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AMderesta: The 4th Republic #7.

Amderesta: The 4th Republic #9. Return to Civilian Control (90,035-90,040)


Daniel Zazitski

Part One, Chapter One (90,035)

President -Elect Jason Erins, and Deputy President Hennin stood in front of a crowd of people assembled in front of the executive building for their inauguration. Chief Judge

Danison went to Erins, and gave him the Presidential Oath of Office. ARNN Crescent Cameramen and Reporters recorded the inauguration for the

1800 Hours News Update.

Meanwhile on Base Alpha 14-A, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat in his Office, and looked over data from the Base Officers. Base Chief Medical Officer Fressan, and Base Security Chief Sanner walked into Jonathan's Office. Jonathan turned his chair to face the two.

He asked,"You need something?"

"In matter of fact, we do, sir." Base Chief Medical Officer Fressan answered with a concerned tone. "Lt. Stavans came to me and requested a transfer to Taronia Medical Center.”

“Admiral,” Commander Jonathan Lencon said,” I’m sorry, I can’t approve a transfer for Lieutenant Stavans at this time. “

Over on Nimbson Four, Former AACOS Commander Andrews, who was being held in ACM custody for assassinating President Williamson in 90, 030 sat in his 6 by seven foot cell in Alpha 12-A Prision Complex, Cell Block Gamma. A forcefield was errected over the opening to prevent escape. A small bunker, sink, and toilet were present in the cell. Commander Andrews sat on the bunk, and looked out into the empty corridor with a concerned expression. His beard had around four days of growth since he last used a laser shaver. A datapad with some electronic books on it sat at the end of the bunk. Commander Andrews picked the datapad up, activated it, and went through the list of e-books stored on the datapad’s computer.

Ten Minutes later, an ACM Security Guard came over to Commander Andrews cell, and deactivated the forcefield.

“Andrews,”He said,”You have an hour in the cafateria. Afterward, you have work detail in the main Cryithium mine.”

Commander Andrews exited his cell, and went over to the cafateria, which was in a connected building to the cell block, and entered. Several hundred ACM prisoners sat at the eight foot long table with trays of food. Commander Andrews joined a line of prisoners from Cell Block Beta, and went down the center of the cafateria .

Meanwhile on Crescent, President Linn entered the executive building's level 20 briefing room which had a tactical display of the Blackanian Galaxy on the 11 foot screen, and was joined by Defense Minister Ferras, State Minister Salian, and the ADFCOSC. An image of ADFCOSC Commander Jonathan Lencon appeared on the Video-Audio Communication Screen

“Mr. President, Deputy President.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said via the Video-Audio Communicator Screen. “I have a proposal for a series of cordinated attacks against Radical BDF spacedocks, and cryithium processing facilities in the Tenth District. I'll have Colonel Jack Forrester lead an allied ADF-BULA Task Force into the Seands astroid fields, and target the spacedocks, and cryithiium processing facilities. Secondly, Six Moderate BDF Combat Assault Groups supported by BULA and other allied Combat Assault Groups will engage the bulk of the Radical BDF Combat Assault Groups, and their support vessels.”

“Very well, Commander.” President Erins said, “You have a go ahead.”

Over on ASC Base Alpha 14-A, Commander Jonathan Lencon deactivated the VACS and proceeded to the officer's clubs where he was joined by Colonel Jack Forrester.

“Colonel, I want you to lead an ADF-BULA Task Force into the Seands astroid field.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said, “Your orders are to target the spacedocks and cryithium processing facilities in the area. The Moderate BDF Combat Assault Groups with the support of BULA and other AGA Combat Assault Groups will keep the Radical BDF preoccupied. Any questions?”

“None sir.” Colonel Jack Forrester answered as he finished his drink, and got up from the table. He picked his case up, headed for the door and stopped halfway there when he realized he forgot something.

“By the way, who do I take on this operation?” Colonel Jack Forester inquired, “And where is our staging area​?”

“You'll be told that when you enter Blackanian space.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered, “For now this stays between us.”

“Yes sir.” Colonel Jack Forrester replied, “Was there others involved with the organization of BULA?”

