle flying in front.

“Command Shuttle Alpha Niner-Four-Six, land your vessel immeadiately.” An AARDF Pilot voice said over Lieutenant Timothy Forrester's VACS.

Meanwhile at the Branisian Consolate in Taronia City, the Amderestan Military attache, Commander Brisan looked at a tactical display of Taronia City which indicated the position of Amderestan Military Command Shuttle Alpha 946 piloted by Lieutenant Timothy Forrester, and the many AARDF Command Shuttles that had been launched in an attempt to force a landing.

After several tense minutes, Lieutenant Timothy Forrester landed the shuttle on the main runway of Landing Platform Alpha 899865 situated in the center of Taronia City. Since Timothy was dressed in common Taronian clothing and was himself a Taronian, it was fairly easy to blend in with the crowd.

He made his way down Taronia City's main street which was lined with various shops and office buildings that had people coming and going. Regardless of his ethnicity, Lieutenant Timothy Forrester had his concerns. For one thing , he was an operative with Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Intelliegence who assignment was to find Taronians who had loyalty toward the 3rd Amderestan Republic and setup a resistance movement.

As it stood relations between the 3rd Amderestan Republic and the Amderestan Army Republic had been strained throughout Former President Tellans two five year terms as President, and were now even more strained with the AARDF attack on Command Shuttle Alpha 946.

On Amdronia, President Vellans called an emergency session of his cabinet to discuss the situation with the AAR that could possibly involve a retalitory response by the Amderestan Military.

“It seems we are on thin ice with the AAR.” President Vellans told his cabinet who were seated around a large conference table in the executive building's main briefing room. “The AARDF launched an attack on one of our shuttles earlier today.”

“Mister President.” Defense Minister Kennson responded. “Maybe we should increase our status to Code Three Tactical Alert, and call up the Amderestan Military Reserve personnel as well.”

“Before we do something that might provoke a war between us and the AAR.” President Michael Vellans responded. “Let's try to find a diplomatic solution to this.” He looked over at Kevin Johnston, the Amderestan State Minister who was a holdover from Tellan's second term.

“I concure.” State Minister Kevin Johnston answered.

Since the 3rd Amderestan Republic had broken off diplomatic relations with the Amderestan Army Republic, the Bransian Embassy on Crescent was used to establish a diolague between the two governments.

Prime Minister Kevin called a special session of the Amderestan Senate, a couple of days later to ascertain the situation with the AAR. Tensions had simmered down between the AAR and the 3rd Republic, after President Vellans had threatened to get the Pairisian Republic, Dancalian Republic and the Rylon-Tylonian Republic involved by invoking Article Five of the AGA Defense Treaty.

In the Legislature Chamber of the Amderestan Senate, the numerous Region District and Administrative District Senator filled in and found their seats. Senator Kinns, who represented the Alazenia system was recognized by Prime Minister Kevin Hasslin.

“Mr. Speaker.” Senator Kinns said into his comm unit. “Over the last three months of President Tellans Administration, tensions between the AAR and the Third Amderestan Republic have been at a crisis point, and have nearly lead to a war between our two governments.” He took a look at his datapad that had several notes on it that pertained to his remarks. “An incident with the AARDF on Taronia nearly brought about hostilities between our two governments. I yield back the remainder of my time.”

“The chair recognizes the Senator from the Parisia System.” Prime Minister Hasslin said.

“Mister Speaker.” Senator Kenns responded with his Parisian accent. “Considering the levels of tension between us and the AAR, I believe we should increase funding to the Ministry of Defense and increase the number of ADF units.”

Back on Taronia, Lieutenant Timothy Forrester made his way onto AAR Base Charles Lencon, formerly known as ASC Base Charles Lencon before the Amderestan Army Rebels took control of Taronia during the AAR Rebellion back in the early 26th Century.

Timothy took a small holographic recording device out of his pants pocket and recorded various areas around AARDF Base Charles Lencon. His purpose here was primarily to conduct recon on AARDF installations.

Several days later in a secluded part of Blackania City, Councilor Andrew Seltan sat down with two other councilors near an abandoned factory. Councilor Seltan looked around for anyone that could listen in on their conversation and turned back toward his two colleages.

“As you two are aware, I've been having talks with Amderestan President Vellans and Former President Tellans.” Counciler Seltan told his two counterparts.

The three Councilors held a moderate leaning view and favored the reformation of the Blackanian Federation into a republic that would consist of a President as Head of State and a Parliament to serve as the legislature. Most importantly the Moderate Blackanians wanted to end the State of War that had existed between the Blackanian Federation and the Amdronian Group Alliance.

