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Picking up where I left off at the end of Amderesta The 4th Republic #7, the conflict against the Swearia Tourist Liberation Army continues while also hostilies commence between the 4th Amderestan Republic and Alkanian Republic against the Eastern Group Alliance. You can get this book via Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and many independent bookstores online via my links page.

This excerpt posted below is protected by copyright law in the US and other countries and it's intended for your reading enjoyment.

Chapter 1

Andrea Forrester, and her twin brother Timothy sat in their Aunt's barracks which had the Video Reception Screen tuned to ARNN Taronia. An image of President-Elect Brians, and Deputy President-Elect Callsen appeared onscreen in front of the executive building on Crescent. Chief Judge Michael Killan administered the oath of office to them, who proceeded to each give a speech.

Two Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Criminal Investigative Service Special Agents stood a few feet away by the door in case anything happened.

Former President Michael Vellans entered Grand Admiral Sydney Forrester's barracks with his Presidential Security Agent, and took an empty chair.

"What's the situation with the Sarian Federation?" Timothy Forrester inquired of his great-grandfather

"Well, it seems the Sarian Military has splinted into several militias: SAAC, SFER, and SNP who have gained the support of the Amderestan and Analkian Governments, SLF who are backed by the Kanalsian Federation, and the Sarian Military who are still loyal to the Sarian High Council." Former President Vellans answered.

Meanwhile on Compassia, Commander William Lencon sat in his office at the Compassia Territory Amderestan Military Field Command Headquarters and looked over several datapads from Amderestan Military Intelligence which pertained to the Sarian Civil War. .

The SAAC,SFER, and SNP factions had contacted the Gersan-Jurisan Administration to request the support of Amderestan Military Combat Advisor Groups, which prompted Former President Gersan to deploy 100 Amderestan Military Combat Advisor Groups to support SAAC-SFER-SNP forces.

Over the next few hours, the Administrative District, Region, and Territorial Senator's-Elect were sworn into office by Deputy President Callsen. ARNN Senate's cameras broadcasted the swearing-in ceremony to 400 Trillion Amderestan Citizens in the 4th Amderestan Republic and it's territories.

On Taronia, Major General Jack Forrester sat in an Amderestan Military speeder with several officers, and proceeded down a mostly empty street in Taronia City's business district. Commander Jonathan Lencon had increased the number of Amderestan Military Checkpoints in major cities throughout the Taronia Region, as the STPLA had increased it's attacks. Civilians were placed under a dusk to dawn curfew with the exception of those who worked at night.

Andrea Forrester and her twin brother Timothy sat in Brigadier General Jonas' office on Taronia ASC Medical Center's ninth floor for another counseling session as their father's execution by Sarian Intelligence had deeply affected the two of them.

“Andrea, Timothy.” Brigadier General Jonas said, “If there is anything you need to talk about go ahead.”

Andrea adjusted her oval shaped wireframe glasses as to see the room more clearly. “I'm just so frustrated at the Sarians, I mean the ones loyal to the Sarian Federation.”

Timothy who sat next to his sister looked over and nodded in agreement with Andrea's statement.

ASCCIS Agents in the Compassia Territory and the Aoria Territory who had opened an investigation into imprisonment and execution of the late Admiral John Jack Forrester made some head way as of late.

Back on Taronia, Andrea exited Brigadier General Jona's office followed by her twin brother Timothy and proceeded down the corridor to the stairwell.

“Implying I'm not active enough?” Timothy asked his twin sister as she slid the door open and proceeded down the flight of stairs.

“Maybe.” Andrea Forrester told her twin brother as he followed her down several flights of stairs. She exited the stairwell on the first floor of Taronia ASC Medical and proceeded toward the main lobby in the administrative wing.

Andrea noticed the sound of a STPLA shuttle that seemed to flyover the medical center and pulled Timothy down to the floor. The building shook a moment later as two bombs dropped from the STPLA shuttle impacted the upper floors of the medical center.

Timothy started to stand back up only to get pulled down by his twin sister. “Stay down.” Andrea told her brother. “Look out that window there.”

“Andrea, I don't see anything.” Timothy responded.

Andrea took out a pair of electrobinoculars and zoomed in on a tree positioned outside of Charles Lencon ASC Base, which had a STPLA sniper nest set up. “There's a sniper in that tree.”

A high powered blaster shot from the STPLA sniper blew out the large glass window, which forced Andrea and Timothy back toward the main stairwell.

Andrea heard the sound of a RPC launch followed by an explosion which shook the medical center. She peered around the corner only to get pulled back by Timothy.

Timothy Forrester slid the stairwell doors open and proceeded down to the subterranean level followed closely by Andrea Forrester.

In another part of Taronia ASC Medical Center, Brigadier General Reynolds, and Brigadier General Jonas both of whom served with Commander Jonathan Lencon on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J, K, and L before their current post proceeded to triage a number of medical officers and enlisted injured in the STPLA attack.

