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Here is an excerpt from my book: Amderesta The 3rd Republic. Feel free to read this excerpt and if you liked what you read, buy yourselves a copy from these websites listed below

copyright © 2009 by Daniel Zazitski all rights reserved

Amderesta: The Third Republic


Daniel Zazitski

On ASC Base Matilda Four’s Level 22 Command and Control, Commander Cassin brought up a tactical display of the Central Sectors on the Computer Access Terminal Screen, which displayed a number of AARDF Combat Assault Groups near Crescent.

“Gentlemen, We have received Intel from AIA concerning an AARDF offensive into Third Republic space.” Commander Cassin told CAF Commanders gathered in the room. “A number of AARDF Combat Assault Groups have been deployed along the Parisia, Alazenia, and Southern Amderestan Region Districts during the past five to six months. Installations on our side of the border, have been placed on Code One Tactical Alert pending an attack. I proposed a plan to use the wormhole junction hub network to conduct hit-and-run attacks on AARDF Forces in the Northern Amderestan Region Districts, Taronia Region, Swearia Region, and Tourist Region to the Security Council, and they approved.”

“Wait a minute?” Commander Lonisian inquired, “What is our target?”

“We going to retake Crescent.” Commander Cassin answered.

“With a CATF?” Commander Sedisan said, “Correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t there two CADs on Crescent.”

“They are undergoing repairs on the surface.” Grand Admiral Timothy Lencon commented as he entered the CAC. “You should take out the planetary spacedock installations, that way they’ll be stuck on the planet.”

“If they detect us coming, it won’t matter.” Commander Sedisan responded.

Over the next several days, the 2nd Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Combat Assault Task Force entered orbit around Crescent, and began an aerial assault on AARDF scanner and communication installations, while on ASC Base Matilda Three and ASC Base Matilda Four, the weapon control personnel fired numerous photonic, and triboltic missiles at the thousands of AARDF Landing Platforms on Crescent.

Meanwhile in the Southwest quadrant of the Amderesta Region, Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups exited a large number of wormhole junction hubs, and a series of hit-and-run attacks on AARDF forces along the Alazenia border. Several thousand planet systems came under daily assault from ADF Combat, Infantry, and Aerial Assault Groups, which targeted AARDF bases, scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, anti-grav planetary transport platforms, SAM launchers, and factories in millions of cities on each planet over an eighteen month period.

Several hundred ADF Infantry Assault Groups with the support of ADF Aerial Assault Groups fought intense urban engagements in the metropolitan cities, as they went from building-to-building and cleared AARDF forces from the major cities.

On October 25, 89,941, Several hundred Amderestan Defense Force combat Assault Groups deployed along the Alazenia region's northern border, crossed into southern Taronia and began an intense attack on AARDF Combat Assault Groups in 500,000 planetary systems.

On Crescent, the ADF Chiefs of Staff sat in the Defense Ministry's conference room with the senior field Commanders to discuss the status of operations in the Taronia Region. The holographic map projected in mid-air showed most of the Taronia region in red indicating AAR control, and green for systems under Third Amderestan Republic Control.

In the nearby executive building, President John Callins sat in his office which had a view of the Senate building and read over intelligence reports from the ADFCI that concerned the deployment of AARDF Combat Assault Groups in the Southeast Amderesta Region District. The stack of datapads on President Callins' desk detailed an AARDF incursion into the Southwest and Southeast Parisia Region Districts.

During the next 11 months, several hundred Amderestan Defense Force Combat, Aerial and Infantry Assault Groups targeted AARDF Combat Assault Groups, Infantry Assault Groups, and Aerial Assault Groups in 222,222,222 planetary systems. AARDF Bases, scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, anti-grav planetary transport platforms, factories, planetary defense installations in trillions of cities came under daily assault from ADF ISBMs, as hundreds of ADF Infantry Assault Groups fought intense street-to-street engagements with AARDF Infantry Assault Groups. Numerous buildings in the several trillion cities were damaged or destroyed, as the ADF and AARDF forces fought each other for control of the planets.

In the Southwest Taronia Region District, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups in the 500,000 Third Republic controlled systems, launched millions of Interstellar ballistic missiles at AARDF Bases, spacedocks, and weapon platform stations in 10 million planetary systems over the next nine months. After intensive attacks on orbital AARDF installations, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 100 million planets supported by Aerial Assault Groups, and they targeted AARDF installations in a series of hit-and-run attacks. A number of Taronians loyal to the Third Amderestan Republic sabotaged communication, scanner, and power facilities in the metropolitan cities, as Amderestan Defense Force Infanty Assault Groups fought fierce street-to-street, and building-to-building fire fights against entrenched AARDF forces, which damaged or destroyed numerous buildings. AARDF and Civilian Medical facilities were over ran with injured Defense Force personnel, and civilians caught in the cross-fire.

After a twelve month assault, the AARDF forces on the 100 million planets surrendered to the Amderestan Defense Force, and were taken to Prisoner of War camps along the southern glactic edge. A State of Emergency was imposed by the ADF forces, as the AAR state governments were dissolved by the ADF. Constitutional Assemblies were elected by Taronians, who swore alliegence to the 3rd Amderestan Republic.

Over the next 24 months, the Constitutional Assemblies drafted a constitution for each of the 10 million planetary systems, held elections for State Senate and Governors, and held elections for Adminstrative District Senators.

In the Southeast Amderesta Region District, Amderestan Defense Force personnel in the 222,222,222 planetary systems gave local authority to Civilian Security Force personnel in each planetary system, as the citizens elected 3rd Republic loyal State Governments, Adminstrative District governments. The former AAR governmental personnel on the planets were charged with treason by the Third Amderestan Republic, and detained by the ADF. Amderestan Defense Force Engineering Corps personnel on the 2 billion planets repaired or rebuilt millions of buildings in the major cities, landing platforms and anti-grav planetary transport platforms were repaired and transport service was re-established between the cities and planets.

Meanwhile in the Southeast Taronia Region District, the civilians in the 222 million planetary systems held a series of elections for Third Republic loyal State and Adminstrative District Governments, which established civilian authority over the area. After which, a Region District Government that consisted of an Adminstrator and legislative assembly was elected by the Taronians of voting age. ADF training facilities were set up in the 222 million planetary systems to train the billions of 18-to-49 year old men who enlisted into the Amderestan Defense Force, who joined ADF Combat Assault Goups on the front lines.

On June 25, 89,947, the Amderestan Defense Force sent Combat Assault Groups, Aerial Assault Groups, and Infantry Assault Groups into the Northeast Amderesta Region District, and they launched an assault on AARDF Bases, spacedocks, and weapon platform stations in 222 million planetary systems, as ADFCOATs deployed behind AARDF lines targeted planetary communication and scanner installations on the two billion planets. Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups spilt into Combat Assault Task Forces, and they launched an assault against AARDF Combat Assault Groups in the 222 million planetary systems over the next twenty months. AARDF bases, scanner installations, communication installations, missile launchers, landing platforms, and anti-grav planetary transport platform came under aerial and ground assault from ADF forces over the next 96 months, as AARDF forces blended into the civilian population and conducted raids on ADF Infantry Assault groups in the trillions of metropolitan cities. Civilian apartment complexes, commerical buildings, and schools taken over by AARDF Infantry Assault Groups, and used to attack ADF forces came under daily attack from ADF troop transports that held air superiority. Numerous civilians in the millions of buildings were injured or killed in the assault, and the medical centers filled up with civilians caught in the cross-fire. ADF Security personnel were deployed to the medical facilities to defend the overcrowded facilities, which came under intense AARDF attack.

After an intense engagement, the AARDF Infantry Assault personnel in the major cities surrendered in the billions to ADF Infantry Assault Groups, which took them to POW camps. ADFEC personnel on the two billion planets constructed temporary housing for civilians, whose apartments were damaged or destroyed in the engagement between the ADF and AARDF forces.

In each of the 222 million planetary systems, nominations were held to choose canidates from the four major parties for State Senate, and Governor elections over the next three years. During this time, the systems were placed under a State of Emergency by the ADF Infantry Assault Groups deployed in the major cities to keep order, as a number of stores damaged in the fighting were looted by groups of civilians, who targeted Third Republic loyalist owned facilties. A dusk to dawn curfew was imposed in the cities, and they established ADF checkpoints to search for AARDF collaberators in the major towns and cities.

On July 22, 89,954, Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups, Aerial Assault Groups, and Infantry Assault Groups entered the Tourist Region and they spent the next four months in 1,332,000,000 planetary systems, and they launched an assault on AARDF bases, scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, anti-grav planetary transport platforms, weapon's factories, and storage facilities in trillions of cities.

Over the next five months, the 1,332,000,000 planetary systems in the Northwest Amderesta Region District came under assault from the ADF Combat, Aerial, and Infantry Assault Groups, which launched an assault against AARDF bases, spacedocks, weapon platform stations, scanner satellites, communication satellites, infantry bases, anti-grav planetary transport platforms, landing platforms, missile launchers, weapon's factories, and storage facilities in and on the 13,332,000,000 planets.

In the West Central Amderesta Region District, the 13,332,000,000 planets came under daily assault from the Amderestan Defense Force, which launched space, air, and ground assaults on AARDF space, and infantry assault installations in the billions of metropolitian cities over the next five months, as the East Central Amderesta Region District came under attack from the Southwest Parisia Region District, Northeast Amderesta Region District, West Central Parisia Region District, and Southwest Amderesta Region Districts. 1,332,000,000 planets in the region came under assault by the ADF, which targeted the AARDF space and planetary installations in and around the planets.

In May 89,955, the Amderestan Defense Force Infantry, and Aerial Assault Groups entered the four northern Taronia Region Districts, Southwest Swearia Region District, Southeast Swearia Region Districts, and they launched intense space, air, and ground assaults against AARDF installations on the 1,332,000,000 planets over the next six months. After which, the Amderestan Army Republic called a cease-fire with the Third Amderestan Republic. The agreement placed the de facto border in the central of the West Central and East Central Swearia Region Districts. Over the next few months, envoys from the AAR and Third Republic Governments held a series of meetings on Crescent to discuss a number of war reparations for damages to civilian installations used by the AARDF to attack ADF forces.

After two years of negoations between the Amderestan Army Republic and Third Amderestan Republic, President Bradson, who was elected in 89,952 to replace President John Calians, who had resigned his post after corruption charges were filled against him, and AAR President Fallison sat in the executive building's briefing room with the AAR-Third Republic Peace Treaty on the table in front of them. Each person took turns signing his name to the document, after which the two stood up, shook hands and departed.

From 89,957 to 89,980, the Amderestan Defense Force established millions of planetary and orbital installations in the Northwest Taronia Region Distrct, Northeast Taronia Region District, West Central Taronia Region District, East Central Taronia Region District, Northwest Amderesta Region District, and Tourist Region.

Over in the Parisia Region, billions of civilians with ties to the Parisia Liberation Army took the streets in opposition to the increased presence ADF Security personnel deployed to the 1,332,000,000 planets in the six region districts. A number of commerical buildings were looted by rioters during the next seven months, as PLA Combat, Aerial, and Infantry Assault Groups stockpiled caches of weapons throughout the region in preparation for an uprising against the Third Amderestan Republic. AIA and ADFCI personnel undercover in a number of PLA units detailed a plan to stir up a civilian uprising against the 3rd Republic authorities.

198 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups were deployed along the Parisia Region border, along with Aerial Assault Groups, and support vessels in preparation to the tension in the Parisia Region that was stirred up by the Parisia Liberation Army. In the Parisia Region, the Region Governor met with President Bradson via the Video-Audio Communication Screen to discuss the situation in the Parisia Region, which seemed to escalate out of control. Numerous Administrative Districts governments through the region petitioned the Region Government for a State of Emergency declaration, and activation of ADF Guard Force Reserve personnel in order to deal with the riots. After a month, Region Governor Allans declared a State of Emergency in the Parisia Region and placed the AGF Reserve Infantry Assault Groups on the 1,332,000,000 planets on active duty. A response which, incited the Parisia Liberation Army to launch a series of cordinated attacks on ADF infantry bases in the Northeast, East Central, Southwest, and Northwest Parisia Region Districts in January 89,981.

Soon after, President Bradson issued an order to the 198 Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups to cross into the Parisia Region, and conduct operations against PLA forces. During the next two months in the Southwest Parisia Region District, Parisia Liberation Army forces in several million planetary systems conducted a series of raids on ADF installations throughout the area, which attempted to draw the ADF Infantry Assault Groups from the major metropolitan cities. In the Northwest and Northeast Parisia Region Districts, several hundred Parisia Liberation Army Infantry Assault Groups on the 13,332,000,000 planets fought a number of engagements against Amderstan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups in billions of metropolitan cities over the next six months. In September 89,981, Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups, Aerial Assault Groups, and Infantry Assault Groups conducted a number of intense assaults against the Parisia Liberation Army in the East Central Parisia Region District, which targeted planetary bases, scanner and communication installations, and weapon's caches near the major cities over the next three months. Afterward the PLA forces surrendered to the Amderestan Defense Force, while other PLA units went underground.

On the AAR-Third Republic border, Amderestan Army Republic Defense Force Combat Assault Groups crossed into Third Republic space and conducted cross border attacks in violation of the treaty signed with the 3rd Republic. Over the next ten years, the Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups, and Amderestan Army Defense Force fought almost daily assaults against the installations on each side of the border.

In September 89,993, Ensign Laura Lencon, who was assigned to ADFIDRC sat in a laboratory in Crescent Amderestan Army Medical Center with a datapad in her hands, which detailed plans by the Blackanian Defense Force to construct a biological weapon's laboratory on the forest moon of Allian.

After she read over the data sent to her by Councilor Jack Airian's second-in-command, who had defected to the Amdronian Group Alliance, she contacted the Amdronian Group Alliance Intelliegence Corps and gave them the information.

“Director,” Ensign Laura Lencon said to AGAIC Director James, “My brother has a rapport with Concilor Jack Airian.”

“Ensign Lencon, what are you asking?” AGAIC Director James responded

“I asking you to assign Jonathan to conduct the investigation of the facility.” Ensign Laura Lencon said to the AGAIC Director.

