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Amderesta: The 4th Republic #3. The Colonization

by Daniel Zazitski

Chapter 1

The next morning on Crescent, President Jonathan Tenlon sat in his office with his Press Secretary to go over his address to the Amderestan people.

At 0700 hours, the State Minister, Education Minister, Commerce Minister, Health Minister, Transportation Minister, and Communications Minister met in the Level 20 Briefing Room to discuss the post-war recovery. President Jonathan Tenlon entered the briefing room with the Amderestan Census Agency Director, Jack Tilsan, who had a five by three inch datapad which contained Census figures on it.

President Jonathan Tenlon said,”Today’s briefing concerns the recovery of the war ravenged areas. The Amderestan Video-Audio Communication Service is reporting a number of planetary systems with disruptions of transmissions. 3 trillion people have been left homeless from the nine years of war, and the Medical Centers are reporting shortages of personnel.”

Over the next 10 hours, the six cabinet members discussed a recovery plan for the 4th Amderestan Republic.

Two days later in the Senate building, the Region and State Senators held an emergency meeting to appropiate funding to recovery programs, and organization of tribunals for the senior SSAARDF and YDF Occupational Forces. Senator Linkas, who represented Airiana Seven motioned for a vote to repeal the Conscription Act of 90,002, and was seconded by Conservative Senator Tilsain, representive of Tinlas Eight.

“The motion to vote on repealing the 90,002 Conscription Act has gone through. ”Chief Senator Zeratin said,” All in favor of repealing the 90,002 Conscription Act, raise your hand.”

The Unionist, Conservative, and half of the democrat senators voted in favor of repealing the 90,002 Conscription Act, while the Republican and other Democrat Senators voted to retain the 90,002 Conscription Act.

“The ayes have 30 percent, while the nays have 70 percent. ”Chief Senator Zeratin said, “The 90,002 Conscription Act remains in force.”

Over on ADF-Controlled Calron Three, 25 officers in the 95th ASC Infantry Assault Patrol set up three checkpoints along the main street of Tinlas City, as they searched for SSAAR colaberators over the next eight hours.

Meanwhile on Matilda Five, Commander Talisan sat in the officer’s club with three Security Officers and they played a game of nine ball. At the bar, Captain Lukan ordered a pint of Taronian ale, and was served by the bartender, who poured a blue liquid into a tall narrow glass and slid it over to Captain Lukan, and he took a sip. At a round table, 12 officers from the Calondia AA-3479-J played a game of straight poker for gold or sliver Amderestan Credits.

Over the next three weeks, the Amderestan Census Agency made a list of 60 trillion Amderestans to colonize the ten northern NDEG galaxies. 400 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups was selected for deployment to the NDEG Protectorate.

On January 24, 90,010, Sydney Forrester sat in the living area of the Forrester’s quarters on Matilda Four with her twin brother, John-Jack Forrester and mother, Lt. Commander Laura Forrester and they read the Taronia City News on their datapads.

Five minutes later, an Amderestan Civilian Security agent stood outside the Forrester’s quarters with a court summons.

“Miss Forrester,” The Agent said,” You’ve been summoned to appear at the YDF Officer’s War Crimes Tribunal on Crescent.”

Sydney Forrester got up from the couch, and took the datapad from the ACS Agent’s right hand.

“This concerns my witnessing of the massacre of the 10,000 Taronians in the park next to the primary school during the YDF Occupation.” Sydney Forrester said.

“You’re correct,” The Amderestan Civilian Security Agent repiled,” Two ADF Security teams have been assigned to escort you to the tribunal. The YDF Occupational Officers, who killed those people didn’t want you to see the massacre and they have someone lined up to make sure you don’t testify.”

“When do we leave?” Sydney Forrester askedv

“Febuary 1st at 0415 hours.” The ACS Agent said,” Crescent Civilian Security Force personnel have arranged a safe house for your stay on Crescent.”