On Amdronia, the Amdronian Group Alliance Ambassadorial Council which consisted of representatives from each of the governments in the AGA sat around a large conference table.

The AGAAC members gave support to Councilor Andrew Seltan and a couple of moderate Councilors who had aspirations of establishing a paralimentary republic in place of the current oligarchy that governed the Blackanian Federation.

This goal however would not be without risk and could endanger Seltan and his two moderate colleages

On Taronia, Lieutenant Timothy Forrester sat down at the bar inside Aliins and ordered himself a Ranchanian Ale which the bartender poured into a tall glass.

“Here you go.” The Bartender said to Timothy who took a few swallows of the blue colored liquid.

Hopefully he won't notice I'm an AMI officer, Timothy Forrester thought to himself as he kept an eye on what went on at various tables throughout the bar. A few people were situated around one of the pool tables for a local pool tournament.

On the AAR-Third Amderestan Republic border, Commander Frabsis sat on the bridge of Adcania ASC-9008-H an Alpha-class destroyer which served as the flagship of the 55454th Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Combat Assault Fleet.

Ever since the crisis between the AARDF and Amderestan Military which nearly instigated a intersellar war between the two government and possibly others in the Amdronian Group, President Vellans and Prime Minister Hasslin discussed the increasement of the budget allocated to Amderestan Ministry of Defense.

Former President Tellans had his concerns with the Amderestan Army Republic during his ten years in office and drafted various contingency plans in case war broke out between the AAR and Third Amderestan Republic. Vellans likewise watched the AAR closely and increased the number of Amderestan Miltary Combat Assault Groups along the border.

In August of 89, 926, President Michael Vellans contacted Prime Minister Hasslin to request a special session of the Amderestan Senate to be convened. The massive legislative chamber where the Senate conducted it's business was filled with Senators who represent each planetary system under Third Republic control.

Region Senator Mark Aslin, a 35 year old Alazenian who represented the Northeast Alazenia Region District was recognized by the Senate President.

“Fellow Senators.” Senator Aslin said to the 835 million Senators seated in the legislative chamber. “Over the last eight months, there been increasing tensions with the AAR and frankly our forces are undermanned and underfunded. I'm proposing a military appropiations bill on the floor to increase the number of military vessels, bases, and personnel.”

A lot of the Senators in the Amderestan Conservative Party which currently had a coalition government with the Amderestan Republicans favored Aslin's recommendation of an increase to the size of the Amderestan Military.

On Blackania, Councilor Andrew Seltan walked through an abandoned factory closed down nearly 50 years ago and entered a tunnel hidden by a Computer Access Terminal. There was his two counterparts, John Abrams and Michael Kinsan.

“Andrew, did anyone see you come into factory?” Councilor John Abrams inquired of Seltan.

Seltan shook his head no to indicated he wasn't followed. Abrams, Kinsan, and Seltan made their way down the centuries old tunnel to a large underground room which was setup as a place for dissents to secretly meet away from the watchful eye of the secret police.

The three men sat down on cots situated near the rear area of the underground chamber and talked among themselves.

“As I see it, the moderates like ourselves are wanting some kind of reform from within the government.” Kinsan began, “The Radicals on the council are pushing for tighter controls which could splinter our two sides.”

Andrew Seltan listened intently as Kinsan dealted his plan to organized a series of resistance groups who would lie low until a full scale war broke out with the Amdronian Group Alliance.

Abrams jumped in with an idea. “Maybe we can involve AGA with our resistance plan? Enemies enemy is my friend or something like that. I am thinking along the lines of military advisors and weapons for our resistance force.”

Seltan, Kinsan, Abrams knew their current line of thinking could lead to them being tortured or killed, most likely both. So far nobody suspected them of having reformist tendancies and they hoped to keep it that way.

After their meeting, Seltan, Abrams, and Kinsan each went their seperate directions. In the commerical district of Blackania City, Mark Airian who represented the 3rd Blackanian District walked past a row of shops with his ten year old son Jack. Jack Airian who started to have an interest in local politics and aspired one day to be on the Blackanian High Council. But first Jack would serve his customary four years of military service upon turning 18 years old as required by Blackanian law.

“Dad.” Jack Airian asked his father when he felt like they weren't being watched. “I hear rumors about moderates wanting to overthrow the government.”