Over the next two months, the Amdronian Group Alliance Intelliegence Corps met to discuss the investigation of the facility, which was hastily constructed by BAEC personnel, as the YDF proposed an operation to clear BDF forces from the NDEG with the support from the Quineunian and Quanuenian Defense Force. The proposed operation was took up on the floor of the Quineunian, and Quaneunian Senates, whose members voted down the proposal as they were concerned with retaliatory assaults by the Blackanian Defense Force.

On November 3, 89,993, Captain Jonathan Lencon, who had a received a promotion to Admiral, sat in Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J's officer's club with a glass of Ranchanian ale in front of him. A few minutes later, Jonathan's Video-Audio Communicator Screen seated on the table beside him chirped several times. He activated it, and an image of his sister, Ensign Laura Lencon appeared on screen.

“How's ADFIDRC?” Admiral Jonathan Lencon inquired of his sister.

“Fine.” Ensign Laura Lencon replied, “Two months ago, I received information from Councilor Jack Airian's Ex-Field Commander which detailed the development of a biological agent on the forest moon of Allian. My source told me BAEC was rapidly speeding up construction of the facility.”

“Did he tell you why?” Admiral Jonathan Lencon asked his sister.

“The YDF had planned an operation with the Quineunians and Quaneunians to repel the BDF from the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies.” Ensign Laura Lencon replied, “The Chief Senators of both governments pressured by Blackanian influenced Senators dismissed the measure.”

Over the next four weeks, the Amdronian Group Alliance Intelliegence Corps met with the Ambassadorial Council to dicuss the status of moderate leaning Blackanian resistance cells established by AGAIC, and ADFCI. After numerous dicussions, the group decided to select Admiral Jonathan Lencon for the assignment, and sent an encrypted order detailing the assignment to Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K.

Over on Command Station Alpha, Councilor Jack Airian sat in the Level 20 Observation Room, and looked out at a team of BAEC personnel in EV suits as they wielded several sections of hull to the skeletal structure of the nearby planet destroyer. After a few minutes, an aide stepped out of the elevator with a datapad in his hand, and he approached Councilor Airian.

“High Councilor Sevan wants you to contact him on the VACS.” The Aide said to Councilor Jack Airian, as he gave a quick salute.

“You may go.” Councilor Jack Airian responded to the aide, as he guestered to the elevator.

Councilor Jack Airian activated the Video-Audio Communicator Screen, and contacted High Councilor Sevan on a secure VACS channel. After a momentary pause, an image of High Councilor Sevan seated in his office appeared on screen.

“I see everything is going as planned Airian.” High Councilor Sevan said to his subordinate.

“My former Executive Officer gave Laura Lencon information of the Chaelia project, who in turn gave it to the AGAIC, and they selected Jonathan Lencon as the one to inflitrate the complex.” Councilor Jack Airian responded.

“Very good, our plan is proceeding. The Quineunian and Quaneunian Senates have voted down a proposal to align themselves with the Yenturian Defense Force, and I have made sure the Amderestan Senate will table a motion to attack our facility.” High Councilor Sevan said, “Make sure there's a surplus of Chaelia Virus, Robert Lamb of the Ranchanian Science Institute will meet Greg Tannin at the complex and pay several million credits for the surplus virus. We'll keep the Amderestans busy with the Northern Group, while we conduct a attack on the rest of the Amdronian Group Alliance. When we attack the AAR, and they respond against the Yenturians, the Third Amderestan Republic will sent a fleet to clear our installations and colonize the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies.”

Chapter One

Admiral Jonathan Lencon, Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J’s Second Command Officer sat in Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Base Matilda Four’s Level 15 Recreation Room with Bridge Flight Control Officer, Lieutenant Mark Haleson.

“I heard rumor of a BDF Bio-Weapon program on Allian.” Lt. Mark Haleson said, as he sipped at his coffee.

“Excuse me a sec.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon told Haleson, as he went over to the other side of the room, and he activated the Video-Audio Communicator Screen.

“Lencon.” The AGAIC Director’s Voice said, “Quineunian Intelligence has monitored several BDF Cargo Transports traveling to the forest moon of Allian. There have been reports of a suspected Bio-Weapon facility. You’ve been given a cover identity as a Safety Inspector. Your assignment is to infiltrate the Bio-Weapon Facility and obtain information on the facility.”

Few minutes later on Crescent, Senator Jonathan Tenlon, representative of the Amderesta system in the Amderestan Senate sat in his office on the Senate Building’s 17th Level. A 7 by 8-foot window in the west-facing wall gave a view of the street below. On the five foot desk sat a picture of his wife Amber and ten-year-old daughter, Lilly beside the Computer Access Terminal Screen.

“Computer are there any messages?” Senator Jonathan Tenlon asked.

“You have two messages, one from Amber Tenlon, and the other from Lilly Tenlon.” The Computer Voice responded.

“Activate the messages.” Senator Jonathan Tenlon told the computer. The Video-Audio Communicator Screen activated and an image of his wife, Amber appeared on the 19” screen.

“I know you’re busy.” She said, “But I need a favor. I’ve been called to a medical seminar on the AAR border, and I need you to keep an eye on Lilly.”

The VACS went blank for a second, and the image of his daughter, Lilly Tenlon appeared onscreen.

“Some friends of mine invited me to the Calron One- Airiana Two Laserball game.” Lilly Tenlon said, “Can I go, the game’s at 1800 hours tonight.”

Over on Blackanian Army Command Station Alpha, which had a medium orbit around Allian. Councilor Jack Airian sat in his office with Commander Anderson and BSI Director Greg Tannin.

“BAEC is expected to arrive within a week to construct the Enhanced Shield Generator bunker.” Commander Anderson said.

“Keep me informed, Anderson.” Councilor Arian responded, as he looked out of the plasma window at the metallic skeleton of a 1,400 sqaure foot planet destroyer.

Seven days later on a Beta Class Blackanian Shuttle, Admiral Jonathan Lencon , who wore a Blackanian Army uniform put the shuttle on course for the forest moon of Allian.

“Allian Approach, this is Command Shuttle Iota.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon said into the Video-Audio Communicator Screen. “Request clearance to land, over.”

“Command Shuttle Iota.” A Blackanian Army TCO repiled, “You’re clear to land. Come to course 287 at ¼ ACS.”

“Copy, Allian Approach.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon said, as he put the shuttle on course 287, and descended to 2,000 feet. He activated the forward thrusters, and landed the shuttle on the 900 square foot platform.

A Blackanian Army Officer, who held the rank of Major, went over from the rooftop access.

“This way, sir.” The Blackanian Army Major said to Jonathan, as he opened the stair access and the two went down several flights of stairs.

“ Major, I’ve been sent by BAEC to inspect your facility.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon told the Blackanian Army Officer.

During the next four hours, he went to various bio-research laboratories, and storage facilities which had BSI personnel in protective biohazard suits and he took pictures of the 3,000 by 100 foot area.

“Gelltan,” A BSI Operative said, “What’s a BAEC Commander doing here? Isn’t he supposed to oversee construction of the Enhanced Shield Generator bunker?”

“Adain’s here for an inspection.” Major Gelltan answered, as he handed a 3 by 5 inch Santurian DA-971 Datapad to the BSI Operative.

“Jason Airian, I presume.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon said, “Is there any way I can see your brother?”

Meanwhile on Command Station Alpha, Councilor Jack Airian sat in the Level 20 Briefing Room with Commander Anderson, and BSI Director Greg Tannin.

“Tannin, someone claiming to be Adain entered the complex several hours ago.” A Communications Officer said, “He said BAEC sent him for a safety inspection.”

“The Chief of Staff didn’t mention an inspection.” BSI Director Greg Tannin told Councilor Airian, and Commander Anderson. “We should find out what ‘Adain’ is up to.”

Councilor Jack Airian and Commander Anderson agreed with Tannian’s observation and sent a shuttle to collect Admiral Jonathan Lencon from the complex.

At 1800 hours, Admiral Jonathan Lencon entered the main elevator on Level nine, and went up to Airian’s Office on Level 22. He stepped out of the elevator and approached a flight of stairs on the opposite side of the room. The oversized chair, which currently faced away from Jonathan, swiveled around to face him.

“It’s been awhile, Lencon.” Councilor Jack Airian said, “I recognize your features. The Alliance sent you to collect intelligence on our project.”

“Maybe they did.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon responded.

“Your Government wouldn’t risk a war.” Councilor Jack Airian told Jonathan. “Even if it meant the salvation of a few trillion Yenturians. The Blackanian Science Institute has been engineering a bio-weapon on Allian. Once completed, we would load a few YDF IGBMs with the agent and launch them at the AAR.”

“You’ve wanted to use to NDEG to conduct attacks on the Alliance, but the Yenturian Federation is keeping you from your goal.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon responded, “So you’re going to incite genocide.”

After a few days, Admiral Jonathan Lencon arrived at AGAIC Headquarters on Crescent with his Intel of the Blackanian Science Institute Complex in the Venmeni Galaxy, in civilian clothes and he entered the main lobby. Several corridors branched off from the lobby, which were lined with various offices. Deputy Director Wiltan, a 40-Year-Old Quineunian came from a corridor with the AIA Director John Wills.

“This way, Admiral.” AIA Director John Wills told Jonathan as the three went down a corridor to a Briefing Room in the east wing. Deputy Director Wiltan, AIA Director John Wills, and Admiral Jonathan Lencon entered the briefing room, which had a ten-foot conference table surrounded by several chairs, and the three took several seats.

Admiral Jonathan Lencon activated the Computer Access Terminal Screen, which displayed a number of photos he took at the Blackanian Science Institute Facility on the 19 inch screen.

“Gentlemen, the images projected onscreen detail the beginning of a BDF Bio-weapon project on the forest moon of Allian.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon told the other two. “The BSI has obtained a number of YDF Inter-Galactic Ballistic Missiles.”

He brought up a photo of several missiles and continued. “Councilor Airian told me the BDF has a plan to incite a war between the AAR and Yenturian Federation. They are planning genocide.”

“Why would the Blakanians want to kill off the Yentuians?” AIA Director John Wills asked.

“They have been restrained by the Yenturians.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon answered, “They intend to use the NDEG to launch attacks on the Alliance.”

Two hours later in the Yenturian Embassy, Ambassador Kivan, who had twenty years of diplomatic service under his belt, sat in his office on Level 20 with a Santurian DA-971 Datapad.

A moment later, the YDF Defense Attaché Commander Vilas came into Ambassador Kivan’s Office.

“An AIA Operative wants to speak with you.” Commander Vilas told the Ambassador who looked up from his datapad.

“Very well, Commander.” Ambassador Kivan answered, “Send him up here.”

A minute or so later, Admiral Jonathan Lencon came into the Ambassador’s Office with his 14” Computer Access Terminal Screen. He sat up the CATS on the Ambassador’s desk, loaded the Intel onscreen, and he gave a detailed report on the BSI’s bio-weapon project on the forest moon of Allian.

“Are you sure?” Ambassador Kivan asked Admiral Jonathan Lencon after his Intel report.

“I am, Ambassador.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon responded. “AIA projects the development to take a year.”

Few minutes later, Admiral Jonathan Lencon left the Yenturian Embassy in a Beta-Class ADF speeder, and he proceeded down a side street for three miles before he came to Calidan’s. He deactivated the speeder’s anti-grav system, got out and entered the bar.

“Jonathan come over here.” A Female Voice called from a rear table.

Admiral Jonathan Lencon made his way through the crowd, and he noticed his younger sister, Ensign Laura Lencon seated at a table with a Ranchanian Ale.

“What brings you here, sis?” Admiral Jonathan Lencon inquired as he took the empty chair across from his sister.

“I’m on leave.” Ensign Laura Lencon answered her older brother. “What about you?”

“The same.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon said, as he slid an attaché’ case under his chair. “Another Ranchanian Ale over here.”

The bartender, Jack Calidan a veteran of the Second Third Republic-AAR War put a glass under a spout filled it with Ranchanian Ale, and took it to Jonathan’s table.

“Five Amderestan Credits, please.” Jack Calidan told Jonathan, who removed a gold coin from his utility belt, and dropped it in his hand.

“You missed the Caloron One- Airiana Two game.” Ensign Laura Lencon told her older brother.

“Airiana Two scored two target goals from the 90 meter line in the first third. Calron One got posession of the laserball in the second third, and gained seventy points on Airiana Two to lead by ten. In the final third, Airiana Two increased their lead by thirty points. Calron One managed to get thirty points to tie the game.”

“Overtime?” Admiral Jonathan Lencon inquired as he sipped his Ranchanian Ale.

“Airiana Two scored 30 points on Calron One to win nationals.” Ensign Laura Lencon said.

“There’s somewhere I need to get to.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon told his sister as he got up from the table.

“Taking your speeder?” Ensign Laura Lencon inquired of her eldest brother. “I advise taking the Anti-Grav Planetary Transport. You’re a bit plastered.”

Admiral Jonathan Lencon got his attaché’ case from underneath the chair, left the bar and proceeded to a platform two blocks on the opposite side of the street.

After a fifteen-minute ride on the Anti-Grav Planetary Transport, Admiral Jonathan Lencon stepped on to the Senate Building’s Anti-Grav Planetary Transport Platform and proceeded inside the fifteenth level.

“Admiral, the Senate Defense and Intelligence Committees are waiting for you in the conference room.” A Senate Aide told Jonathan, “This way.”

The Aide led Admiral Jonathan Lencon down the central corridor, past a number of Senate Offices to a north-south corridor, where he entered the conference room. Senator Jonathan Tenlon, Chairman of the Defense Committee and Senator Brad Wilson, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee sat with a number of Senators.

Admiral Jonathan Lencon removed his CATS from the attaché’ case, interfaced with a datalink, and displayed a series of images taken at the BSI Bio-Weapon Facility on Allian.

“Few days earlier, I infiltrated a BSI Bio-Weapon Facility on the forest moon of Allian, under the guise of a Blackanian Army Commander.” Jonathan told the Senators at the table. “I proceeded to take the pictures on the CATS.”

“What was your finding?” Senator Brad Wilson asked.

“They are developing a Bio-Weapon at the Facility.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon answered. “When completed, they’re going to use YDF IGBM’s to attack the AAR.”