Eight hours later on the Alantina, six five enlistee Engineering teams stepped out of the main elevator, and they entered the central corridor. 345 feet of electrical power conduits, and relays were recently installed by another Engineering team. 200 feet on the port side, Captain Lewis’ team installed eight Computer Access Terminal Stations and indicator lights in the ceiling. Meanwhile in the Level Four Engineering Section, Lieutenant Commander Mark Talins, a graduate from Amderestan Spacefleet Corp Academy, stood at the Main Power console, and he activated the main power grid for level four, which brought systems online.

On January 25, 90,010, Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon sat in his office on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K, and read over the refit reports from the Base Matilda Four Engineering personnel. At 0800 hours, ASCCOS Commander Crentuin contacted Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon via the Video-Audio Communication Screen and his image appeared on the 19” screen.

“Lencon. ”Commander Crentuin said, ”Atorsia Seven Medical Center is short on personnel, and the Acting Chief Medical Officer has requested additional personnel. I’m giving two-thirds of your medical personnel a two year assignment at Atorsia Seven Medical Center.”

“Which ones, sir?” Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon inquired.

“Lt.Commander Reynolds, Lt. Commander Anderson-Lencon, Ensign Talian, Ensign Timmerman, Ensign Calian, Ensign Kedan, Ensign Forrester, and Sargeant Thomas.” Commander Crentuin repiled.

“Sir, my wife has a five year old son.” Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon said.

“I wasn’t aware of the fact.” Commander Crentuin repiled,

At 1100 hours on Crescent, ACA Director Luke Talan met in the Amderestan Census Agency building’s Level 24 Briefing Room with Assistant ACA Director Jack Tilsan and Deputy ACA Director Tom Ankalis. A plan for a 12 level colony ship with a compliment of 3,600 people plus power generators, Communication generators, power cables, and building materials for each group of colonists was contained on a 3 by 4 inch Santurin DA-1571 datapad in the middle of the ten foot table. An eight by twelve window in the wall behind the table, overlooked three Landing Platforms, and six Anti-Grav Planetary Transport Platforms.

ACA Director Luke Talan said, “Several billion Colony ships are being constructed at ADF and Civilian Spacefleet Bases. Construction should take six to eight months to complete.”

Meanwhile on the Aldancia ASC-9979-F, Colonel Jack Hansen walked down the Level One Central Corridor to the cafateria, and he entered the cafateria.13 Engineering Officers, 14 Medical Officers, 23 Mechanical Officers, 32 Communication Intelligence Officers, 22 Cargo Supply Officers, 24 Weapon Control Officers, and 33 Flight Control Officers sat at several tables with trays of food. Colonel Jack Hansen got a tray from the galley line, and he sat at a table across from his Second Command Officer, Grand Admiral Talakin. The 7 by 4 inch datapad on the table displayed a map of the 50,000 light-year Ranchanian border with the NDEG Protectorate. 14 ADF Combat Assault Divisions were shown along the Amderestan side of the border in flight formation. 27 RDFCADs were positioned along a 15,000 light-year area.

“Colonel,” Grand Admiral Talakin said, ”Commander Talin has assigned our vessel to an intelligence mission inside Ranchanian space. He wants us to proceed to Spacedock Alpha 27-E. Once there a engineering team will install a prototype cloak generator onboard.”

“What are the Rules of Engagement?” Colonel Jack Hansen inquired.

Grand Admiral Talakin repiled, ”We’re allowed to fire in self-defense if the ship is attacked. Any offensive action will be considered an act of war against the Ranchanian Federation.”

At 2100 hours, the Aldancia ASC-9799-F arrived at Spacedock Alpha 27-E, where the prototype cloak generator was installed by an engineering team from Spacedock Alpha 27-E.

After four hours, Bridge Flight Control Officer, Lt. Commander Tadison released the starboard docking clamps, and increased the Aldancia’s speed to Hyperlight Speed 19, as he set a course to the Amderestan-Ranchanian border.

Over in the command chair, Colonel Jack Hansen activated the intercom and he contacted Level One Engineering, and requested activation of the cloak generator. In Level One Engineering, Engineering Officer Lt. Tadin activated the cloak generator, which plunged the light from it’s normal glow to a bluish tint. The computer then indicated the weapon’s grid was offline.