“That's need to know, Jack.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded, “And it applies to you. Okay, back in November of 89,977, the Amdronian Group Alliance Intelligence Corps held a series of undisclosed meetings concerning the organization of pro-moderate Blackanian civilians into an underground proxy organization. During that time on Blackania, High Councilor Seltan met with Councilor Jack Airian to discuss implementing a series of civil reforms favored by three other councilor, unnamed for security purposes if the plan came to light. Blackanian Intelligence happened to have an agent at one such meeting, and he informed the radical leaning Councilors of the plans. An Tarozenian Intelligence Agent was present at the meeting where the Radicals planned the removal of Seltan as High Councilor, and an investigation into those involved in the reforms. AGAIC then decided to sent an operative to Blackania to met with moderate-leaning Blackanians over a several month period. In January of 89,978, I was called to AGAIC Headquarters where I was given details of the plan code-named Operation Traveler. My cover for the mission was detailed as a freelance journalist conducting interviews for a series of news articles. During the next few months, I went to various locations organizing a series of sleeper cells to be activated in a war with the Blackanian Federation. The last two months, I ran across Councilor Abrams who told me High Councilor Seltan had proposed a number of reforms to grant freedom of assembly, and reliegon, hold an election for a 1000 member Senate, who would select a Chancellor from the majority party.”

After a few minutes, Colonel Jack Forrester proceeded to the level 15 docking bay to prep his transport for the as-of-yet-undisclosed operation. A number of mechanical personnel outfitted the transport with transphasic missiles and torpedeoes, while a small engineering crew ran a series of modifications on the primary systems.

After the modifications were completed, Colonel Jack Forrester entered the transport's bridge, took a seat in the command chair, and contacted the AGA Defense Fleet which had assembled on the Blackanian-Tarozenian border.

“This is Colonel Forrester to all allied vessels.” He said into the VACS, “We have received an order from Commander Lencon authorizing an incursion into Blackanian space. “

Over the next few hours, Colonel Jack Forrester's ADF-BULA Combat Assault Task Force crossed into the Seands Astroid field, seperated into Combat Assault Fleets and they begun a series of surgical strikes against a series of cryithium processing installations in a number of large astroids. Several BULA crusiers launched a sortie of ISBM's equipped with transphasic warheads into the RBDF Spacedocks positioned in the astroid field.

During the next seven months, the 3452nd MBDF Combat Assault Group, 30 BULA Combat Assault Groups, and an Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups launched an orbital assault against several thousand Radical Blackanian Defense Force Communication installations, scanner installations, missile launchers, power facilities, landing platforms, and factories in and around several dozen million metropolitan cities.

On a number of the planets, a large number of moderate Blackanians overan a number of Blackanian Army checkpoints positioned through the major cities, and they attacked a number of Radical Blackanian run stores in the major cities' commerical districts.

After the intensive orbital strike by the MBDF, BULA, and ADF Combat Assault Groups positioned above the planets sent down several dozen Infantry Assault Groups in troop transports to the planets' surface to a series of landing zones on the planets. Afterward, the MBDF, and BULA Infantry Assault Groups unloaded a series of defense force speeders with blaster cannons mounted on them, and they began a series of assaults against RBDF Infantry forces around the major cities. The two sides fought fierce urban campaigns in the major cities for control of the planets.

On August 1, 90,035, the MBDF and BULA forces in the 8th Council District began an intense orbital assaults on several hundred thousand planetary systems over the next five months. A large number of RBDF targets on and around the planets came under attack from the MBDF and BULA Combat Assault Groups positioned in orbit. During this time, a large number of MBDF and BULA Infantry Assault Groups landed on the million planets, and they began series of intense urban engagements against the RBDF Infantry Assault Groups positioned throughout the major cities. Over the next ten months, the two sides fought a series of fierce urban engagements against each other, which damaged a number of buildings in the major cities. A number of medical facilities soon filled up with those injured or killed in the fighting during the engagements. A number of factories in the cities came under attack from MBDF and BULA Aerial Assault Groups, which took control of the planets' airspace from the RBDF.

In November 90,036, the remnant of RBDF forces in the 8th Council District surrendered their outnumbered infantry forces to the MBDF and BULA forces, which began to organize elections for local city governments on the planets, and de facto State Governments under the control of the Blackanian Republic.

Over on Crescent, the Amdronian Group Alliance Ambassadorial Council met with the Defense Force Chiefs of Staff to discuss the status of MBDF and BULA advances into the Blackanian Federation. Over the next several hours, the groups discussed a number of aid packages to the Blackanians in the MBDF-BULA controled areas, which included power and communication generators, medical and food supplies among other things.

Meanwhile on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-L, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat in his office and looked at the real-time tactical display of the ADF-MBDF Combat Assault Group in the 3rd Council District. He watched as the Allied forces conducted attacks on RBDF cargo convoys that delivered weapons and equipment to RBDF infantry forces on several thousand planets in the area.

Over on Blackania, High Councilor Sevan entered the level 22 conference room, followed six other Councilors, and their aides to discuss the disruptions in the manufacturing industry, due in part to moderate-leaning civilians who refused to support a dictatorial regeime. In response to the economic crisis, High Councilor Sevan issued a decree which placed established martial law in areas controlled by the Blackanian Federation.