“Admiral Lencon,” Senator Jonathan Tenlon said, “You’re implying the Blackanians want a war between the AAR and Yenturian Federation. The goal being-“

“Genocide, nothing more, nothing less.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon responded, “If that occurs, the Blackanian Defense Force will have an area to launch IGBM attacks on the Alliance.”

“Only option, I see is to neutralize the BSI facility in order to prevent that from happening.” Senator Jonathan Tenlon said to the others.

“Tenlon, you mean we should attack a BDF facility, which would involve us in a possible war with the Blakanians to prevent a genocide.” An Unionist Senator from Tourist responded.

“We’ve been involved on the AAR border for ten years.” Senator White, representative from Alazenia chimed in. “Any authorization to attack would not pass a motion on the floor.”

“Senators, I’m aware of the possibilities.” Senator Jonathan Tenlon said, “If the Amderestan Democrats and Amderestan Unionists can’t see past the status Que., I intend to call a no-confidence vote in the Chief Senator’s leadership. You’re dismissed.”

Everyone in the room with the exception of Admiral Jonathan Lencon proceeded to their various offices, which left him and Senator Tenlon in the room.

“I noticed a Ranchanian scientist by the name of Robert Lamb at the BSI Facility, while I was there.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon said, “He met with the BSI Director and offered several hundred million credits for the excess. Lamb has plans to mutate Chaelia and release it in our galaxy within twenty-five years.”

The color drained from Senator Tenlon’s face when he realized what the Blackanian Federation had planned. He clutched the back of his chair with a tight grip, which turned his knuckes white.

“You all right?” Admiral Jonathan Lencon inquired of Senator Tenlon, “You’re looking pale.”

“I will be, Lencon.” Senator Tenlon responded, as he released his grip from the chair.

“It appears the Amderestan Democrats and Amderestan Unionist have been influenced by the Blackanian High Council.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon commented, “We need a Senate which sees the impending threats.”

“I agree.” Senator Tenlon answered, “Amderestan Republicans and Conservatives are supportive of my no-confidence vote. I might have the support of a few Amderestan Democrats.”

Next morning in the ADF Barracks, Admiral Jonathan Lencon sat in the living area of his quarters on the 20th level with his 7 by 4” Santurian DA-971 Datapad, and he read several articles from Crescent’s news service. He propped his feet on the coffee table situated in front of the six foot couch, which had a built in holo-projector, and read an article on the previous night’s Laserball game between the Chorane and Rylon-Tylonian national teams for the South Galactic championship.

He activated the quarter’s Video Reception Screen, and tuned it to ARNN Crescent’s Sports Report, which displayed two sportscasters seated behind the anchor desk.

“This is Sports Report on ARNN Crescent.” A Sportscaster said, “I’m John Wilson, and this is William Cavin, giving you the highlights. Last night’s AGLBA Galactic Championship between Chorane and Rylon-Tylonia was quite a spectacular sight. Chorane’s offense led a charge in the first third, gaining 2,500 meters against Rylon- Tylonia to score 47 points. Rylon- Tylonia gained 1,500 meters on Chorane in the second third to score 43 points. A target goal attempt by Rylon- Tylonia put them ahead by nine going into the final third. Rylon- Tylonia gained another 1,300 meters on Chorane to score 13 points toward the end of regulation.”

Ensign Laura Lencon entered her brother’s quarters a minute later, and colapsed into a nearby chair.

“Met with the Intelligence and Defense Committee, I see.” She told Jonathan. “This concern your trip recently?”

“Yes, Laura it does.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon answered, “Senator Tenlon told me the Amderestan Republicans and Amderestan Conservatives are favoring a no confidence vote against Talias.”

“Any of the Amderestan Democrats in favor?” Ensign Laura Lencon inquired.

“The Taronian, Tourist, and NW Amderestan Senators.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon replied to his sister’s question. “The Blackanians want the NDEG in order to launch attacks on the Alliance.”

“Isn’t the Yenturians keeping the BDF from doing just that?” Ensign Laura Lencon asked in follow- up to Jonathan’s comment.

“They’re going to start a war between the AAR and Yenturian Federation, beginning of next year.” Admiral Jonathan Lencon repiled, as he went up several channels to ARNN Senate.

Two cameras on the ceiling of the five story Senate room, gave a view of the 800 million Senators positioned along three walls. The current Democrat- Unionist majority, who’d been in control of the Amderestan Senate since the 89,981 uprising sat on one side, which the Republicans and Conservatives sat opposite.

“The Senate will come to order,” The Chief Senator said, “Chair recognizes the Defense Committee Chair, Senator Jonathan Tenlon.”

“I’m hear to detail the intelligence report concerning the BSI bio-weapon facility on Allian.” Senator Tenlon said. “AIA has learned a bio-weapon is being developed at a secret BSI complex, if allowed to be completed will be used to start a war between the AAR and Yenturian Federation. I present a motion on the floor to authorize an attack on the BSI Bio- Weapon Facility.”

“Is there a second?” Chief Senator Talias asked the other Senators, after a momentary upward pan from the ARNN Cameraman gave a view of the opposition.

After a momentary silence, Chief Senator Talias tabled the motion, and went on to other matters.

“Tenlon, you have floor, still.” Chief Senator Talias said.

“Chief Senator, the policies of the current Senate have been influenced by and from agents within the Blackanian Federation. This policy is a threat to us, and our allies. Therefore, new leadership is needed in this body.” Senator Jonathan Tenlon told the other Senators. “I hereby call a vote of no confidence in the Chief Senator’s leadership.”

Senator Adlains, who represented the Germanian Sectors, rose from his seat. “I second the motion for a no confidence vote.”

Over the next 45 minutes, the 800 million Senators voted by electronic device in favor or opposition of no confidence in Talias’ leadership. The Amderestan Republicans, Amderestan Conservatives, and half the Amderestan Democrats voted in favor of no confidence.

With the passage of the no confidence vote, the four major parties would select nominees from the six regions in a series of primaries within the next six months. During this time until elections, the Deputy Chief Senator would have temporary control of the Senate.

Nearly a week later on the forest moon of Allian, Colonel Mark Lindain, a BAEC CO lifted a 500 sqaure foot landing platform onto the enhanced shield generator control bunker, as several BAEC enlistees secured the platform to the control bunker.

Meanwhile on Blackanian Army Command Station Alpha, Councilor Jack Airian sat in the Level 22 Observation Room, which had a view of the partially constructed first level of the nearby planet destroyer in orbit, and he looked over at a BAEC Shuttle land on the Level 2 Docking Bay.

Eight 20-foot shuttle holds were constructed on either side of the 200-sqaure foot Docking Bay. On either side of the Launch/ Landing area, yellow and black lines with stand clear warned of incoming and outgoing vessels. Two atmospheric generators were installed on either side of the eighty by 14-foot entrance.

On ASC Base Matilda Four, Colonel Bradley Lencon, Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J’s Commanding Officer sat in the Level 15 cafateria with a tray of food. Across the table, Explorer ASC-1934-J’s CO, Lt. Colonel Johassen sat down with a tray of food.

“I hear Rochester’s considering transferring you to the Parisia Region border.” Johassen commented. He looked over, and noticed his six-year-old daughter Laura.

“Need something?” Grand Admiral Johassen inquired.

“Mind if I sit here?” Laura Johassen inquired of the chair beside her father.

“Knock yourself out.” Grand Admiral Johassen answered, as Laura took the seat beside him.

“Did your son have something to do with the no confidence vote?” Laura Johassen inquired, “I read a transcript of the Senate session in which Tenlon called for authorization to attack the BSI Facility in the NDEG.”

“Well.” Colonel Bradley Lencon responded, “A lot of that is classified.”

“Can I ask something off the record?” Laura asked.

“Something concern you?” Colonel Bradley Lencon responded.

“I heard Ensign Forrester was sent to the Zenia.” Laura Johassen said, “Something about FCOT duty. I checked his service record, and noticed FCOT duty back in 89,984.”

“Lencon, Johassen.” Ensign Laura Forrester said, “Jack says hello. He’s got you down for the nine ball tornament.”

“I hear Jonathan’s a fairly good player.” Lieutenant Mark Haleson responded.

“Says who?” Lieutenant Commander Linn asked the group as he took a seat at the table. “Where’s your husband?”

“Jack’s on temporary assignment.” Ensign Laura Forrester responded, “Crentuin says he’s involved with FCO Training on the Zenia. I asked Talias about that, and he received none of Jack’s personnel files.”

“Covert Ops, I guess.” Colonel Bradley Lencon said, “AAR, maybe the Blackanian Federation.”

On Level 22 Command and Control, Commander Kennerson, the CO of ASC Base Matildia Four looked out at the 120 ship 5th ASCCAF conduct combat exercises.

Over on Blackania, the 12 member High Council, which represented the galaxy’s twelve districts, sat with the Council of Ministers. The COM members were appointees of the High Councilor, who oversaw the Council ministries.

“Airian may jepordiaze the project. He’s been vocal about the AGA involvement if we attack the AAR.” 1st District Councilor Annasin told the others.

“What about the Councilor?” 4th District Councilor Tinnas inquired of Jack Airian. “A number of his personnel are quietly in opposition to our views, and-“

“You think he may defect to the Alliance.” Councilor Ambran suggested.

Greg Hansan, the Blackanian Defense Minister who sat beside the High Councilor, turned to face the 4th District Councilor.

“I doubt he would, Tinnas.” He said, “We have moniters on Command Station Alpha to keep an eye on things.”

Chapter Two

Four months later, on the semi- constructed Blackanian Army Planet Destroyer, a number of BAEC officers and enlisted personnel on Level 2, installed a series of ventilation shafts, power cables, relays, and communication lines along the central corriodor, and midship corridor.

Councilor Jack Airian stepped out of the elevator, and proceeded to the aft section where several BAEC teams wielded several bulkheads in a number of future crew quarters.

“The Council wants an update on construction.” Councilor Jack Airian said to BAEC Commander Keevab. “They’re displeased with your lack of progress.”

“We’ll increase our efforts.” Commander Keevab responded

“I hope so for your sake.” Councilor Jack Airian said, “The High Councilor is not as forgiving as I.”

“The High Councilor’s coming here?” Commander Keevab commented.

“Yes, he is.” Councilor Jack Airian said, “I hope you’re more urgent with things.”

Councilor Jack Airian walked down the Level Two Central Corridor to the Docking Bay, where he entered his command shuttle, and flew out of the Docking Bay.

Over on Command Station Alpha’s Command and Control on Level 22, Scanner Control Officer Lt. Colonel Bressan looked at the tactical display, and noticed a convoy of BDF Cargo Transport approach for the forest moon of Allian.

A few minutes later, the Cargo Convoy’s commanding officer’s image came over the Video-Audio Communicator Screen.

“Command Station Alpha, this is Convoy 33211.” The BDF Officer said, “Requesting shield passage, and landing on Allian.”

“Convoy 33211, transmit your clearance code for shield access.” Communications Officer, Captain Wevan responded.

“Alpha 556654323 Beta 3327.” Convoy 33211’s CO said

Commander Anderson came over to the Communication console, and glanced over at Captain Wevan’s direction.

“Does that convoy have a code clearance?” Commander Anderson inquired.

“It’s an older code, but it checks out.” Captain Wevan answered, “I was about to let them proceed.”

“Very well, carry on.” Commander Anderson said, as he walked across Command and Control to the Observation Room.

“Convoy 33211, deactivation of the Enhanced Shield Generator will commence continue on course.” Captain Wevan said to Convoy 33211’s Command Officer.

In the Enhanced Shield Generator Control Bunker, one of the controllers deactivated the Enhanced Shield that surrounded the Planet Destroyer, and Command Station Alpha, and the 15 vessel convoy landed on the forest moon of Allian.

Several hours later at the BSI Bio- Weapon Facility, Jason Airian came into a testing area, dressed in a biological hazard suit, and he spent the next three days on a test to determine the effect on the Swearian genome.

Later that evening on the Level 22 Command and Control, Captain Wevan sat at the communication console, and listened to a number of BDF communication frequencies for several minutes before he came across the council frequency.

“Commander, there’s an incoming message from His Excellency.” Captain Wevan said to Commander Anderson.

“Put him on.” Commander Anderson replied as he went over to Captain Wevan’s station.

Captain Wevan activated the Video-Audio Communication Screen, and the image of High Councilor Sevlan appeared on the nineteen inch screen.

“Commander, where’s Airian?” High Councilor Sevlan inquired, “I need to speak with him about a few things.”

“He’s in the Observation Room, Your Excellency.” Commander Anderson answered, “I’ll have my Communications Officer patch you through.”

“Very well, Anderson.” High Councilor Sevlan said, “I’ll be landing on the Level Nine Docking Bay.”

Several minutes later on the Level 9 Docking Bay, High Councilor Sevlan exited the Council Shuttle with his four aides, went down the central corridor to the main elevator, which took them up to Level 22. The doors slid open and the group proceeded to the Observation Room.

“Your Excellency.” Councilor Jack Airian said, when he noticed the High Councilor entered with his Aides. “I told Commander Keevab you weren’t satisfied with the Planet Destroyer’s construction, and told him you were coming here.”

“What about the BSI, Airian?” High Councilor Sevlan inquired, “I assume Tannin’s on schedule with the biological agent.”

“He is.” Councilor Jack Airian responded, “We’ve begun a series of tests with a group of AAR citizens taken from the Amderestan Embassy. Intelligence has learned of a YDF Operation in the planning stage.”

“The Yenturians have no chance in a military attack on our forces.” High Councilor Sevlan told Councilor Airian, “I wouldn’t be concerned with that. The AUO will keep the Amdronian Group Alliance from attempting an attack on our facility.”

During the next two months, the Blackanian Science Institute personnel at the complex on the forest moon of Allian, conducted a number of tests on the detained AAR citizens, in order to ascertain the various effects of the Chaliea Virus on them.

On the Blackanian Army Planet Destroyer, the BAEC personnel installed the CATS, VACS, and intercom units in the crew quarters on third level, while another group constructed the Docking Bay, Observation Rooms, main corridors, Communication Intelligence Room, and crew quarters on the fourth level. Power conduits and relays were installed by a series of BAEC teams, along with VACS, CATS, intercom units, and access controls for the numerous doors to the various rooms. Alert indicator lights were installed along the corridors by a BAEC team, and tested by the personnel.