Nine hours later in Taronia City’s commerical district, four male Taronians who ranged in age from 52 to 68 years sat around a table in the darkened corner of Adains’ bar with four glasses filled with Taronian ale. A 7 by 4” Santurian DA-9700 datapad sat in the middle of the table.

Jack Anivan, the 63-year-old Taronian said,”In four days, Sydney Forrester is going to testify concerning the massacre in the park across from the primary school. If she idenifies us as collaberators with the massacre, we’ll get accessory before the fact charges.”

His brother, Luke Tenian repiled, “One of us can go to Base Matilda Four disguised as a Santurin Computer Supply employee, and tell Miss Forrester her VACS is defective, and give her a replacement with a tracking device.”

Over at a ten foot billards table, two Amderestan Security Officers came over with two cue sticks, and they racked a game of nine ball.

William Tinas pointed to the pool table table, and said, “There’s two Amderestan Security Force Officers at the pool table.”

“Andrew,” Jack Anivan said, as he handed the VACS to him. “Go out the back, and proceed down the alley to the back of Santurian Computer Supply Store 11371. You’ll find an Epsilon Class civilian speeder that has a SCS uniform in it, put in on and proceed to Landing Platform Delta 36-E.”

Andrew Dalian proceeded out the back, and walked ten blocks to SCS Store 11371. He took the SCS uniform from the speeder, put in on and he walked over to Landing Platform Delta 36-E, where he boarded an Epsilon Class Command Shuttle, and set course for the Amderesta system at Hyperlight Speed 12.5 in HSIM.

Four days later, at 0300 hours, Andrew Dalian docked his shuttle to ASC Base Matilda Four’s Level 15 airlock, went down the midship corridor to the intersection with the central corridor, and proceeded to the Forrester’s quarters.

30 minutes later in the Forrester’s sleeping area, Sydney woke up, changed into a blouse and trousers, went into the living area, and she watched ARNN Taronia’s early morning news report. Sydney Forrester opened the door, and she saw Andrew Dalian in the corridor with a Video Audio Communicator Screen.

“Miss Forrester,” Andrew Dalian said, “Santurian Computer Supply has recently discovered the DA-971 Video-Audio Communicator Screen released in 90,005 contains a defect in the AVACS transmission chip. Anyone who has the DA-971 model will get a free replacement.”

Andrew Dalian handed a DA-972 Video-Audio Communicator Screen to Sydney Forrester, and he went back to his shuttle, undocked from Base Matilda Four, and waited behind Amderesta One’s moon.

At 0415 hours, three ACS agents met Sydney Forrester in the central corridor, and they proceeded to a civilian shuttle attached to the starboard airlock, and boarded the passanger section. In the shuttle’s bridge, the Flight Control Officer was cleared by Base Matilda Four Traffic Control. He undocked the shuttle, and went to Hyperlight Speed flanked by the ADF command shuttles.

Andrew Dalian used the tracking device in Sydney’s VACS to follow the three shuttles to Crescent over a four hour period.

At 0815 hours, the three ACS agents, and ten ADF Security Force Officers exited the shuttles with Sydney, and they proceeded to the court building. Ten kilometers from the building, Andrew Dalian opened fire on the group, and killed four ADF Security Officers. Sydney took the bugged Video-Audio Communicator Screen, and threw it over the edge of the walkway between the court building’s Level 18 court room, and the platform, which sat few hundred feet above the ground.

Three minutes later, the Security detail, and Sydney Forrester entered the expansive court room. The 200 YDFIAG Commanders, and six YDF Chiefs of Staff were seated in a 20 sqaure foot area protected by a forcefield. 4th Republic Prosecutor, Luke Tanidas sat at an eight- foot table with stacks of 7 by 4 inch datapads. Commander Lonisian sat in the judge’s chair. The six man, six woman jury consisted of two Amderestans, Taronians, Alazenians, Tourists, Swearians, and Parisians. Commander Lonianson glanced over at the Sargeant –at-Arms, who called everyone to rise and be seated.