RBDF Infantry personnel were given the authority to conduct searches for Blackanians with ties to BULA and MBDF forces, established a curfew for all Blackanian citizens from 1900 to 0700 hours Crescent Time, and authorized seizure of assets for military usage. On several hundred planets, frustrated groups of Blackanians took to the streets in protest of the measures enacted by Sevan. During the next six months, the crowds conducted attacks on RBDF installations throughout the 2nd, 5th, and 6th Council Districts, while a number cryithium miners went on strike in opposition to the RBDF seizure of materials for military uses.

In May 90, 037, the Chiefs of Staff in the AGA Defense Forces met on Crescent with the BRDF, BULA, and MBDF Chiefs of Staff to discuss implementation of a blockade around the Blackanian Federation.

“Gentlemen,” The QDF Chief of Staff said, “There's been a number of strikes orchestrated by cryithium miners, and processors in part to seizures by the RBDF forces in areas under their control. Therefore, I propose the establishment of a total blockade around the Blackanian Federation.”

“ What about the supplying of medical aid to the Blackanian civilians?” The Tarozenian Defense Force Chief of Staff inquired from the next chair over. “Will that continue?”

“We can't assure the medical supplies will make it to the intended desination.” The Branisian Defense Force Chief of Staff Chairman answered.

After several hours, the group decided to authorize a blockade around the Blackanian Federation. Afterward, the various COSCs gave orders to their forces to establish positions on the edge of Blackanian space with authorization to engage vessels that violated the blockade. During the four months, the Moderate Blackanian Defense Force, Blackanian Underground Liberation Army, and Blackanian Republic Defense Force Combat Assault Groups launched a cordinated space-aerial assault against Radical Blackanian Defense Force scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, factories, weapon's caches, and other facilities on several hundred thousand planets in the northeast area of the Blackanian Federation.

Afterward, a number of MBDF, BULA, and BRDF Infantry Assault Groups landed on the several hundred thousand planets and they began an intense building-to-building urban campaign against the RBDF Infantry Assault Groups which dug into the major cities, and conducted resistance style attacks against the MBDF-BULA-BRDF forces on the planets over the next 11 months, which damaged or destroyed a number of buildings. The various defense force and civilian medical installations soon filled up with those injured in part to the urban combat. Some were forced to convert empty schools into triage centers, as the number of patients grew to large for them to handle.

In August 90, 039, the Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups, under the command of Commander Jonathan Lencon supported by Moderate Blackanian Defense Force, Blackanian Underground Liberation Army, and Blackanian Republic Defense Force Combat Assault Groups began a series of orbital assault on Radical Blackanian Defense Force Combat Assault Groups in 1st Council District, while Aerial Assault Groups landed Infantry Assault Groups on the planets to disrupt communication and scanners installations through the major cities. Over the next five weeks, the Allied force overwhelmed the RBDF forces on the planets, who surrendered in large groups as the ADF-MBDF-BULA-BRDF Combat Assault Groups approached Blackania from all sides.

On Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-L, Commander Jonathan Lencon sat on the bridge and looked out at the RBDF vessels assembled near Blackania. He activated the Video-Audio Communicator on the command chair, and gave an order for the fleet to engage the RBDF vessels in orbit of Blackania. The Combat Assault Groups seperated into Combat Assault Battalions, and launched attacks against RBDF vessels in orbit, while a secondary group targeted RBDF installations on the ground.

Back on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-L, Commander Jonathan Lencon entered his office followed by his brother General William Lencon.

“I'm going down there to convince Sevan to surrender.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said to his younger brother.

“What makes you think he'll listen to you?” General William Lencon asked his brother, who was dressed in civilian clothing.

“ I know Sevan.” Jonathan replied, as he exited the bridge, and went down the bridge access corridor to the midship corridor, went up the central corridor to the docking bay, and boarded Command Shuttle Alpha-C, which broadcasted a RBDF transponder signal.

“Commander.” Colonel Jack Forrester said as Jonathan raised the landing ramp. “Your taking a risk by sending a RBDF signal.”

“It's better than getting shot down by RBDF SAM launchers.” Commander Jonathan Lencon responded.

He entered the bridge, and went through the various pre-flight checks before he contacted traffic control for clearance.

“A1TC, this CSA.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said into the Video-Audio Communicator Screen. “Request clearance for launch, over.”

“CSA, this is A1TC.” A Traffic Control Officer responded. “You're clear to launch.”