In the Third Amderestan Republic, the Amderestan Republicans, Amderestan Democrats, Amderestan Conservatives, and Amderestan Unionists conducted a series of Primaries as their perspective members voted in support of, or opposed canidates for the upcoming Senate election. The Amderestan Defense Force Chiefs of Staff, and the Amderestan Region Field Commander sent another 34 ADFCAGs to the AAR border in an effort to reinforce their Combat Assault Groups along the Third Republic side of the border. A number of engagements between the ADF and AARDF Combat Assault Groups were conducted by both sides, as ISBMs were launched from the AAR at ADF installations in the Northeast Amderestan Region District. A number of bases were either damaged or destroyed in the MIRV attacks.

On October 12, 89, 994, the Santurian Weapon Board of Directors, which consisted of twelve Amdronian Unifaction Organization members met in a breifing room beneath the AGA Headquarters building, and discussed a loan of several trillion AAR Credits to the AARDF, so they could purchase weapons, launchers, and other equipment. After several hours of discussion, the group decided on a loan amount of 32 trillion AAR Credits to the AARDF, which would be paid back to them via a tax imposed by the AAR Senate.

Meanwhile on ASC Base Matilda Four, Commander William Rochester sat in his quarters with a Santurian DA-971 Datapad which had a status report from the Alantina’s chief Officers on it, and he read the status reports over the next three hours.

Two days later, the various Amderestans in the 3rd Amderestan Republic went to their various polling stations and cast their ballots for the 200 million Senate seats up for election. After the AEC counted the ballots, they announced an Amderestan Republican majority in the Senate. Senator Fersain, the Amderestan Republican leader in the Senate was choosen by President Vellans to be the Chief Senator. The Amderestan Conservative leader, Senator Gresan was choosen as the opposition leader.

Meanwhile on Command Station Alpha, High Councilor Sevan sat in the Level 22 Observation Room with Councilor Jack Airian, and he looked out at the nearly completed Blackanian Army planet destroyer.

“I want you to leave the Enhanced Shield Generator on Allian activated.” He said to Airian.

“What for?” Councilor Jack Airian inquired, “No one’s going to attack.”

“The Alliance will be sending a fleet here after the genocide in order to ascertain the effects, and gather evidence for the war crimes tribunal. Allow them to proceed to the Anderina galaxy’s western edge, and destroy them.” High Councilor Sevan told Airian, as he approached the plasma window. “The Alliance will send another fleet here to finish what the first started. Most likely to attack our installations, let them proceed here. Once they’re in the system, use the planet destroyer to wipe them out.”

“Which fleet will the Alliance send in response?” Councilor Airian inquired of the High Councilor.

“The 5th ASCCAF, Airian.” High Councilor Sevan told him.

“Jonathan Lencon’s a CO in the 5th ASCCAF.” Councilor Jack Airian said, “He’ll make a great ally in our fight against the Alliance.”

“If you can turn him to our side.” High Councilor Sevan answered, “He may organize the moderates into a militia in order to keep us occupied. Security Forces have arrested a number of people for demonstrations against us. Beside, most of them won’t stand a chance in a uprising against the Federation.”

What makes you think the moderates will rebel?” Councilor Jack Airian asked, “You don’t know who among the population opposes us. Look at the BDF, they’ve all been drafted in to service.”

“What of your loyalty, Jack.” High Councilor Sevan inquired, “It sounds to me you have issues with our policies. Your brother certainly does. I don’t want to charge you with high treason.”

“That’s preposterous, I have no underlining intentions!” Councilor Jack Airian told Sevan in a raised voice.

“I’ll make sure of that.” High Councilor Sevan said as he walked over to the elevator entered it and went down to Level 5.

Councilor Jack Airian entered the elevator, and he took it down to Level 20. He exited the elevator and proceeded to his living quarters. Councilor Airian entered the living area of his quarters and he sat down with a secure VACS. He connected to his Chief Engineering Officer’s VACS, and an image of Major Keltain appeared onscreen.

“The High Councilor has been giving heat about my issues.” Councilor Jack Airian said, “So be careful of what you say around some of the Security personnel.”

“Wasn’t the High Councilor assassinated in 89,979 a moderate?” Major Keltain inquired.

“Not openly.” Councilor Jack Airian answered, “The rest of the council discussed the replacement of the High Councilor in a closed session.”

“You voted against the High Council.” Major Keltain said.

“I did.” Councilor Jack Airian replied, “I voiced my reservations to the Council in regard to Seltan’s expulsion. He wanted to reform the Council’s hard-line policies, mainly extend religious freedoms to Blackanian citizens, and allow demonstrations among opposing groups.”

“No wonder they killed him.” Major Keltain said, “What about you, where do you stand?”

“I support his views on reform, and Sevan knows that.” Councilor Jack Airian replied, “I had a number of meetings with the late High Councilor concerning a number of issues. One of them was reaching a peace deal with the Amdronian Group Alliance. The intergalactic bankers who have sway over the council got wind of Seltan’s proposal, and arraigned his replacement with someone in line with the status qoe. I was sent here because of my views.”

“I’m surprised they didn’t kill you for your views.” Major Keltain said, “Someone’s coming.”

Councilor Jack Airian deactivated his Video-Audio Communication Screen, and contemplated what he said to the High Councilor.

Over on ASC Base Matilda Four, Lieutenant Jack Forrester sat in the Forrester’s quarters with his two kids, John and Lucy Forrester, and read over a Taronia City News e-paper on his datapad. 8-Year-Old Lucy Forrester activated a holo-game unit, which had a variety of games programmed into it, and she played a game of galactic conquest with her older brother.

The Video-Reception Screen which was tuned to ARNN Reyen displayed an image of Defense Correspondent Mark Lassan on an ADF Listening Post near the AAR- Third Amderestan Republic border, and he gave an update on the daily conflict between the ADFCAGs, and AARDFCAGS. The image returned to one of ARNN Anchor Luke Essan seated in the studio, and he gave a series of headlines, which dealt with various domestic issues.

Chapter Three

Over the next week, the 342nd Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Group launched a series of cross border attacks on a number of AARDF Listening Posts along a 1,000 light-year stretch of the Amderestan Army Republic border. Two Combat Assault Divisions in the 412th ADFCAA were attacked, and destroyed by an AARDF Combat Assault Division.

Meanwhile on Command Station Alpha, Councilor Jack Airian met in the Level 20 Briefing Room with Commander Anderson and BAEC Commander Keevab in regard to the planet destroyer’s construction.

“Councilor, my personnel have begun installation of the super laser assembly.” Commander Keevab said to Airian, who was seated three seats from him. “It should take a few days to tie in to the power grid, and conduct a series of tests to rule out any defects.”

“I agree with Keevab.” Commander Anderson commented to Councilor Airian, “We should run a diagnostic on the weapon system.”

“Very well, Commander.” Councilor Airian said to Keevab. “Run your tests, I don’t want anything unexpected to happen.”

Councilor Airian dismissed Commander Keevab, and he returned to the planet destroyer where he conducted a series of diagnostic test on the super laser over the few days. After which, he tested the super laser on simulated targets.

Over at the BSI Facility, Director Greg Tannin and several other BSI personnel loaded the Chaelia Virus into the MIRVs during the next four months, as Blackanian Army Engineering Corps personnel constructed the Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher near the Enhanced Shield Generator control bunker. Afterward, he called a briefing of the BSI personnel to discuss the outcome.

Chapter Four: The Amderestan- Yenturian War

On Command Station Alpha in Venmeni galaxy.A

group of scientists from the Blackanian Scientific Insitute were gathered in

the main briefing room.Dr.Greg Willers, a tall medium built man,had brown

hair with some small patches of gray. He had dark green eyes commonly found

in most Blackanians.He stood to address the group.

Dr.Greg Willers said,"Gentlemen, we have gathered here to test a newly

created virus. We’ll send it to area of the Amderesta galaxy still under

control of the Amderestan Military Republic.The virus is a class in itself.

It is extremely-"

"Dr.Willers,"one of the scientists interrupted,"If they find out that we

sent that virus. They’ll come after us. What are you gonna do to prevent that?"

Dr.Greg Willers said,"We'll send it in a stolen Yenturian cargo pod. That way

the blame will be on the Yenturians."

The scientist asked, "What if they find out that it was us that sent the virus,

not the Yenturians? What then will happen?We'll be charged

with an act of Chemical Warfare against the Amderestan Miltary Republic.If

An Amdronian Group Alliance tribunal tries us, and found gulity we'll

get 47 years at an Alliance Prision Complex."

Dr.Greg Willers got enraged, and he pointed a finger at the scientist. He

looked at him with glaring eyes."

Dr.Greg Willers spitefully said,"You have had doubts about the project ever

since it started! The Amdronian Group Alliance won't find out about our plan!"

The scientist said,"But, sir if they find out-" Dr.Greg Willers shouted, "Silence, I do not won't hear another word from

you, Doctor Jason Airian! Get out of here or else, I'll call Security in


Dr.Jason Airian, younger brother of Counciler Jack Airian representing the

Blackanians still living in the Northern Dwarf Epiltical Galaxies bolted out

of the briefing room. He shouted, "You'll regret this, Doctor!"

Doctor Jason Airian ran down the corridor like a fugitive that had escaped from a prision complex. Ever so often he would glance behind to see if anyone was after him. He got to an elevator, and he

walked in.

"Level 29."He said into the computer's voiceprint transmitter.

The elevator took him up to Level 29. Doctor Airian stepped off, and he entered the

recreation facility. He walked in and he sat down at a card table. Counciler Jack Airian sat down across from him.

Counciler Jack Airian asked, "What are you doing here? Aren't you in a meeting right now?"

"I-I was at a meeting,"Doctor Jason Airian said,"Dr.Willers was taking about

the new virus, and how we were gonna sent it to the area of the Amderesta galaxy still controlled by the Amderestan Military Republic in a Yenturian cargo pod. I told him

that if the Alliance found out that it were us that sent the virus, not the Yenturians. We'll be facing a tribunal on Chemical Warfare charges. He's taking a major risk."

Counciler Jack Airian looked at him with a concerned expression on his face. The two spent an hour taking to each other. After that, Dr. Jason Airian walked out of the recreation facility.

Security Gaurd Henderson walked over to Level 7 Docking Bay. He walked over to a Delta-class shuttle, and he climbed in. Security Guard Henderson activated shuttle's primary systems. He switched the comm§

Security Guard Henderson said,"Command Station Alpha Traffic Control, this

is Shuttle Epsilon 4 requesting clearance for launch, over."

A Traffic Control Officer came on the communicator,"Shuttle Epsilon 4, this

is Command Station Alpha Traffic Control. You're clear for launch."

Security Guard Henderson activated the thrusters, and he flew out of the

Docking bay. Henderson looked at his chronometer, it read: January 3, 89,995 1704 Hours, 3 Minutes, 24 Seconds (UST)

Meanwhile on Amderestan Army Republic Border Guard Station Epsilon 47-C. Scanner Officer Fred Jasons looked at the scanner grid. Just then the Code Red Alert alarms started blaring. Scanner Officer Fred Jasons turned his wrist
communicator on.

Scanner Officer Fred Jasons said, "Commander, we have gone to Code Red Alert

status. Scanners are picking up a cargo pod entering the sector bearing 11234214. 834 by 2231456. 986. It has Yenturian markings on it. The pod is opening up, and lanching 1,661 probes. It looks like they are headed towards the population centers."

Commander Darklittle said, "Jasons, do a bio-scan on the probes. See if they

have any lifeforms." Scanner Officer Fred Jasons said, "Aye sir."

Scanner Officer Fred Jasons activated the bio-scanners. The scanners dectected a virus.

Scanner Officer Fred Jasons said,"The probes are releasing a virus in the population centers."

The wall alert indicator lights glowed red for Code Red Alert status.

Commander Darklittle walked into the Scanner Control Room-Level 31. Scanner Officer Fred Jasons saluted Darklittle when he walked into the room. Commander Darklittle returned the salute.

Commander Darklittle said,"At ease."

He continued,"Who would launch a virus into our space? It has to be the

Yenturian Federation, or-"

Scanner Officer Jasons interrupted,"The 3rd Amderestan Republic, they have

been patroling the border ever since the peace treaty was signed."

Commander Darklittle said,"The cargo pod came from the north, it couldn't

have been the Third Amderestan Republic.It has to be the Yenturian

Federation, or someone trying to set them up."

Scanner Officer Fred Jasons said,"Commander Darklittle, we should contact

Health Minister Harrison, and tell him about the virus."

Commander Darklittle said,"Contact Harrison, tell him about the virus."

Scanner Officer Fred Jasons repiled,"Yes, sir." Scanner Officer Jasons activated the video-audio communicator screen.

He said,"Health Minister Harrison, this is Scanner Officer Jasons. A virus

has been released from a Yenturian cargo pod into the population centers.

We should go to full alert."

“A biological attack by the Yenturian Federation?” AAR Health Minister Harrison repiled,” Are you sure about this? There is still Blackanian Defense Force installions in the NDEG. They could have engineered the agent, and used a stolen Yenturian cargo pod to incite a war between us, and the Yenturians.”

“Mr. Minister,”Scanner Officer Jasons said,”With all due respect, you have seen the pod, or examined the biological agent in the MIRVs.”

Five days later, AAR Defense Force President Jack Hallison called a meeting of the AARDF Cheifs of Staff, and Combat Assault Group Commanders to discuss appropiate action against the Yenturian Federation.

“The AAR has been subject to a biological attack by the Yenturian Federation.”He told the others seated around the table. “We should respond with all force necessary.”

“What are you implying?” A Combat Assault Group Commander inquired, “A neutronic response? You realize what will happen.”

“They committed an act of war against us.” President Jack Hallison responded in a raised tone.

“I’m ordering our Combat Assault Groups to enter the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies and conduct space, air, and ground attacks on the Yenturian Defense Force personnel, installations, and government facilities.”

“Civilians?” Commander Dessan, Commander of the 1212th AARDF Combat Assault Group inquired.