“Will the defendants please rise?” Commander Lonisian said, and the 206 YDF Officers arose. “You’re charged with the murder of 3 trillion Amderestan citizens opposed to your occupation, Crescent Convention violations, consisting of targeting ADF medical facilities, extreme torture, unfair treatment of ADF Prisoners of War, and attacks on civilian convoys delivering humanitarian aid. How do you plea?”

Defense Advocate Timothy Tanns replied, “The defense pleas not guilty, your honor.”

“You may be seated.” Commander Lonisian said to the defense. “Mr. Tanidias, you may begin your opening statement.”

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.” He began, “The 4th Amderestan Republic will prove the 206 defendants are gulity beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt. I implore you to consider the outcry of the Amderestan people, as you consider your verdict.”

“Mr. Tanidias,” Commander Lonisian said, “Call your first witness.”

“Your Honor,” Luke Tanidias replied, “The 4th Republic calls Sydney Forrester to the stand.”

Sydney Forrester got up from her seat, and walked over to the witness stand. The Segeant-at-Arms held an electronic Bible in his left hand.

“Raise your right hand, and repeat after me.” He said, as Sydney Forrester put her left hand on the datapad, and raised her right hand. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God.”

“I do.” Sydney Forrester repiled.

“You may take the stand, Miss Forrester.” Commander Lonianson said, as Sydney sat in the witness chair.

“Miss Forrester,” Luke Tanidias said, “Recall for me the afternoon of May 4, 90,007.”

Sydney Forrester replied, “I just got out of school, and the other pupils had boarded the anti-grav planetary transport. As I proceeded to the transport, I stood at the edge of the platform, and noticed 10,000 men, women, and children shackled, handcuffed, blindfolded, and gagged being marched into the adjacent park by Commander Tanian, Commander Sevin, and Commander Calias, who shot them with three blaster cannons, and killed every last one of them.”

“According to your statement,” Luke Tanidias said, “You told the Taronia Region Civilian Security Agency, four Taronians: Andrew Dalian, Jack Anivan, Luke Tenian, and William Tinas colaberated with the aforementioned defendants to assemble the 10,000 in the park.”

“That is correct.” Sydney Forrester answered, “Two months afterward, I was on an anti-grav planetary transport with my twin brother seated by the window. I was watching a private Video Reception station on my datapad, when Commander Calias walked over and tried to touch me under my skirt.”

“That’s absurd!” Commander Calias said, “I never even-“

“Calias, your in comptent of court.” Commander Lonianson replied, “One more outbreak, and you’ll be watching the proceedings from a cell. Mr. Tanidias, your witness.”

“Thank you, your honor.” Luke Tanidias said, “Miss Forrester, what happened next?”

“I shot his knee with a blaster pistol.” Sydney Forrester answered.

“Objection, your honor.” Timothy Tanns said, “There’s no physical evidence to support Miss Forrester’s statement.”

“Yes, there is your honor.” Luke Tanidias replied, as he approached the bench with a medical datapad. “This datapad contains a scan taken by Medical Officer, Lieutenant Trevans. It shows a close range, third degree blaster wound on Calis’ knee.”

“Commander Calias,” Commander Lonisian asked, “Can you pull your trousers above your knees?”

Commander Calias pulled his trousers up to reveal a pinkish red colored scar on his normally green knee. Defense Advocate Timothy Tanns pondered a defense to the damning evidence. Luke Tanidias, then proceeded to play the VRS image from the anti-grav planetary transport, which showed a frontal view of Sydney firing a close range shot at Calias’ left knee which sent him to the floor in agony.

“Anymore questions for this witness?” Commander Lonisian asked

“No, your honor.” Luke Tanidias answered

“Mr. Tanns, would you like to cross?” Commander Lonianson asked.

“Yes, I would.” Timothy Tanns said, “Miss Forrester, earlier you told this tribunal, you watched Calias, Sevin, and Tanian killed ten thousand Taronians in the park across from Taronia City Primary School over two years ago. Can anyone coberate your allegations?”