The main mess hall had by now turned into a makeshift triage facility which reminded Reynolds and Jonas of a similar situation onboard Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K during the SSAAR-Yenturian-Amderestan War.

“Andrea and Timothy were in your office earlier?” Brigadier General Reynolds asked Jonas who ran a scan on Ensign Tyler, a recent graduate from the ASC Academy.

“Yes, there were.” Brigadier General Jonas responded as he went over to an officer who was seriously injured, and assessed his injuries, which ranged from several fractures to a number of cuts and abrasions.

Down in the subterranean level, Andrea and Timothy made their way to a connecting tunnel which led them to the newly constructed barracks for families living on Charles Lencon ASC Base.

On Crescent, the Amdronian Group Alliance Ambassadorial Council which included the Airisian Republic, Blackanian Republic and the Analkian Republic met to discuss the Sarian-backed STPLA attacks against the Tarozenian, Pairisian, Dancalian, and Chorane Republics.

Sarian support for the STPLA had diminished somewhat since the outbreak of civil war within the Sarian Federation that involved the Kanalsian Federation. The other two members of the Eastern Group Alliance declared their neutrality in the conflict, but continued to supply cryithium and other materials to the Sarian Military.

The SAAC-SFER-SNP forces supported by the Amderestan and Analkian Military launched a series of raids into Sarian Liberation Front controlled space. Several SLF Bases were damaged or destroyed along with several Kanalsian Military Combat Assault Groups.

Several days later on Kanalsia, the Kanalsian Military looked over status reports from various Combat Assault Group Commander which suggested Amderestan Military involvement with the raids in the SLF controlled 5th Council District.

The holographic projector in the middle of the conference room table projected a real-time image of the Sarian Federation which showed engagements between the three main factions.

“There is no doubt that 4th Amderestan Republic and the Analkian Republic are connected with the attack on our forces.” Commander Kinnas, the Kanalsian Military Chief of Staff commented.

John Feals, the Kanalsian Defense Minister consulted with the 12 member Kanalsian High Council and suggested the possiblity of a declaration of war against the Amderestans and Analkians.

Meanwhile on Analkia, Ambassador Kevins sat in his office on the 15th floor of the Amderestan Embassy which had a view of the nearby Analkian Executive Building. On his desk a number of datapads were scattered about. Most of which concerned the months old proxy war with the Sarian Federation.

The Video-Audio Communication Screen on his desk chirped to indicate an incoming message. He activated the transmission showed the image of Commander Kinnas.

“Ambassador, does your government want a war with the Kanalsian Federation?” Commander Kinnas inquired. “If so, we are glad to oblige.”

“Commander, the attack on your forces was not conducted by Amderestan Military Combat Assault Groups.” Ambassador Kevins responded to the KMCOS. “It could be implied by your support of Sarian rebel faction, the Sarian Liberation Front your government has committed an act of war against the Sarian Federation.”

“My forces have taken no part in combat operations against the Sarian Military, Ambassador.” KMCOS Commander Kinnas said.

“What you said is true.” Ambassador Kevins began, “But your sending of Combat Assault Groups alongside the SLF could be seen as a provocative measure.”

Over on Crescent, President Brians, Deputy President Callsen, and Prime Minister Kinns listened to the transmission between Ambassador Kevins and the KMCOSC. The leaders of the 4th Amderestan Republic all knew a war against the Kanalsian Federation was inevitable.

Prime Minister Kinns returned to the Amderestan Senate along with Deputy President Callsen to convene a special session which primarily concerned the Kanalsian Federation.

On Taronia, Andrea Forrester sat in the living room of her aunt's apartment and tuned the videoscreen to ARNN Senate. Her twin brother Timothy took a seat in one of the empty chairs. Lucy Sennins took another seat and activated her datapad.

“Remember, several months back when Timothy, and I went to Crescent?” Andrea Forrester inquired of Lucy.

“Sure.” Lucy Sennins responded. “You guys gave a suggestion to Former President Gersan, and Former Deputy President Jurisan concerning a proxy war to preoccupy the EGA.”

Lucy changed channels on the Videoscreen to KFNN, which showed the image of the Kanalsian High Councilor seated in his office.

“Several days ago, Kanalsian Military forces operating alongside the Sarian Liberation Front were attacked in a series of raids by SAAC-SFER-SNP forces which included a number of Amderestan Military units.” The Kanalsian High Councilor began. “The Amderestan Ambassador to Analkia has denied any involvement by Amderestan Military forces. Therefore, a state of war is effect between the Kanalsian Federation and the 4th Amderestan Republic.”

On Compassia, Commander William Lencon who also watched the address by the Kanaslian High Councilor gave orders for the Amderestan Military in the Compassian Territory to prepare for Kanalsian Military IGBM attacks.