“Target them.” President Hallison answered, “Most of them are Reserve Forces to begin with.”

“You can’t!” Commander Dessan said, “You’re taking about conspiring genocide against the Yenturians.”

“We’re in a State of War.” President Hallison answered, “I’ll do everything necessary in defense of the AAR, even that.”

Over on Crescent, Senator Jonathan Tenlon sat in his office with a datapad, which had an AIA report on the Chaelia attack against the AAR. His mind went back to Admiral Jonathan Lencon’s testimony to the intelligence and defense committee in regard to the Blackanian intentions against the Yenturians.

“Senator Tenlon?” An Aide inquired

“Yes.” Senator Jonathan Tenlon answered, “Can I help you with something?”

“Several hundred AAR Combat Assault Groups have set course for the NDEG with orders from Hallison to attack the Yenturians.” The Aide said, as he tossed a datapad on Tenlon’s desk. “They are intent on placing blame with the Yenturians. Even though-“

“The Blackanians are responsible for it.” Senator Tenlon finished. “ Admiral Lencon warned us about the threat of a BSI biological weapon facility on the forest moon of Allian just over a year ago. I went before the Senate and told them the facility was a threat to our allies, and us and proposed authorization to attack the facility. The Amderestan Democrat- Amderestan Unionist leadership voted down the opposition, so I had no choice but to put forth a no confidence vote.”

“We could have prevented this from happening.” Senator Tenlon’s Aide said, “You can propose authorization for an invasion of the AAR. After all, we’ve been involved in a border conflict with them since 89, 984.”

“This time, I have a better chance of passing such a measure through the Senate.” Senator Tenlon responded.

Three weeks later, the 836 million member Amderestan Senate met in a special session to discuss a response against the AAR. The Chief Senator recognized Senator Jonathan Tenlon.

“Last year, I told a lot of you here the Blackanian Science Institute was developing a biological weapon to use in an attack on the AAR, which has now involved the AAR in a war with the Yenturian Federation.” Senator Jonathan Tenlon said, “Even now, thousands of Yenturin Defense Force, and civilians have been killed in AARDF attacks. AIA has received intelligence reports of neutronic attacks on Yenturian cities on hundreds of planets in the Amderina, Anderina, Alcondia, Azanica, and Venmeni galaxies. A number of planets have been rendered uninhabitable from neutronic attacks. I urge the Senate to authorize an ADF response against the AAR.”

“Does anyone else have something to say?” Chief Senator Feeran asked. He waited a moment to see if anyone took the floor. “All right, the measure will now go to floor for a vote by electronic ballot.”

Over the next 30 minutes, the Senators cast their votes in favor or opposition to Senator Tenlon’s proposal. Afterward, Chief Senator Feeran announced the results of the vote. “The ayes are 400 million, and the nays are 300 million. The authorization to invade the Amderestan Army Republic has passed.”

Three days later at ADF Headquarters, ADFCOSC Commander Sennen, ASCCOS Commander Crentuin, AACOS Commander Linkan, ABGCOS Commander Reen, ASFCOS Commander Yerras, and AGFCOS Commander Herson met in the Level 20 Briefing Room to plan an assault against the AAR.

“Right now, the AAR has most of their forces in the NDEG.” Commander Linkan said, “So, this is an opportunity to strike a crippling blow against the AAR.”

“Yes, I agree.” Commander Crentuin answered,” We can launch a three-pronged assault from the Tourist, Parisia, and southern Swearia Regions. We can have ADFCAGs launch orbit assaults against AARDF installations, while our Infantry Assault Groups target ground assaults against metropolitan cities. Communications and Scanners facilities on AAR controlled planets can be targeted by ADFCOATs.”

“ Very well,” Commander Linkan said, “I’ll go to the President’s office and present your recommendation, dismissed.”

The five officers got up from the conference table and proceeded to their respective offices on Level 20. Commander Linkan took the main elevator down to Level One, walked over to the ADF speeder parked in front of the building, and climbed inside. Commander Linkan powered the speeder’s anti-gravity systems, and proceeded down the street to the Executive Building. Presidential Security Personnel stood at their posts with Santurin T-900 blaster rifles across their chest.

“I need to see your ID card, please.” A PSP Agent told Commander Linkan, who removed his ID card and gave it to the agent. The Agent inserted the card into his card reader, which ran a check on Linkan’s authorization. “Your ID checks out, Commander. Enjoy your visit.”

Commander Linkan retrieved his ID card from the agent, and proceeded into the executive building’s first level. He walked across the main lobby to the main elevator, entered it and went up to the twentieth level. Commander Linkan stepped off the elevator, and went down the central corridor to President Henderson’s office.

“Mr. President, have a minute?” Commander Linkan said into the door’s intercom unit.

“Come in, Commander.” President Henderson answered, as the door slid open. Commander Linkan walked inside and took a seat across from Henderson.

“I have a proposal from Commander Crentuin.” Commander Linkan said, “its called Operation Triple Strike. The plan is to attack the Amderestan Army Republic from the Parisia, Swearia, and Tourist regions with ADFCAGs, while our Infantry Assault Groups target cordinated attacks against AARDF forces in the metropolitan cities. Scanner and Communication installations can be targeted by a few ADFCOATs inserted into the AAR.”

“How long do you need to prepare this, Commander?” President Henderson responded.

“You mean?” Commander Linkan said, “It’s approved?”

“Yes, it is.” President Henderson answered, “Anyone you need is your disposal.”

“Very well,” Commander Linkan said, as he got up from the chair, and exited Henderson’s office.

During the next eight weeks, Commander Linkan assembled 200 ADF Combat Assault Groups, 400 ADF Infantry Assault Groups, and a number of ADFCOATs from the Parisia, Tourist, and South Swearia Regions. The CAG Commanders took their forces through a series of combat exercises, as they prepared for Operation Triple Strike.

In the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies, AARDF forces continued their neutronic attacks against Yenturian cities in the Alcondia galaxy. A number of Yenturian Defense Force Combat Assault Groups evacuated a number of civilians from several thousand planets as an AARDF planet destroyer destroyed a large number of heavily populated planets, which included the Yenturian capital planet. The five member Yenturian High Council evacuated the planet, along with the Council of Ministers.

Over on a YDF shuttle, High Councilor Ferrin sat with his aide to discuss the worsening situation with AARDF.

“We need to get as much people our of here, while we can.” High Councilor Ferrin told his aide. “Activate the emergency beacon, and broadcast it on all AGA frequencies.”

Ferrin’s Aide activated the shuttle’s emergency beacon, and sat it to AGAs communicator frequencies. “Any AGA forces, this is a Yenturian Council shuttle. We’re declaring a Code One Emergency. Yenturia has just been destroyed by the AARDF. A number of government officials managed to evacuate beforehand. If you acknowledge this transmission, please respond.”

“This is the Ionian Defense Force destroyer Arrensa IDF-33232-K, on emergency channel Alpha six.” A voice responded, “We’ve monitored the situation between your people and the AARDF. The Ionian government has deliberated for a few days regarding your situation, and have decided to evacuate much people as we can.”

“Arrensa, this is High Counciler Ferrin.” He said, “How many ships do you have available?”

“Enough for 15 trillion people.” The Ionian answered, “We have a number of wormholes that connect to the ten northern galaxies in the NDEG. There’s an uninhabited galaxy north of the Ranchanian galaxy, which should support the survivors. My government will provide you with aid and supplies.”

Chapter Five: Ionian Assistance

On April 1, 89,995, Ionian Defense Force Chief of Staff Commander Linn sat at his desk in IDF Headquarter’s 20th level with a 3 by 5” datapad in front of him, which had plans for Operation Northward Trek, a plan to evacuate the Yenturians to Galaxy Alpha Episilon.

His aide came into the office a moment later with a datapad from the Ionian High Council, and sat down across from Commander Linn.

“Amderestan Intelligence Agency personnel have sent us information concerning a Blackanian attack against the AAR. The report details information on a BSI biological weapons facility in the Venmeni galaxy, which developed the Chaelia Virus last year, and launched it against the AAR in stolen YDF IGBMs in order to insight the AARDF to attack the Yenturians.” Commander

Linns Aide said, “The Yenturian High Council attempted to expel the BDF forces from the NDEG in 89,993, concerned with Blackanian plans to attack the Amdronian Group Alliance.”

“What happened?” Commander Linn inquired, as he brought up the IDAIS network on his Computer Access Terminal Screen, and connected to the AIA database page.

“The Amderestan Disease Control And Prevention Center on Crescent received information on the facility, and contacted their Defense Force counterpart in regard to the data in November of 89,993. Two months later, an AIA operative was sent to investigate the BSI Biological Weapon Facility on Allian. The Amderestan Senate’s Intelligence chairman, Senator Jonathan Tenlon proposed an attack against the facility in the Senate.” The Aide answered. “The Amderestan Democrat government voted down the measure with fears of Blackanian retaliation against the Alliance, so Senator Tenlon called a no confidence vote in the current government.”

Over in the Northern ten NDEG Galaxies, a number of displaced Yenturians sat in the cafateria onboard Yentra YA-00975-T which had a view of the nearby 545th YACAG, and they ate their meals.

During the next several hours, Several YDF Combat Assault Group Commanders met on Denndasa to discuss the Ionian evacuation of Yenturian survivors to Alpha Episilon, expected to take two months to complete.

On the Council Shuttle, Amderestan Ambassador Reesan sat in the rear of the passenger section with YDF Liaison Officer, Commander Yentin.

“I need to contact Crescent, and tell them I managed to evacuate Yenturia.” Ambassador Reesan said to his Liaison Officer.

“That’s not possible, the AARDF has jammed our transmissions.” Commander Yentin repiled, “The High Councilor managed to get a distress call to the Ionians. They have been evacuating survivors to a galaxy north of the Ranchanian Federation.”

“Lencon went over to BSI Complex in disguise to conduct a safety investigation of the complex. He gave information on the complex to SIC, which is chaired by Senator Tenlon.” Ambassador Reesan said to his Liaison.

“Jonathan?” Commander Yentin repiled, “Didn’t he get an Honor Medal four years ago for actions on Airiana Four?”

“He did,” Ambassador Reesan answered, “Diplomatic channels should be accessible if I disguise the transmission.”

“What are you planning?” Commander Yentin inquired.

“I have several AARDF Communication frequencies on hand.” Ambassador Reesan repiled as he activated his Video Audio Communicator Screen, and accessed one of the AARDF frequencies. “This is Ambassador Reesan, I’m with the Yenturian High Council in the Northern NDEG. I’ve managed to escape Yenturia before it was destroyed.”

“Ambassador.” A Voice responded, “This is ADF Communication Intelligence Station Alpha 3321, I monitered an AARDF transmission from a Yenturian Shuttle.”

“I had no choice, the Yenturian frequencies are jammed.” Ambassador Reesan said, “What’s going on with the AAR?”

“President Henderson, and the ADFCOS has launched an invasion of the AAR.” The ADFCI Officer responded, “ADFCOATs have been launching covert assaults against AAR communication and scanner installations. AAR President Hallison has increased the number of cross border incursions in response to Triple Strike. The AGA War Crimes Tribunal on Crescent has charged the AAR government with genocide, and the Blackanian Science Institute for development of a biological agent, and attack on AAR civilians. ADFCOS is planning on sending a fleet to gather evidence against the AARDF.”

“Airian probably has a plan in place for the Fleet.” Ambassador Reesan said, “How do they plan to pull it off?”

“Unofficially, it’s an exploration mission.” The ADFCI Officer repiled.

“Officially?” Ambassador Reesan inquired, “It’s an intelligence mission, right?”

“Affirmative.” The ADFCI Officer replied, “I’ll patch you to the Executive Building, hold on.”

A minute later, President Henderson’s image appeared on the VACS. He said, “ADFCI informed me of your situation Reesan. The tribunal wants you to testify against the AAR. You’ve probably seen a number of attacks on Yenturia, I assume.”

“Yenturia’s gone.” Ambassador Reesan responded, “The AARDF had a planet destroyer hidden in a nearby nebula. The YHC, COM, and other government personnel managed to evacuate.”

“How did you evacuate?” President Henderson inquired

“I found passage onboard a Council Shuttle with a Yenturian Liaison.” Ambassador Reeesan answered. “I’m sending a database with information on AARDF attacks in the Alcondia galaxy to the tribunal. Our consulates monitored AARDF Infantry Assault Groups on several hundred planets in the Alcondia galaxy over a four-week period, before those planets were targeted by the AARDF. Consul General Jacobs, Consular General Willan, and Consular General Timmes managed to evacuate the consulates before the AARDF destroyed them. Two of their transports were attacked and destroyed by BDF forces.”

“Whose?” President Henderson inquired

“Jacobs and Timmes.” Ambassador Reesan answered, “The embassy got a distress call from them, which was disrupted by the Blackanians. I activated a tactical display of the Alcondia galaxy, and noticed their transports under Blackanian assault. It’s likely the BSI doesn’t want anyone to testify at their tribunal.”

“So why haven’t they gone after you?” President Henderson asked Ambassador Reesan.

“I’m on the Yenturian High Council’s shuttle.” Ambassador Reesan replied, “The Blackanians are only going after ADF vessels, I should be safe for now.”

“Alright, I contact you on a coded frequency.” President Henderson said.

President Henderson’s image disappeared from the Video Audio Communication Screen, and Ambassador Reesan put it in his uniform pocket.

“Ambassador, you get through to your government?” High Counciler Ferrin inquired from the front row.

“We should get to intergalactic space, while we can.” Ambassador Reesan suggested. “The Blackanian Defense Force killed two Consular Generals in a attempt to prevent information concerning the genocide from reaching the alliance.”

“All right, the Ranchanian border is two days away at Hyperlight 6.5.” High Counciler Ferrin said, “We should be able to request asylum.”

Two days later on the Ranchanian border, the Yenturian Council Shuttle which had High Counciler Ferrin, the fifteen Councilers, Ambassador Reesan, and Yenturian Liason Officer Commander Yentin onboard, crossed into Ranchanian space and approached a RBG Base on the southern edge.