“I can.” Sydney Forrester replied, “On August 1, 90,008, I uncovered a skeleton of a person with shackels, handcuffs, and a gag in his or her mouth. Lori Stephens scanned the park, and her scans revealed a mass grave with ten thousand people.”

Over the next three months, 900 witnesses testified concerning simular atrocities commited by the defendants which included several thousand former POWs, who recalled extreme torture, beatings, denying of medical treatment, and food rations, as countless images of the horrific images were shown to the jury.

On May 1, 90,010, the 12 person jury deliberated for 20 hours before they delivered a guilty verdict against the ex- YDF Officers.

The next day in the Level Twenty court room, 4th Republic Prosecutor Luke Tanidias sat across from Defense Advocate Timothy Tanns, who sat by the 206 ex- YDF Officers. Commander Lonianson sat in the judge’s chair, and asked the jury if they reached a verdict. The foreman replied they had reached a guilty verdict on all charges. Afterward Commander Lonianson adjourned the court, pending a sentencing hearing on May 21, 90,010.

Five days later on Swearia, Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon, Lt. Colonel William Lencon, Grand Admiral Brad Lencon, Admiral Mark Lencon, Captain Johnny Lencon, and Captain Venturis walked along the main street of Swearia City’s commerical district, as several Swearian families passed them in civilian speeders. Most of the 25 story buildings in the 24 block area had missile and RPC damage. Several ADF and SRCS Security Force personnel set up several checkpoints on the main intersections, and they directed pedestrian and speeder traffic.

The six Amderestan Spacefleet Corps walked into Calidan’s bar. Several Swearian were seated at the ten- foot bar with glasses of Taronian Ale. Ten round tables with red metalic chairs positioned around them sat in the center of the bar. Over in the back of the bar, two ten-foot pool tables were positioned five feet from the 25’ wall. Two racks of cue sticks were attached to the wall, six feet above the green tiled floor. The six officers sat around the table closesist to the pool tables, and they discussed their duty rosters from ASC Planetary Base Epsilon 34-A’s commanding officer, Commander Tanin. Captain Venturis called over to the 57-Year-Old bartender, and ordered six glasses of Ranchanian ale for their table. After a few minutes, the bartender came over with their drinks, and placed them on the table.

Over on Atorsia Seven, Nine-Year-Old Sydney and John-Jack Forrester sat in a 36 square foot classroom with 28 reddish brown haired, hazel-eyed, Swearians who were also nine years of age, and they read over a recent Amderestan History assignment that dealt with the 34 years between the Second AAR-3rd Republic War and 89,981 PLA Uprising.

In the back of the class, a 3 by 2 inch datapad was passed up to Sydney, who sat at the end desk in the second row.

“You.” The Teacher said, pointing at Sydney, “What do you have in your hand?”

“Nothing, Mr. Tann.” Sydney Forrester replied in a Swearian accent.

“Bring it up here, Miss Forrester.” Mr. Tann said, as Sydney got from her desk and went up to Mr. Tann’s desk.

Sydney Forrester placed the datapad on the desk, and went back to her desk in the second row. After thirty minutes, Mr. Tann dismissed the class, and they went out into the 50 corridor, which exited to a 900 square foot Anti-Grav Planetary Transport Platform sixty feet above the street. Sydney, John-Jack, and the 107 Swearian students at the primary school sat down in the 14 foot Anti- Grav Planetary Transport.

Couple minutes later, the controller activated the anti-gravity thrusters underneath the transport, which caused the transport to propel forward at a six foot altitude. After the 107 Swearians were dropped off at eight 35 story apartment complexes, Sydney Forrester and John-Jack Forrester were dropped off at the ADF Apartment Complex attached to Taronia Seven Defense Force Medical Center. They walked over to the second elevator, went inside and went up 12 floors to level 17. They stepped out into the corridor, which ran in an east-west direction with north-south corridors that came off it. A stairwell access door was positioned between the two elevators with a sign that read: Level Seventeen Stairwell Access, please use in fire situation.

A moment later, the stairwell access door swung open as three Amderestan Army Medical Officers came into the corridor with three portable Computer Access Terminal Screens under their arms. Sydney looked at their assignment patches on their left uniform sleeves, which had Atorsia Five Medical Center in a half-circle above a 2-d image of a medical center.