Commander Jonathan Lencon released the docking clamps, and flew the shuttle out of Amderesta 1's level one docking bay. He activated the port thruster, which put the shuttle on route toward Blackania City. Jonathan entered the atmosphere, and decreased altitude to 900 feet. A number of damaged or destroyed buildings were visible from the shuttle, and small pockets of Blackanian civilians ventured through the remains of various buildings. After a few minutes, he found somewhere to land and he exited the shuttle. Commander Jonathan Lencon proceeded down Blackania City's main street, which had scattered debris from nearby building's damaged from recent fighting to the High Council Building. A place he'd been years earlier, and went inside.

“Sir, I need to see your identification card.” A RBDF Colonel told Jonathan.

“Very well.” Commander Jonathan Lencon repiled.

He reached into his tunic and removed an identification card from the pocket and gave it to the Colonel.

“You should be in the bunkers.” The RBDF Colonel said.

“I have a meeting with Sevan.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered. “If you let me proceed, I can bring this war to an end.”

“What makes you think you can.” The RBDF Colonel inquired.

“Your blaster, hand it over.” Commander Jonathan Lencon told the Colonel, who was reluctant at first. “And your VACS, quickly.”

“What is this?” The BRDF Colonel inquired only to find the end of his blaster pressed against his ribs.

“Move it.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said, as he forced the The BRDF Colonel to the elevator, went inside and took it up to the 20th floors. After the two of them exited the elevator, a MBDF attack destroyed a nearby power generator, which plunged the building into darkness. Jonathan activated a small protable light source, and used it to find their way to the Council Room.

“Lencon, I know the reason you're here.” High Councilor Sevan said from the corner of the room.

“Tell me, Sevan.” Commander Jonathan Lencon answered.

“You here to convince me to surrender to you, am I right.” High Councilor Sevan said to Jonathan.

“Sevan, just look around. Your infrastructure has been mostly destroyed from our attacks. You already know we've took our your power generator.” Colonel Jonathan Lencon responded, “I am sure the civilians are getting tired of living in underground shelters. You can't possibly hope to continue this for long.”

Commander Jonathan Lencon released his hold on the BRDF Colonel, and escorted High Councilor Sevan out to the attached blacony which overlooked a wide area.

“Look around, Sevan.” Commander Jonathan Lencon said, “The people are tired of this war, and want it to end. For their sake, tell your forces to surrender. You're backed into a corner with no way out. Sevan, you know I'm right.”

“Lencon,” High Councilor Sevan responded, “Tell your forces to cease fire, I'll tell mine to do the same.”

Commander Jonathan activated his Video-Audio Communication Screen, and sent a message to the AGA vessels in orbit of Blackania with an order for them to cease fire. After a few minutes, MBDF, BULA, and BRDF Infantry Assault Groups began to land forces on Blackania, and they established a series of checkpoints in the major cities, which had various amounts of damage from the recent fighting.

Over the next few days, the AGA delegates met with representatives from the interim Blackanian Government, and the Blackanian High Council to discuss peace terms, among which included payment of reperations to the Amdronian Group Alliance, the dentention of senior RBDF Commanders for war crimes, and the remove of the blockade currently in place to allow humanitarian aid to come into the Blackanian civilians.

Throughout the Tarozenian Republic, Lencheni Republic, Quineunin Republic, Rylon-Tylonian Republic, Parisian Repuublic, Quaneunian Republic, Dancalian Republic, and Chorane Republic, the latter of which begun recovery from their invasion and occupation by the EAFDF, as in the western galaxies, ADF Engineering personnel began to clear away rubble from the large number of buildings damaged in fierce urban combat. A large number of temporary shelters were set up by AGA forces around the larger cities, while medical personnel began to set up triage facilities to service those affected by the war.

Over in the Blackanian Galaxy, the Blackanian Republic Government-in-Exile who established sovreignity over the area, met to discuss the mergering of the MBDF, and BULA into the BRDF. While in a nearby room, the peace delegation sat around a table with the finalized peace treaty contained on a 7 by 4” datapad. Each of the various envoys signed his name to the document, as it went around the table.

“The state of war between us is over,” Former High Councilor Sevan said to the AGA reprentatives in the room. “Myself and my colleagues are willing to accept what charges you see fit to implement. “

“What happens to the alliance, since the federation no longer exists.” The Tarozenian Envoy commented.

“Well,” The Amderestan Envoy answered, “It looks like we're moving toward the establishment of a intergalactic government. “

Each of the envoys got up from the table and joined the crowd gathered in a nearby room, with the senior members of the AGAAC.

The End

Amderesta: The 4th Repubic #10. Post-War Aftermath

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