The Amderestan citizens who lived in the Compassia and Aoria Territories had been subjected to daily IGBM and ISBM attacks from the neighboring Sarian Federation. This was more of the same, schools and other public places were closed in anticipation of Kanalsian missile attacks.

The sound of klaxons pierced the air around Compassia City and it's surrounding suburbs which prompted people to head below ground. A number of explosions were heard and felt throughout Compassia City, most of which targeted the Government district.

Other planets were also subjected to missile attacks as well, Amderestan Military and civilian medical facilities began to receive large numbers of casualties that resulted from the indiscriminate attacks, most of which targeted civilians.

Back on Taronia, Andrea Forrester, her twin brother Timothy Forrester, Mark Sennins, Lucy Sennins, and their ASCIS protective detail had moved to the underground bunker beneath their apartment complex along with the other families. Lauren Timmes made her way over to a table where Andrea and Timothy sat and pulled up a seat.

“Apparently, Commander Jerrin doesn't want to take any chances.” Lauren Timmes told the Forrester twins, who noticed her sit down.

The sound of klaxons told everybody the obvious, a number of Kanalsian Intergalactic Ballistic Missiles had entered Taronia's atmosphere and proceeded to various targets on the surface. Most of which, Andrea concluded were civilian.

Her grandfather, Major General Jack Forrester who wore protective combat gear situated a SAM launcher to possibly intercept any inbound missiles. His thoughts lately were of safety for his wife and daughter both of whom had duty shifts at Taronia ASC Medical.

“Sir, they'll be fine.” Captain Jenison commented as he looked through a pair of electro-binoculars for any inbound missiles. He passed the electro-binoculars to Jack who looked through them as well.

A Surface-to-Air Missile launched toward an inbound IBM which entered Taronia's atmosphere momentarily, and headed towards another target. Through the electro-binoculars, Jack saw the SAM impact the inbound missile. Another SAM was loaded into the launcher by an ASC officer.

Meanwhile at Taronia ASC Medical Center, Colonel Timothy Johnson, formerly assigned to Crescent ASC Medical Center proceeded to triage a number of wounded that had came in from a missile attack on a civilian apartment complex. Grand Admiral Sydney Forrester proceeded to run a few scans on some of the patients.

“I just arrived yesterday.” Colonel Timothy Johnson told Sydney, who took scans of another patient.

“This is just like the Ranchanian IGBM attacks.” Sydney Forrester commented.

Patients who were seriously injured got priority over those with minor injuries while those that had been killed were covered over and taken to the morgue. Colonel Timothy Johnson like many medical professionals saw first hand the effects of the Bytoris pandemic in the 90,020s.

Civilians who living on or around military installations were advised by their local authorities to not venture outside in an attempt to less the number of civilian casualties from the attacks. The all clear finally sounded after what seemed to be an eternity by Andrea and Timothy who made their way back upstairs to their Aunt Sydney's apartment.

“What's this?” Lauren Timmes inquired as she entered the Forrester's apartment. She held a datapad that contained information on what looked like a new type scanner installation.

“That is a prototype design for a scanner that can detect transponder signals inside a wormhole.” Andrea Forrester responded. “I started working on it back in September last year.”

“Let me get this straight, you designed a scanner that can detect vessels in a wormhole?” Lauren Timmes inquired of Andrea with a tone of disbelief.

Andrea nodded her head to confirm she was in fact the designer of a prototype scanning device. She tried her best to explain the reserve engineering of the Santurin SA-1000 scanner generator used by the Amdronian Group Alliance and allied governments.

Andrea went over to a small sized prototype scanner generator she put together from various parts. Timothy looked over at his twin sister who proceeded to work on the scanner generator. Andrea installed a medium sized power cell in the scanner generator and switched it on which caused the generator to hum to life. She let the generator run for a minute or so before she deactivated it.

“It seems to be working.” Andrea Forrester commented as she removed her safety goggles.

Grand Admiral Sydney Forrester entered her apartment and collapsed in a nearby chair.

Andrea's mind took her back to the day when her father was executed via a holographic feed.

“Andrea?” Timothy inquired of his twin sister. He took his glass of water and splashed it on her face. Andrea's expression changed to one of annoyance.

“What was that for?” Andrea inquired of Timothy.

She knew what Timothy was going to tell her, that her recent flashback was of their father's murder. Timothy also struggled with the same issues which included flashbacks of the event.

Their parental Great-Grandfather, Commander Timothy Forrester entered the apartment a few minutes later and took an empty chair. His contact inside the Sancalian Federation, an Amderestan Military Intelligence Agent had sent him an encrypted data transmission.

“Sancalians considering joining the war?” Andrea Forrester commented. She looked up from her own datapad that had a school assignment on it.

Commander Timothy Forrester nodded at his Great-Granddaughter in confirmation at her inquiry. He told Andrea and Timothy to not say anything that concerned his intelligence.

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