One of the Amderestan Army Medical Officers, a Major walked over to a floor plan affixed to the right of the center corridor and looked for apartment Alpha 27.

“Major, Alpha 27 is halfway down the second north-south corridor.” Sydney Forrester said as she looked up at the Level 17 floor plan.

Four days later on Crescent, Amderestan Justice Minister Alanovin sat in the Justice Ministry’s Level 15 Briefing Room with the six Amderestan Region District Prosecutors from the southwest quadrant met to bring charges against the SSAARDF Chiefs of Staff and IAG Commanders for killing 3 trillion 4th Republic loyalists, torturing, denying, medical attention and killed 3 trillion ADF Prisoners of War, targeting ADF Medical Centers, and schools with 4th Republic loyalist children. Assistant Justice Minister Talkins, and Deputy Justice Minister Cadon came into the briefing room with datapads from 7 billion Amderestan Defense Force Prisoners of War. They sat down at the table with the other seven Justice Ministry personnel, and Amderestan Civilian Security Agency Director Caldonin, who sat across from the others, and they discussed the plans for the SSAAR War Crimes Tribunal.

The next morning at 0400 hours, Brigadier General Jonathan sat in his apartment in the ADF Apartment Complex’s 15th Level. He took his gray Amderestan Spacefleet Corps long-sleeved jacket, and put it over his navy blue shirt worn by command officers, and zipped up the jacket. Ten minutes later, he entered the main elevator but found it offline, so he took the stairs down to the ground floor. Just as he stepped out of the stair access, Lt. Colonel William Lencon came up from the subterrian level.

“You could’ve taken the service elevator.” He told Jonathan as he exited the building.

After a two hour trip, Brigadier General Jonathan Lencon arrived at AA Reserve Planetary Base Delta 301-Z with the supplies from Plentuis. Four Cargo Supply Officers loaded the 4 by 3 by 3 foot containers onto a dolly, and took them to the Base’s Cargo Storage Building, half mile from the Command HQ building, and Swearia Amderestan Army Medical Center.

Meanwhile on Atorsia Seven, Sydney and John-Jack Forrester boarded the anti-grav planetary transport at the ADF Platform, which took them to the primary school. They stepped out of the transport, and walked to their homeroom on Level 15.

“You’re early.” Mr. Tann said as Sydney and John-Jack Forrester walked in. “Take a seat, the other 26 should be here soon.”

Sydney Forrester and John-Jack Forrester took couple desks on the second row, removed their educational datapads from their backpacks, and activated them. Soon after, the 26 Swearians took their seats, and Mr. Tann called roll.

“Adains, Lucy.” Mr. Tann said as he glanced at his datapad.

“Here sir.” A Sweearian-Taronian girl answered.

“Balac, James.” Mr. Tann asked

James Balac, who sat behind Lucy Adains answered, “Present, sir.”

“Brenson, Amanda,” Mr. Tann read from the roll.

“Here sir.” Amanda Brenson replied from the middle of the second row.

“Caldon, Brian.” Mr. Tann said, as he took a glance at the attendance record.

Brian Caldon, who sat on the end of the 4th row replied, “Here sir.”

After he finished calling attendance, Mr. Tann instructed the class to activate the Amderestan Government e-book’s chapter on the Senate.

“Okay,” Mr. Tann said, “Today, we’re going over the organization of the Amderestan Senate, time between general elections, and party nominations. Can anyone describe the Amderestan Senate’s organization?”

Several hands went into the air, and Mr. Tann thought for a moment before calling Sydney Forrester’s name.

Sydney Forrester said, “The Amderestan Senate is a unicamerial body with two groups of Senators, the upper group consisting of Region Senators, and the lower group, which consists of 800 million Administrative District Senators.”

“Very well, Miss Forrester.” Mr. Tann replied, “Can anyone tell me how much time is between general elections?”

Lucy Adains answered, “General elections are held once every ten years, except when the majority party has a no confidence vote in its leadership.”

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