“Jack, that may or not be true.” Councilor Mark Airian answered in a whisper. “Be careful what discuss with your friends at school.” They move into an alley which ran behind the shops situated along Blackanian City's main street.

Mark Airian noticed a blonde hair, blue eyed Taronian man near a large dumpster usher him over with his hand. He made his way over to where the Taronian man was.

“Airian, I've been keeping an eye on you since.” The Taronian man stopped midsentence and looked around for any minders. “You, Seltan, Kinsan, and Abrams began having your meetings, and I'll assist you in any way.”

Mark Airian looked at the Taronian man with a concerned look. “Our movement is just beginning, as you are aware.” The Taronian Man nodded in agreement.

Mark continued, “And we could use the support from the Amdronian Group Alliance. Frankly, I would like the hostilities between us to end as you do I'm sure.”

During the next twelve months of 89,927, Councilor Mark Airian, Councilor John Abrams, Councilor Andrew Seltan, and Councilor Michael Kinsan began to hold a series of meetings with moderate Blackanians at first who started out small in numbers and started to grow. The Amdronian Group Alliance Intelligence Corps who had various operatives inside the Blackanian Federation like the Taronian man Mark Airian had ran into in Blackania City who gave advice to Moderate Blackanians on how to conduct meetings without arousing suspicions.

On Amdronia, President Michael Vellans and his cabinet gave their support to the Moderate Blackanians who now numbered in the tens of millions throughout the Blackanian Federation.

The Amderestan Military however began construction on several million new orbital bases, weapon platform stations, listening posts and other installations in the Alazenia Region, Amderesta Region, and the Parisia Region over the next two to three years.

This lead to an upturn in the Amderestan economy as factories on a large number of planets churned out hyperlight reactors, main power generators, computer generators, power lines, communication lines and other equipments used to construct starships, crusiers, and destroyers for the Amderestan Military. These parts were taken to various Spacedocks where Alpha-class vessels were under construction. Amderestan Military Engineering Corps personnel enlisted the help of civilian engineers construct the millions of vessels.

In September of 89,929, President Michael Vellans looked over status reports from the Amderestan Military Chiefs of Staff and Region Field Commanders that concerned reports of AAR citizens who favored the 3rd Amderestan Republic expansion into AAR controlled space.

Also during this time, Prime Minister Kevin Hasslin proceeded to request a dissolvement of the Senate from President Vellans which would then required a Senatorial election.

Lieutenant Timothy Forrester who by now been on Taronia for nearly five years as part of a recon assignment was contacted with new orders. His orders basically were to find groups of Taronians with loyality toward the 3rd Amderestan Republic and organize a clandestine resistance movement to support the Amderestan Military.

On November 1, 90,929, Lieutenant Timothy Forrester met with a group of Taronians in Taronia City's residential district in an subterrian bunker beneath one of many apartment complexes in the city.

On Amdronia, President Michael Vellans sat at his desk and looked into the ARNN camera postitioned in front of him. “Fellow Amderestans, we are approaching the end of my first term as your president. During these last five years, I have addressed the concerns of the Amderestan Military towards our preparedness and increased the size of our military. Throughout areas under the control of the Amderestan Army Republic, large numbers of Amderestans, Taronians, Swearians, and Tourists are becoming disillusioned with the military controlled government and favor the unification of our galaxy. To that affect, I've authorized operatives to assist people inside in the AAR with loyalty to the 3rd Amderestan Republic. If I'm elected to serve another term as your president, I'll expand my support to 3rd Republic Loyalists.”

During the next three weeks, Senator Juerans, Senator Kinds, and Senator Lonns who were nominated by the Amderestan Democrats, Amderestan Unionists, and Amderestan Republicans went around to different planets to gain support of potential voters.

On December 1, 90,929, trillions of Amderestans in the Third Amderestan Republic went to various polling stations and cast their votes for who would be the next president of the Third Amderestan Republic. President Michael Vellans received an overwhelming majority of the popular vote cast which cemented another five years as President.

On December 5, 90,929, President Michael Vellans sat in the executive building's conference room with the State Minister, Defense Minister, Treasury Minister, Commerce Minister and other Cabinet level officials. Two or three datapads were passed around to each person seated at the conference table. These datapads contained intelligence reports from Amderestan Intelligence operatives who were currently inside the AAR.

Jack Vibsan, the director of the Amderestan Intelligence Agency proceeded to address the group. “Gentlemen, as you all are aware their have been intelligence operatives meeting with people inside the AAR who support the 3rd Republic. I'll be making a proposal to the Senate in early January authorizing the insertion of AMCOATs to destablize the AAR.”