“RBG Base, this is a Yenturian Council Shuttle, requesting asylum.” High Councilor Ferrin said into the VACS. “We’re carrying the Amderestan Ambassador to the Yenturian Federation onboard”

“Counciler, the Ranchanian High Council has monitered the situation with the AARDF, and agreed to take in refugees from the genocide. You’re welcome to stay long as you like.” A Ranchanian Officer’s Voice repiled.

“Thank you, I appreciate it.” High Councilor Ferrin said, as he deactivated the VACS.

In the passenger section, Ambassador Reesan activated his 3 by 5” Santurian DA-971 Datapad and accessed the ADAIS network. He connected to a high security database page and downloaded information sent to him by President Henderson.

The report read: Amderestan Security Estimate

This report is classified, do not copy

During the last four months, AARDF forces have been indiscriminately targeting Yenturian Defense Force Installations, and civilian installations in the NDEG. Sources inside the Yenturian government reported a number of planets decimated by neutronic attacks from AARDF vessels. AIA information obtained last year established a Blackanian involvement with the genocide. The hyperlight signature of the Yenturian IGBM that released Chaelia into the AAR, originated at the forest moon of Allian, not Yenturia as the Blackanians had the AAR believe. This concerns the Quineunian, and Quaneunian Republics, which have put their forces on alert in case of Blackanian attacks from the NDEG.

This ASE has been distributed to the AGA War Crimes Tribunal on Crescent as evidence against the AARDF and AAR Government.

Ambassador Reesan deactivated the message and went up to High Councilor Ferrin.

“Ambassador?” High Councilor Ferrin inquired, ”You need something?”

“I’ve been recalled to Crescent.” Ambassador Reesan answered, “Since Yenturia has been destroyed.”

“I see.” High Councilor Ferrin said, “I’m sure you can get passage onboard a cargo transport.”

“If it went through Compassian space.” Ambassador Reesan responded, “The BDF is monitoring the extra territorial jurisdiction zone for Amderestan Defense Force and AGA vessels, so it is inadvisable for me to attempt to return that way.”

Seven days later on Ranchania, Ambassador Reeson entered Linksa’s Bar, and made his way through the crowd of Ranchanians to the bar, where he took an empty stool. The bartender took a rag and wiped off an ale spill on the bar.

“Make it a double.” Ambassador Reesan told the bartender.

“Okay?” He inquired, “You look out of it.”

“Where to begin.” Ambassador Reesan said, “I was the Amderestan Ambassador to the Yenturian Federation until nine days ago. Yenturian Intelligence received information concerning an AARDF Planet Destroyer in a nearby nebula, and ordered an evacuation of the Yenturian High Council and Council of Ministers. My YDF Liaison, and I were at the council building with the High Councilor at the time, so we evacuated with the Yenturian High Council. Next thing I knew, I was looking at Yenturia explode from a high magnitude blast.”

“Damn.” The Bartender replied, “Was your family with you?”

“My wife and two year old son.” Ambassador Reesan said, “They were sleeping in my apartment on the Embassy’s residence level. I wanted to go back and get them, but the High Councilor told me to go with the Governmental Officials.”

“I’m sorry,” The Bartender repiled, as he slid a glass of Ranchanian ale over to Reesan.

“How much?” Ambassador Reesan asked, as he removed a coin pouch that gold Ranchanian Credits in it, and removed a 10 credit coin.

“It’s on the house.” The Bartender answered. It looks like the Ionians are evacuating the Yenturians to an unihabited galaxy to the north.”

“Someone wants the Yenturians to survive.” Ambassador Reesan said, “The Ionians don’t have the revenue to support the emigration of the Yenturians, so they must be getting money from somewhere.”

“You mean the intergalactic bankers?” The Bartender replied.

“Last year the Amdronian Unification Organization engineered the Santurian Weapon’s buyout of the other weapon manufacturers.” Ambassador Reesan said, “Santurian Weapon’s Board of Directors are 12 Blackanians choosen by the AUO to head the organization. AIA intelligence received information from Santurian Weapons revealing they sold weapons to the AAR for use against the Yenturians.”

“You’re serious?” The Bartender answered.

“Deadly serious.” Ambassador Reesan said as he finished his ale, and slid the empty glass to the bartender.

Two hours later, Ambassador Feersab, the 45 year old Amderestan Ambassador to the Ranchanian Federation entered Linksa’s Bar, and took the end barstool.

“Bartender,” Ambassador Feersab said, “Ranchanian ale.”

The Ranchanian bartender poured a glass of Ranchanian ale and slid the glass across the bar to Feersab.

“Reesan?” Ambassador Feersab inquired. “What brings you to Ranchanian?”

“The Yenturian High Council.” Ambassador Reesan repiled, “I had a meeting with them on Yenturia when we were rushed to a shuttle by YDF and Council Security Gaurds. We left the planet only to see the AAR destroy it.”

“I’m sorry.” Ambassador Feersab said, “Has the President given you a new assignment, yet?”

“I’m waiting to hear something.” Ambassador Reesan answered, “Consular General Jacobs and Timmes were killed by the BDF with their personnel after evacuating our consulates in the Yenturian Federation. Willian’s the only one to survive. He sent a message telling me he sent a false transponder signature to the Blackanians.”

“Of course.” Ambassador Feersab said, “Willian must have noticed the BDF destroy the other two consular vessels, and engineered a Blackanian signal."

“Reesan, the RBG recently captured a BDF Transport that crossed into Ranchanian space.”

The Bartender said, “You can use it to get through the NDEG.”

Five days later, Ambassador Reesan landed the commandeered BDF Transport on the Executive Building’s rooftop platform, stepped off and made his way to President Henderson’s office. He activated the door controls and entered the office.

“Ambassador.” President Henderson said, “Take a seat.”

Ambassador Reesan made his way to an empty chair, and took a seat in front of Henderson’s desk.

I heard you managed to get by the Blackanian patrols.” President Henderson continued, “I’m appointing you to the Investigative Team were organizing for the tribunal.”

“You think that’s wise?” Ambassador Reesan questioned, “The Blackanians are going to prevent us from gathering evidence of the genocide. We’ll probably lose a number of ships in the process.”

During the next three weeks in the Northeast Swearia Region District, several ADFCAGs launched an assault against AARDF Reserve Forces in a 2,000 square light-year area which had several hundred systems. AARDF planetary bases, landing platforms, Weapon factories, and storage sites, communication and scanner facilities, SAM Launchers, and other defense systems were destroyed in orbital attacks, as the ADF launched a joint aerial and ground assault against several thousand cities. ADF Infantry Assault Groups fought an intense street-to-street, and building-to-building engagement with AARDF forces for control of the planets.

Chapter Six: Aftermath

After a month, AARDF forces in the Northeast Swearia Region District surrendered to the ADF. Civillians in the region district were given 3rd Republic citizenship in exchange for their alligence.

In the northern group, the 15 trillion Yenturians, who fled the NDEG, settled in the Alpha Episilon Galaxy, which they renamed after themselves. The galaxy was divided into 15 Council districts for administrative purposes, and the planetary systems held local state elections for Governors and legislative officials.

On the forest moon of Allian, Doctor Greg Willian and the BSI scientists inviolved in creating the Chaelia Virus attempted to destroy the complex in order to prevent the AGA War Crimes Tribunal from gathering evidence of their involvement. Only to be apprehended by Quineunian and Amderestan Defense Force personnel.

The Blackanian Science Institute Personnel were transported to an AGA Prison in the Amderesta galaxy in wait for their tribunal.

Andronian Group Alliance officals sent to the forest moon of Allian, spent the next two weeks there and collected data and equipment used in the development and testing of Chaliea.

On May 29, 89,995, the AGA War Crimes Tribunal met on Crescent to try the BSI personnel and AARDF Government for genocide. The prosecution spent the next 48 hours in their opening statement, as they laid out why a guilty verdict had to be reached against the defendants. The Tribunal Judge then called forth a number of witnesses to testify concerning the genocide. Jason Airian took the stand and told the tribunal details of the plot to incite an AARDF response against the Yentutians. Ambassador Reesan was called to the stand after Airian, and he told the tribunal about the destruction of Yenturia. This went on for several days, as Yenturian survivors gave testimonies of AARDF killing sprees against civillians.

The Defense Advocate assigned to the accused, attempted to persuade the tribunal to let them off on following orders. A notion summarily dismissed by the Judge. After two weeks, the tribunal found the AAR Government guilty of Genocide and sentenced them to death by firing squad. The BSI Personnel were given life imprisionment without the possibility of reprieve or parole.

The AARDF Reserve Chief of Staff Commander Feens organized an interim government to run the areas still under the control of AARDF.

On July 16, 89,995, Commander William Rochester, CAF Commander of the 5th Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Combat Assault Fleet met with Colonel Christopher Lencon, Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J’s Acting CO and gave him patrol assignment north of the Swearia system. Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon entered the briefing room, a moment later gave a warning to Commander Rochester, which concerned the assignment. He went to detail of series of cross border attacks by AARDF vessels.

Later that morning on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J’s Bridge, Colonel Christopher Lencon gave Lieutenant Mark Haleson an order to disembark from ASC Base Matilda Four. At the Flight Control console, Lt. Haleson released docking clamps, which released Amderesta 1 and he increased speed to Hyperlight Speed 15.

Three days later, Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J arrived on the AAR- 3rd Amderestan Republic border and the crew begun their patrol for AARDF vessels. After two days of scans, Warrant Officer Johnny Lencon looked at the scanner display and noticed an AARDF destroyer cross the border.

A moment later, a torpedeo spread ripped through the engineering section, which destroyed the three forward thrusters, Hyperlight, sublight, and Auxillary power reactors, the Main Power reactor received severe damage. Alarms went off through the ship as the computer announced a coolant leak from the starboard thruster, Lt. Michael Warrens, Chief Engineering Officer made his way through the mostly destroyed room and activated the intercom.

“Engineering to Bridge, we’re in bad shape down here.” He said into the intercom. “The thrusters, Hyperlight, sublight, auxillary power reactor have been destroyed. The main power generator is severely damaged, and there are numerous coolants in here.”

Lieutenant Warren glanced back and noticed several officers and enlisted stumble through the debris, as an exposed power conduit ignited the thruster coolant.

“Sargeant, get over to the fire suppression system and get this fire out.” Lt. Warrens said to an enlistee behind him.

The 25-year-old Taronian made his way to the fire suppression system, and sprayed foam at the raging coolant fire in an attempt to get it under control. A minute or so later, the main power generator exploded and debris went in all directions. Some of was ignited from another power conduit.

“Get everyone else out of here, sir!” The Sargent said to Lieutenant Warrens, “While you can.”

Lieutenant Warrens, and a number of Engineering Officers and enlistees evacuated the mostly destroyed Engineering, and made their

way toward Amderesta 1’s bow.

In the Docking Bay, Lieutenant Jack Forrester and nine other Flight Control Officers prepared their shuttles and transports for launch. Several minutes later, two torpedeos went through the space doors and exploded. Three troop transports and two shuttles were destroyed along with the Traffic Control Office. Lieutenant Jack Forrester forced his way out of Command Shuttle Alpha-B, and assisted another officer out of the docking bay followed by several mechanical officers, and Traffic Control Officers. Lieutenant Jack Forrester made his way to Sickbay with the others from the Docking Bay.
They entered Sickbay, and noticed several Engineering Officers, and enlisted with coolant burns.

Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant John Williams and Lieutenant Laura Forrester made their way over to the docking bay personnel, and ran scans of their injuries.

“You’ve looked better, Jack.” Lieutenant Laura Forrester told her husband as she ran a regenerator over a gash on his forehead. “Can you check on John and Lucy for me?”

“They’re fine, I’m sure of it.” Lieutenant Jack Forrester responded.

Five minutes later, several MIRVs impacted and destroyed Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J’s blaster turrets, missile and torpedeo launchers. Lt.Withmains, Amderesta 1’s CWO, several Weapon Control Officers and Enlisted entered the elevator car and went to the main level.

Over on Amderesta 1’s Bridge, Warrant Officer Johnny Lencon looked out at the empty space in front of the ship. A moment later, a torpedeo spread ripped through the Bridge. The Weapon Control, Flight Control, Scanner Control, and Command consoles were destroyed. Warrant Officer Johnny Lencon was thrown across the bridge. Lt. Herman and Lt. Colonel Christopher Lencon were instantly killed along with Lt. Mark Haleson. Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon got to his feet, and went over to the intercom unit by the door control.

“Attention all personnel,” He said, “As of now, I’m assuming command of this vessel. I want all personnel to abandon ship.”

During the next few minutes, Amderesta 1’s 400 officers and enlisted and civilian residents made their way to the escape pods, and launched them. In one of the escape pods, Lucy Forrester looked out the plasma window at Amderesta 1-J as it went out of control and exploded.

In another escape pod, Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon activated a distress beacon, and broadcast an emergency beacon to nearby ADF vessels.

Meanwhile on Swearia, Colonel Howard, a communications officer at ADF Listening Post Delta 321-A sat in Communication Intelligence with an ear piece in his right ear, and he cycled through the transmissions from the ADF and AARDF vessels on the southern AAR border. After several minutes, Colonel Howard noticed an ADF Emergency Beacon come through.

“Computer, activate holographic display and locate source of emergency beacon.” Colonel Howard said.

The holographic projector in the room activated, and an image of the AAR- 3rd Amderestan Republic border appeared in mid-air. The image zoomed in on a number of ADF escape pods near the border.

“Identify registration of the escape pods.” Colonel Howard inquired of the computer.

“The Computer Voice replied, “The escape pods are registered to Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J.”

“Locate Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J’s last known position.” Colonel Howard said.

The computer ran a search for Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J’s transponder signal and came up empty. Colonel Howard activated the Video-Audio Communication Screen and contacted Swearia Region Field Command.

“This is Colonel Howard at ADF Listening Post Delta 321-A.” He said, “I’ve detected an emergency beacon from one of Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J’s escape pods. I have no trace of Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J.”

“Colonel, Have you had contact from Lt. Colonel Christopher Lencon?” ADF Swearia Region Field Commander Branns inquired

“Lt. Colonel Lencon is dead, sir.” Colonel Howard answered.

After several hours, an Amderestan Army Destroyer on patrol of the AAR border, noticed a group of escape pods on their patrol route.

