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Here is an excerpt of my book Amderesta The 4th Republic #4. The Bytoris Plague. If you like what you read order a copy from the links listed below.

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Amderesta The 4th Republic #4 Amazon Canada

Doctor John Williams,and Doctor Timothy Johnson flew towards Airiana 4 in a

Medical Cargo Transport carrying suppiles for the Airiana 4 Medical Center.

They established an orbit around Airiana 4. Doctor Williams

activated the Video-Audio Communicator, and he contacted Airiana 4 Traffic


Doctor John Williams said,"Airiana 4 Traffic Control, this is Medical Cargo

Transport Omega 7 requesting clearance for atmospheric entry, and landing."

Traffic Control Officer Gregory Winters' voice repiled,"Medical Transport

Omega 7, you're cleared for atmospheric entry, and landing on Landing

Platform 55-F."

Doctor John Williams entered the atmosphere of Airiana 4,and landed on

Landing Platform 55-F. Dr. John Williams deactivated the thrusters, and


two of them walked down the ramp onto the platform. Doctor Tompson, CMO of

Airiana 4 Medical Center walked toward them.

Doctor Tompson said,"Williams, Johnson it is good to see you. I see you have

the medical suppiles from Atorsia 4. Let's get them loaded into the speeder

so we can take them to the medical center."

Just then, a Ranchanian Science Insitute Inspector said,"Wait a minute,

before you take the suppiles to the medical center, I need to inspect the

cargo first."

Doctor Timothy Johnson said."Listen! under the cargo act,'all cargo must be

inspected by a Cargo Inspection Officer before the vessel leaves the landing

platform, or the cargo will be siezed by Cargo Inspection.' "

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