Kevin Brans, the Amderestan State Minister was a brown hair, brown eyed Amderestan seated three chairs to his left responded. “Jack, you're talking about starting a war with the AAR.”

Defense Minister Jacobs joined into the conversation. “These AMCOATs primarily will be inside the AAR as Advisors to the pro 3rd Republic resistance groups being organized by AMI and AIA.” He activated the tabletop holographic projector which showed a three dimenisonal image of the Amderesta galaxy. The Alazenia Region, Southwest Amderesta Region District, Southeast Amderesta Region, and the Parisia Region which were under the control of the 3rd Amderestan Republic was indicated by green while the Taronia Region, Tourist Region, Swearia Region, Northeast Amderesta Region District, Northwest Amderesta Region District, East Central Amderesta Region District, and the West Central Amderesta Region District had a red color to indicate Amderestan Army Republic control. Jacobs superimposed an image of the Intergalactic Wormhole Junction Hub Network that connected each of the galaxies in the Amdronian Group on top of the image.

Jacobs continued, “If things do reach a point that war between us and the Amderestan Army Republic can not be avoided by any means, we should use the wormhole junction hub network and blizkrieg the AAR.”

President Vellans, State Minister Brans, Amderestan Intelligence Director Vibsan, and everyone else seated in the conference room supported Jacob's suggestion of using the wormhole junction to attack the AAR.

Chapter Two: 89,930- 89,934

On January 1, 89,930, President Michael Vellans stood in front a crowd of Amderestan people and prepared to take the Presidental Oath of Office for the second time. He took in a breath as the ARNN cameraman situated their holo-cameras that would broadcast the inaguation ceremony to trillions throughout the Amdronian Group Alliance.

“Michael, you'll be fine.” Mary Vellans said to her husband, as he walked out onto the stage where Chief Judge Kinnsan stood with an electronic Bible in his hand.

“Raise your right hand and repeat after me.” Chief Judge Kinnsan said to President Vellans who did so. “I, Michael Vellans do solemnly swear.”

“I, Michael Vellans do solemnly swear.” President Vellans repeated.

“That I'll faithfully affirm the office of President of the 3rd Amderestan Republic.” Chief Judge Kinnsan said.

“That I'll faithfully execute the Office of President of the 3rd Amderestan Republic.” President Vellans said.

“That'll faithfully execute the Office of President of the 3rd Amderestan Republic.” President Vellans responded

“And to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the 3rd Amderestan Republic, so help me God.” Chief Judge Kinnsan continued

“And to the best of my ability to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the 3rd Amderestan Republic, so help me God.” President Michael Vellans finished.

“Congratulations, Mister President.” Chief Judge Kinnsan said as Michael Vellans shook his hand and stepped up to the podium. President Michael Vellans grabbed the sides of the podium and looked into the holo-camera.

“Fellow Amderestans, today marks the beginning of another five years as your President.” Michael Vellans told the assembled crowd. “Even now inside the Amderestan Army Republic there are those with aspirations of freedom we cherish. I have meet a few of the people during the past few months and can say they are determined, courageous, and steadfast in their commitments. If any of you inside the Amderestan Army Republic happen to be watching this, I have this to say your Amderestan brothers and sister support your aspirations and will assist you by any means in achieving such goals.”

President Vellans knew his support for the 3rd Republic Loyalists in the Amderestan Army Republic could very well proke a conflict between the two governments. In fact, a lot of the 3rd Republic Loyalists had discussed the posibility of sporadic uprising against the Amderestan Army Republic.

Meanwhile on Parisia, a group of Parisian Liberation Army officers sat around at a table inside one of their many bunkers near Parisia City. Above ground to anyone who didn't notice, the site looked liked a rundown apartment building. This hide the true purpose of the site.

“Gentlemen.” One of the PLA officers said to the others seated around the table. “It seems the 3rd Republic government on Amdronia is being to organize a resistance movement against the Amderestan Army Republic.”

“What about us?” Another PLA Officer responded. “Should we throw off the yoke of the 3rd Republic?”

“Right now, we need to lie low.” The First PLA Officer responded. “The Amderestan Military won't come after us unless we provoke them.”

“Or they provoke us first.” Another PLA Officer seated at the table responded.

On Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-I, Lieutenant Commander Timothy Lencon, recently promoted to the rank of Captain sat at his desk in the CO's office and read over several Santurian DA-500 datapad scattered on his desk

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