On the destroyer’s Bridge, Communication Officer Lieutenant Kalvon activated the VACS and said, “This is Amderestan Army Destroyer Ancalina. We have monitered your emergency beacon, do you require assistance.”

“Ancalina, this is Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon, acting Commander of Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J.” Jonathan’s Voice responded, “Our ship has been destroyed in an AARDF attack.”

“Standby, sir.” Lieutenant Kalvon said, “We’ll tractor your escape pods in.”

Over the next few hours, the escape pods, which had Amderesta 1’s personnel and civilian residents in them were tractored to the Ancalina, and brought aboard the vessel.

Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon made his way to the CO’s Office, and went inside. Admiral Feddans, the Ancalina’s Commanding Officer looked up from his datapad.

“Yes?” Admiral Feddans inquired.

“You do realize I outrank you, Admiral.” Jonathan answered Admiral Feddans.

“Yes sir, I do.” Admiral Feddans said, “We seem to be in a unique situation here. I’ll contact the JAG Officer and find the regulation for command situations when a ASC officer outranks an Amderestan Army Officer.”

Admiral Feddans activated his VACS and contacted the Swearia Region Field Command’s Judge Advocate General’s office. An image of Commander Resas appeared onscreen.

“Admiral Feddans,” Commander Resas said, “You need something?”

“Matter of fact, I do.” Admiral Feddans answered, “I’ve bought the Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J crew onboard the Ancalina. Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon is currently in my office, what does regulations say about who takes command when a Spacefleet crew is brought aboard an Amderestan Army vessel, and their CO outranks the vessel’s.”

“Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon has acting command of the Ancalina.” Commander Resas said.

“Very well, sir.” Admiral Feddans replied as he deactivated the VACS. “You’re in charge here.”

Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon took a seat behind Admiral Feddans desk, and activated a secure VACS channel to ASC Headquarters. An image of ASCOS Commander Crentuin appeared on the 19 inch screen.

“Commander, my vessel has been attacked and destroyed by the AARDF. We’ve been picked up by the Ancalina AA-6544-J, where I’ve assumed command.” Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon said

“I’ll have the Endacila ASC-8998-K rendezvous with you.” Commander Crentuin said, “Their Estimated Time of Arrival is three days.”

Meanwhile in the Northwest Swearia Region District, the 4343rd, 6544th, 66432nd, 33232nd, 78897th, and the 9004th Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups launched an orbital assault against several AARDF Bases in a 700 by 1200 light-year area. While ADF Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 3,000 ten planet systems in the area. ADF Infantry Assault Groups launched an offensive against several hundred thousand AARDF controlled cities, which came under Air to Ground Missile attack from ADFAAGs in the air. AARDF Landing Platforms in and around the cities were destroyed to insure ADF control of the planets’ airspace.

During the 72 hours, ADF Infantry and Aerial Assault Group pushed the AARDF forces into the major cities, and fought an intense building-to-building battle with AARDF forces. A number of buildings were destroyed or severely damaged from shoulder fired missiles launched by ADF Forces. After eight days of urban combat on the 30,000 planets, the Amderestan Army Republic Defense Force Personnel surrendered the planets to ADF control. The planets’ AAR State governments were dissolved by the ADF forces, and placed under martial law while constitutional assemblies drafted 3rd Republic State Governments for the planetary systems.

Over in the 7000 square light-year Dessana Sectors to the south, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups launched attacks on several thousand AARDF Spacedocks, which had a number of AARDF starships, crusiers, destroyers, and super destroyers under various stages of construction and destroyed them. A number of cryithium processing facilities came under attack by ADF Covert Operation Assault Teams to disrupt the supply to the AARDF Combat Assault Groups.

The 15,000 ten planet systems came under attack by ADF Combat Assault Groups, which launched missiles at AARDF scanner facilities, communication facilities, Landing Platforms, Anti-Gravity Planetary Transport Platforms, Weapon factories and storage facilities, speeder and troop transport factories in a few million cities.

After an intense orbital attack, which lasted for three weeks, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 150,000 planets with speeders, mobile Surface-to-Air Missile Launchers, high magnitude blaster cannons, and launched an assault on several million cities.

A number of Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups entered several thousand cities on the 150,000 planets, and begun an intense building-to-building attack against the AARDF Infantry Assault Armies. A large of number of building were severely damaged, or destroyed by the exchange in missile attacks.

After several days of urban combat between the Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups and Amderestan Army Republic Defense Force Infantry Assault Armies in the Dessana Sectors, the two sides agreed to a cease-fire.

Over on Swearia, the Interim AAR President met with Ambassador Reesan, the former Ambassador to the Yenturian Federation to discuss a peace treaty between their two sides. The Interim AAR President proposed an amnesty clause for Civillian Security Force personnel in the AAR Government. Ambassador Reesan presented an amendment to the Amnesty Clause. Which required an oath of Alligence to the 3rd Amderestan Republic. AARDF personnel would be re-intergrated into the Amderestan Defense Force with an exception to those involved in the Yenturian genocide.

Chapter Seven: Plots and schemes

On September 1, 89,995, the finalized 3rd Republic-AAR Peace Treaty was signed by Ambassador Reesan and the Former AAR President. A copy was sent to the Amderestan Senate for its approval, and voted in a two-third majority and they adopted the peace treaty.

Meanwhile on Swearia, Region Governor Geenas met with the Administrative District Governors in the Region Executive building, and proposed a series of special elections to provide AD Senators for the former AAR controlled Northwest and Northeast Swearia Region Districts.

The Amderestan Republicans, Amderestan Democrats, Amderestan Conservatives, and Amderestan Unionist parties held a series of primaries in the various planetary systems during the next three months as they narrowed down presumptive nominees to one person per district.

On December 1, 89,995, Several billion Amderestans went to the polls and voted to elect Administrative District Senators for a four year term.

Meanwhile on Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Spacedock Alpha, Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon stood in the Level 20 Observation room and looked out at the assembly of Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K’s lower hull by several Engineering teams.

Several minutes later, Ensign Cronis a recent graduate of ASC Academy came into the observation room with a three by five inch datapad in his hand.

“Ensign.” Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon said, “You must be the Replacement Bridge Weapon Control Officer.”

“Yes, sir.” Ensign Cronis answered, “I am.”

Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon turned around to face the 21-Year-Old Alazenian, who saluted him.

“It’ll be a year before construction of Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-J is complete.” Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon said to Ensign Cronis. “I’m assigning you to the spacedock’s Weapon Control personnel. Go to quartermaster supply, and get your assignment patch.”

“Aye sir.” Ensign Cronis repiled as he walked out of the observation room.

Meanwhile on Dancallia One, Amderestan Army Commander Williams sat at a table in Reebas’ Bar with nine Amderestan Army Combat Assault Group Commanders.

“What we’re about to discuss stays between us.” Commander Williams said in a low voice.

“What exactly are we talking about?” AACAG Commander Terens repiled.

“There’s a number of Amderestan Army personnel here in the southern Alazenia Region, who want to organize the Second Southwest Amderestan Army Republic.” Commander Williams said,

“A number of Bankers in the AUO are discussing a loan to our movement.”

“What about weapons?” Another AACAG Commander at the table inquired.

“That’s been taken care of.” Commander Williams responded, “The Blackanian Federation has agreed to supply us weapons, and equipment.”

“In exchange for what?” AACAG Commander Reensan asked.

“They want us to attack the Tarozenians, Rylon-Tylonians, and Branisians.” Commander Williams replied. “Remember, don’t tell anyone about this.”

The ten Amderestan Army Combat Assault Group Commanders exited Reebas’ Bar, and proceeded their separate ways in Dancallia City.

Three days later on Crescent, Region Senator Jallian who represented the Southeast Alazenia Region District met with the Administrative District Senators from the SEARD.

“We seem to have a situation developing.” Region Senator Jallian said, “A number of Amderestan Army Combat Assault Groups have been stockpiling several weapon’s caches along the western galactic edge.”

“What kind of concern should we give this?” Senator Tressan inquired, “It’s not like they are planning something.”

“I’d suggest you brush up on your history.” Region Senator Jallian answered. “That’s what these AACAGs are planning to do.”

“Now wait a minute, you’re saying there a plan to bring back the Southwest Amderestan Army Republic?” Senator Wennsan inquired of Region Senator Jallian.

“That’s what it’s looking like.” Region Senator Jallian said, “Someone has to be supplying them with weapons and equipment. I have an idea who might be involved.”

“Who exactly?” Senator Terrian asked of Jallian.

“Just say some influential people in the banking industry and certain weapons manufacturer and distributor.” Region Senator Jallian repiled. “It is possible those who support the restoration of SAAR has plans for an alliance with the Yenturians.”

Over at the Defense Ministry, ADFCOSC Commander Tranns, Alazenia Region Field Commander Geesan, Taronia Region Field Commander Gessav, Tourist Region Field Commander Geesun, Amderesta Region Field Commander Kelvins, Swearia Region Field Commander Henders, and Parisia Region Field Commander Locian sat around a conference table in the level 20 briefing room.

“What of the reports of AACAGs stockpiling weapon’s caches?” Commander Kelvins inquired.

“They can’t do anything worthwhile.” Commander Geesan answered, “It will be a few months before they have the forces.”

“We should find out who all is connected to this, and nip it the bud.” ADFCOSC Commander Tranns said.

Chapter Eight: First NDEG Mission

On January 1st, 89,996, Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Chief of Staff, Commander Crentuin sat in his office on ADF Headquarter’s 20th Level with a seven by four inch datapad in his hand. He brought up a list of ASC vessels, and spent the next several hours, as he compiled a list of vessels to assign to the NDEG mission.

The mission officially designated by the ADF was to enter the NDEG and document evidence of the AAR genocide against the Yenturian Federation. 120 starships, crusiers, and destroyers were selected to conduct Operation Revelation.

Two weeks later in the Northwest Swearia Region District, the 120 vessel fleet assembled near Amderestan Spacefleet Corps Base Episilon 4335-A.

Over on the Anlocia ASC-90034-K, Commander Brenns stood at the end of the conference room, with the other 119 starship Commanding Officers. He activated the holo-projector in the center of the table, and projected an image of the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies.

“Commander Crentuin has selected our ships to conduct an exploration of the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies.” Commander Brenns said to the others, “Our orders are to take images of cities destroyed by neutronic attacks, and interview the surviving Yenturians concerning the genocide.”

“I thought this was an exploration mission?” Admiral Civalis responded from the opposite side of the conference room.

“Officially, it is.” Commander Brenns said to Admiral Civalis.

“Are we allowed to engage the BDF if they fired on us?” Colonel Senican inquired.

In the seat behind him, Amdoria 7’s Commanding Officer, Captain William Lucason looked around the room with a concerned expression.

“Something tells we’re not coming back.” He commented, “The Blackanians have a number of sentry vessels in the area. They most likely are under orders from Airian to attack any Alliance vessel that enters the NDEG.”

“Relax, Captain.” Commander Brenns answered.

Over on Reyen, Ensign Laura Lencon sat in her apartment, which had a view of ADF Landing Platform Alpha 334543, and she accessed the ADAIS network on her datapad.

Several days later in the Amderina galaxy, Captian Kevins landed on Airidian One with an Infantry Assualt Patrol, and proceeded to search an 100 mile area around the landing zone. After several minutes, one of the enlisted troopers came across a Yenturian settlement.

“Come to finish what you started?” A Yenturian inquired as he held a weapon on Captain Kevins. “We suffered enough.”

“I’m not AAR.” Captain Kevins answered, “We tried their government for genocide, and executed them. The 3rd Republic sent us to gather Intel on the genocide.”

“You should’ve bought reinforcements.” The Yenturian said, “Your diplomatic personnel were killed trying to get information to your government.”

“I know.” Captain Kevin replied, “What happened?”

The Yenturian proceeded to recount an AARDF aerial assault against several metropolitan cities in the northern hemisphere. He told Kevins a large number of civilians were herded by AARDF personnel into the forest, where open pits were dug and people forced to line up.

During the next three weeks, the 120 ADF Combat Assault Fleet went up the eastern galactic and conducted orbital, and ground scans of several planets. Some of which had BDF forces in wait. Surface-to-Arm Missiles launched from one of the planets attacked three starships, the Dellia, Reensa, and Hesaana. The missiles ripped the three vessels and destroyed them.

Over on the Ferrsia ASC-88965-G, Scanner Control Officer Lieutenant Casan looked at the tactical display and noticed four BDF destroyers rapidly approach from all sides.

“We have BDF vessels on all sides.” Lieutenant Casan told the CO, Admiral Walkins.

“Tarvin, rotate 180 degrees to starboard, and pitch 45 degrees forward.” Admiral Walkins said to the Flight Control Officer.

Lt. Tarvins activated the Ferrsia’s starboard thruster, which took the ship into a roll and brought it behind a BDF destroyer. Next thing he knew, several ISBMs launched from a nearby BDF destroyer impacted the engineering section, and disabled the propulsion systems.

In the 12 planet Renchia system, seven ADF destroyers: The Feersa, Gessa, Hessana, Henduria, Olgina, Ploniana, and Hesstoria spent the next three to four weeks in the area, as they scanned the planets for evidence of neutronic attacks, and evidence of mass graves. Three BDF Combat Assault Battalions positioned outside the system launched a number of attacks on the seven ADF destroyers, which destroyed four of them. The remaining three destroyers were severely damaged by MIRV attacks, and the survivors were taken prisoner.

Over in the fifteen planet Atoris system, Combat Assault units from nine ADF vessels landed on the planets and conducted surveys of the war ravenged planets, as they come across the ruins of several hundred cities. Their scanners detected a high level of neutronic radiation around the destroyed area, which would take some time to vaporize.

A large number of destroyed Anti-grav Planetary, and Landing Platforms were scattered across the northern half of Atoris Two, three, Seven, and Nine, along with the wreckage of YDF troop transports and cargo transports.

On April 4, 89,996, the Dessania ASC- 44321-I entered the 15 planet Hetronis system, and begun a series orbital scans of each of the planets, while the ten shuttle crews took a number of aerial images that showed a large number of destroyed Yenturian cities. After a two week period, the Dessania ASC-44321-I came under attack by a BDFCAP. Their propulsion and power generation systems were severely damaged or destroyed in the first attack. The second attack destroyed the docking bay, and weapon’s grid, and the third destroyed the Dessania.

Over the next four months, the ADFCAF took images of the Gerunis system, the Amtyrois system, the Rechanis system, the Henronis system, the Berlinus system which had a large Blackanian population on it, the Paronia system, the Terania system, the Kenolis system, the Arisia system, the Amdorian system, and a number of planetary systems in the nearby Anderina galaxy, which revealed the severity of the AARDF orbital attacks. 32 ADF vessels were intercepted and destroyed in an attack near the Encalia Sector. Onboard the Henduria, Scanner Officer Lt. Gaasan detected a wormhole in the nearby Encalia Sector, and suggested they go in to escape the encircling BDF destroyers. After a momentary pause, Henduria’s Bridge Flight Control Officer Ensign Gabvan set a course for the wormhole, and entered it. Next thing they knew, the Henduria approached Reyen, and they noticed the half-destroyed ASC Base Alpha 14-A in orbit.

Back in 89,996, the remaining vessels of the first NDEG mission were hunted down and destroyed in a series of Blackanian attacks during the next four months. While in the Southwest Alazenia Region District, Commander Andrew’s Combat Assault Groups now named the Southwest Liberation Army began preparations to attack the western galactic edge.

On Crescent, President Teslan met the ADF Chiefs of Staff and Region Field Commanders and discussed ways to response to the SWLA while it was a minor problem. AIA, and ADF Intelligence gave reports to the Senate over the same three to four weeks in regard to the buildup of SWLA vessels in the Denturia system, which the SWLA had de facto control over and they suggested a strike against the rebel controlled system.

Over at ASC Spacedock Alpha, the Engineering personnel completed construction of Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K. Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon now in command of his own vessel was given orders from Commander Rochester to join ADF forces in Southwest Alazenia who were now engaged with SWLA Combat Assault Groups along the Southwest galactic edge.

Several hours later, Grand Admiral Jonathan Lencon sat in his quarters and tuned his Video Reception Screen to ARNN Alazenia, which had an image of Commander Williams seated behind a desk.

“As of this moment, forces of the South West Liberation Army have taken control of 4332 planetary systems along the Southwest galactic. Our goal is to restablish the Southwest Amderestan Army Republic in the Southern Alazenia, and Southwest Amderesta Region Districts." Commander Williams said, “President Teslan, if you want to come after us, I won’t stop you.”

The image of Commander Williams disappeared from the Video Reception Screen. Meanwhile on Crescent, President Teslan activated his VACS, and contacted the Alazenia Region Field Commander.

“Put your Combat Assault, Aerial Assault, and Infantry Assault Groups on Code One Tactical Alert.” He said, “You already know the reason.”

Chapter Nine

At Alazenia Region Field Command, Commander Brains contacted the various ADF Combat, Aerial, and Infantry Assault Groups via a secured AVACS channel, and told them to go to Code One Tactical Alert.

In a 200 by 400 light-year area of the galactic edge, 2,000 ten planet systems defended by the 211th Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups came under attack from two SWLA Combat Assault Groups. A number of ADF and SWLA vessels were attacked and destroyed over the next few hours, as SWLA ISBMs launched at the 20,000 planets destroyed scanner installations, communication installations, SAM Launchers, and ADF Landing Platforms, and other targets from orbit.

Over the next four days, several SWLA Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 20,000 planets with speeders, mobile SAM Launchers, blaster cannons, and other equipment. They divided into Infantry Assault Task Forces launched a number of hit-and-run attacks against the ADF Infantry Assault Groups in 2 million metropolitan cities. A number of buildings received various types of damage as the ADF Infantry Assault Groups were decimated. After three days of intense fighting, the remaining ADF forces surrendered to the SWLA.

A week later, the 332nd, 776th, 789th, 901st, 443rd, and 878th SWLA Combat Assault Groups entered the Kaldin Sectors, which had 6,000 planets in it, and they launched a barrage of missiles at several orbital scanner and communication satellites, and destroyed them.

Three days later, 450 SWLA Infantry Assault Groups began landing troops on the 6,000 planets, along with Aerial Assault Groups, which launched a blitzkrieg attack against ADF Bases, Landing Platforms, Scanner installations, Communication installations, weapons caches, and Surface-to-Air Missile Launchers. The 450 SWLA Infantry Assault Groups launched an assault on the 211 ADF Infantry Assault Groups on the planets, which forced them into 8 million metropolitan cities.

During the next four weeks, ADF Infantry Assault Groups in 4 ten-planet systems were forced into a bind as the SWLA blitzkrieg decimated their Troop Transports. A number of buildings received damage from missile, and blaster cannon attacks from either side, as the SWLA and ADF fought for control of the four systems on the Kaldin Sectors western edge.

Near the systems, 43 ADF Combat Assault Groups came under attack from 21 SWLA Combat Assault Groups. Six SWLA Combat Assault Groups broke formation and launched an attack on the center of the ADF Combat Assault Groups that destroyed 19 ADFCAGs. Another twelve SWLA Combat Assault Groups launched an assault on the remainder’s port and starboard flanks.

Nine of the remaining 18 ADFCAGs were destroyed and the remainder was captured by the SWLA.

23 South West Liberation Army Combat Assault Groups supported by 43 Infantry Assault Groups and 59 Aerial Assault Groups entered 20 ten planet systems in the notheast section of the Kaldin Sectors, and began a orbital and aerial assault on ADF installations on the 200 planets.

During the next seven days, the SWLA CAGs and IAGs launched an intense assault on ADF scanner installations, Communication installations, ADF Landing Platforms, weapons factories, and storage buildings, which forced the 11 ADFIAGs into the two billion metropolitan cites.

The 43 South West Liberation Army Infantry Assault Groups and 11 Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups fought an intense building-to-building engagement in the two billion cities. A number of buildings received various amounts of damage from the missile attacks, and blaster fire between both sides. Over the next few hours, the overwhelmed ADF Infantry Assault Groups fought an intense battle with the Southwest Liberation Army for control of the 200 planets. After an intense engagement, the 11 ADF Infantry Assault Groups surrendered to the South West Liberation Army, and they were taken to a number of SWLA P.O.W camps on the western galactic edge. The 4th Republic State Governors and Senators on the 200 planets were taken into SWLA custody along with Civilian Security Force personnel as the SWLA placed the states under a State of Emergency. SWLA Security personnel set up a number of checkpoints in and around the major cities.

On March 1, 89,997, the 4432nd SWLA Combat Assault Group supported by a number of Aerial Assault Groups, and Infantry Assault Groups launched an orbital assault against 43 ten planet systems on the Kaldin Sectors’ southern edge. Numerous communication and scanner installations on the 430 planets were attacked and destroyed by the Aerial Assault Groups, which attacked and destroyed the ADF Landing Platforms in a 96 hour assault.

During the next four days, 200 South West liberation Army Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 430 planets with speeders, mobile SAM launchers, blaster cannons, and other supplies.

The 200 SWLA Combat Assault Groups proceeded to launch blitzkrieg attacks against several hundred thousand cities on each planet. A number of buildings were damaged or destroyed as the ADF Infantry Assault Groups fought in the streets to contain the SWLA advance. The onslaught continued for four months, as the ADFIAGs attempted to wear down the SWLA Infantry Assault Groups.

On July 1, 89,997, the ADFIAGs on the 430 planets surrendered to the SWLA Combat Assault Groups. During the next six months, South West Liberation Army Combat Assault Groups supported by Infantry Assault Groups, and Aerial Assault Groups launched an assault against 20,000 planets on southern edge of the Southwest Alazenia Region Districts. ADF Bases, Spacedocks, Weapon Platform Stations, AVACS and scanner satelliates in orbit of the planets were destroyed as the Aerial and Infantry Assault Groups conducted attacks on the planetary installations. ADF and Civilian Landing Platforms in several million metropolitan cities were destroyed by SWLA missile attacks.

23 ADF Infantry Assault Groups on the 20,000 planets fought an extensive building-to-building engagement with the SWLA Infantry Assault Groups over the next twenty weeks, which resulted in the SWLA capture of the system.

On October 3, 89,999, the 800 million member Amderestan Senate met in a special session to appropiate defense spending to the Alazenia Region Field Command.

Over at the Amderestan Republican’s Headquarters, Senator Jonathan Tenlon, who was nominated as their canidate for the 4th Republic Presidency sat with his Chief of Staff and Advisor James Dallis, and they discussed their campaign strategy for the Northern Swearia Region Districts.

“It looks like you’re currently ahead in the polls.” Senator Tenlon’s Chief of Staff said to him, “Due to your policies regarding the Blackanian Federation, among other things.”

“If I’m elected,” Senator Tenlon responded, “I intend to take care of the BDF problem in the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies, something we should have done in ‘994.”

“Which ADFCAF do you have in mind?” James Dallis inquired of Senator Tenlon.

“The 32nd ASCCAF.” Senator Tenlon answered.

“I’d suggest the 5th ASCCAF.” James Dallis responded, “And you’d be wise to select them for the mission.”

“Rochester’s fleet.” Senator Tenlon commented, “Grand Admiral Lencon is attached to the fleet. It seems the High Councilor has a plan to allow the 5th ASCCAF to proceed to the Forest moon of Allian.”

“Sevan wants Jonathan Lencon to defect to the BDF?” Senator Tenlon’s Chief of Staff responded, “I think it’s likely Jonathan could convince Airian to defect. After all, doesn’t Airian have a moderate view on the Blackanian High Council?”

“He does.” Senator Tenlon answered, “Back in 89,978, Airian and three moderate-leaning members of the Blackanian High Council met with High Councilor Seltan to discuss reforms to the Blackanian Federation. The Radical members on the High Council voted to sack Seltan, and replaced him with Sevan. Seltan got wind of the radicals move against the moderates, and arranged for one of our operatives to smuggle Intel concerning the moderates out of the Federation.”

“Lencon?” Senator Tenlon’s Chief of Staff inquired, “Wasn’t he undercover on Blackania when Seltan was assassinated?”

“He was.” Senator Tenlon answered, “Airian got sent to the NDEG along with a minder because Sevan had doubts with concerning his position. Jonathan’s sister who was assigned to ADFIDRC was given intellience from Airian concerning the BSI Bio-Weapon project on Allian.”

“Laura’s the one who informed AGAIC of the Chaliea Project.” Senator Tenlon’s Chief of Staff. “Didn’t she convince the AGAIC Director to pick Jonathan for the assignment in part to his connection with Airian?”

“She did.” Senator Tenlon answered.

Meanwhile on Amderesta 1 ASC-1737-K, Lt. Colonel Jonathan Lencon sat in his office with a stack of status reports from the chief officers, and he poured over the reports.

A moment later, the desktop VACS displayed a message from Senator Tenlon on an encrypted AVACS channel. Jonathan activated the message, and an image of Senator Tenlon appeared on screen.

“Jonathan, we’re in the planning stages of a second mission to the NDEG.” Senator Tenlon said, “Mainly to map the area and clear BDF forces from the southern five galaxies. Your fleet is likely to get the assignment.”

Over the next six weeks, Amderestan Defense Force Combat Assault Groups in the Southwest Alazenia Region District fought a number of skirmishes with SWLA Combat Assault Groups for control of a 5,000 by 100 light-year area. During that time, elections were held the 4th Republic Presidency and Senate, which included 36 Region Senators to represent the six region districts in each region. The Amderestan Republicans led by Senator Zeratin won a majority of the 836 million seats in the Amderestan Senate, which the Amderestan Democrats became the main opposition party in the Senate. During this time, President-Elect Jonathan Tenlon met with his Advisors to select his cabinet picks for the State, Defense, Transportation, Health, Commerce, and Treasury Ministries, along with nominees for AIA Director, AACOS, ABGCOS, ASFCOS, and AGFCOS.

Over the next 45 days, President-Elect Tenlon, the nominated Cabinet members, ADFCOS, Agency Directors, and recently elected Senators went over the Intelligence reports that regarded the SWLA uprising in the Alazenia Region. On January 1, 90,000, president-elect Jonathan Tenlon stood in front of a crowd of Amderestans gathered for his Inauguration. After a momentary wait, the Chief Judge came out onto the platform with a Bible, and he gave the oath of office to President-elect Tenlon.

“Fellow Amderestans,” President Tenlon began, “It’s an honor to be choosen for this position. As you all know, the South West Liberation Army has been taking planetary systems in the Southeast Alazenian Region District. I have ordered an increase of ADF Combat Assault Groups in the area to contain the SWLA advance. I also have assigned a fleet to conduct operations against the BDF in the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies due in part to intelligence concerning a planned attack against the Quinuinian Republic, and Quanuinian Republic. Officially, the mission is classified as an exploration mission to map the fifteen galaxies. Over the next two weeks, ASCCOS Commander Crentuin will meet with Commander William Rochester, CO of the 5th ASCCAF to finalize plans regarding the mission. During this time, the Amderestan Senate will hold a series of nomination hearing for my Cabinet, ADFCOS, Judical, and other top-level appointments.”

Over the next two weeks on Crescent, the 836 million Senators in the Amderestan Senate met the various nominees for the Cabinet Ministries, ADFCOS, Chief Judges, AIA Director, and other top-level positioned appointed by President Jonathan Tenlon. They conducted a number of conformation votes, which resulted in confirmation of President Tenlon’s picks.

Over at ADF Headquarters, ASCCOS Commander Crentuin activated the desktop Video-Audio Communication Screen, and he contacted Commander William Rochester onboard the Alantina.

“I see you’re up, Commander.” Commander Crentuin said, “President Tenlon has given an order for your ASCCAF to enter the Northern Dwarf Eliptical Galaxies, and conduct combat operations against the Blackanian Defense Force in the southern five galaxies. I’ve sent information concerning the mission to your vessel’s computer.”

“Very well, sir.” Commander Rochester responded, “I have a momentary briefing with my sub-fleet CO’s.”

Over on Alantina, Commander Rochester deactivated his desktop Video-Audio Communication Screen, got up from the desk, and went over to the briefing room.

To be continued in Amderesta: The 4th Republic #1. The NDEG Mission

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