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AMderesta The 4th Republic #

Amderesta: The 4th Republic #7. The Eastern Alliance-Amderestan War


Daniel Zazitski

Chapter One: EAFDF Offensive

President Williams and Deputy President Williamson sat in the Amderestan Defense Ministry's main briefing room with the Amderestan Defense Force Chiefs of Staff, their Deputies, and the six Region Field Commanders sat around a conference table with 7 by 4” datapads.

“Over the past month,” ADFCOSC Commander Lonianson said, “EAF Defense Force Combat Assault Groups in the occupied Dancalian Republic, Chorane Republic, and Eastern Pairisian Republic has been mobilizing forces along our border. Intelligence from Dancalian Intelligence has detected hundreds of EAFDF Combat Assault Groups just inside the border.

Over on the 50,000 light-year eastern galactic edge, 354 EAFDF Combat Assault Groups supported by Supply vessels and anti-matter tannker vessels crossed into Amderestan space, and fired on several ADFCAGs in the Northeast Parisia Region District. Several dozen ADF vessels were damaged or destroyed in first few hours of the attack. 90 EAFDF Combat Assault Groups launched an assault on the Amderestan Border Guard Bases along the galactic edge over the next eight days, as EAFDF Infantry Assault Groups landed on 2 million planets in the Northeast Parisia Region District, East Central Parisia Region District, and Southeast Parisia Region District.

Amderestan Defense Force Bases, scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, SAM launchers, weapon's factories, and other installations on the 2 million planets were came under attack from EAF Defense Force Infantry Assault Units.

In the 25, 148,148 square light-year Calin Sectors, Eastern Alliance Federation Defense Combat Assault Groups, Aerial Assault Groups, and Infantry Assault Groups launched an attack on the planets' ADF bases, scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, missile launchers, weapons storage facilities from orbit, as Infantry Assault Groups fought the Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups in billions of metropolitan cities. A number of buildings in each city were damaged or destroyed as the EAFDF forces advanced. Over the next two months, a number of ADFCOATS on the 37,037,037 planets conducted a series of hit and run attacks against the overwhelming number of EAF Defense Force personnel who had control of the major cities. Commander Wanns, a senior ADFCOAT commander met with a PLA officer to discuss a possible alliance.

“I have proposal for you.” Commander Wann told the PLA officer, as he looked around the corner for any EAFDF forces.

“What kind?” The PLA Officer responded with a surprised tone.

“An alliance between us.” Commander Wann said, “I'm pretty sure you have reservations, considering the tensions between our two sides.”

“Can you give an assurance your forces won't turn around and attack ours in an counter-offensive against the EAF?” The PLA officer asked in response.

In the 25,148,148 square light-year Dennia Sectors to the south, EAFDF Combat Assault Groups began an intense orbital attack on the 37,037,037 planets. ADF bases, scanner installations, communication installations, landing platforms, anti-grav planetary transport platforms, missile launchers, and factories in and around the major cities came under substained missile attacks over the next 24 days. A number of civilian buildings nearby received damage from the orbital attacks, which caused a high number of casaulties. Over the next few weeks, EAFDF Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 37,037,037 planets with support personnel, and they launched a major ground campaign against the ADF and PLA forces in the metropolitan cities. Numerous buildings received damage from missiles, and charges as the two sides fought for control of the planets.

In the Dancalian Galaxy, Dancalian Resistance forces in Dancalia City targeted the EAFDF Occupational Government in a series of raids against the Field Commander, his Executive Officer, and other high level officals in the occupation. On a number of planets, Dancalian nationals took to the streets in the millions, and demanded the expulsion of the EAF from the Dancalian Republic. The EAF Defense Force responded with a harsh crackdown against the protesters, and arrested a large number of people.

Over the next two months, EAF Defense Force Combat Assault Groups entered the Northeast Amderesta Region District, which had 36 25,148,148 square light-year Administrative Districts with 37,037,037 planets, and they began daily interstellar ballistic missile attacks on Amderestan Defense Force bases, spacedocks, weapon platform stations, scanner satellites, and communication satellites in orbit of the planets. A number of missiles, which separated into MIRVs impacted hundreds of millions of ADF Installations, and damaged or destroyed them. On a number of bases, ADF personnel went through the severely damage bases to look for those who were injured or killed in the assault. Damage Control teams went around to each room as the cleared the debris, which consisted of bulkheads, power conduits, lighting fixtures, CATS, VACS, and several sections of the ventilation ducts. A number of bases had multiple hull breaches, some of which were protected by emergency forcefields, while other breaches had depressurized the various rooms that were affected.

On the 1,333,333,332 planets, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups placed the various ISBM Surface-to-Air Missile launchers on activate status, issued weapons to personnel who set up defensive positions in and around the major cities as millions of civilians went down to the underground bunkers in order to escape the unrelenting attack. A large number of apartment complexes received damage from the missile attacks, and the medical centers were soon filled with those injured or killed in the attacks. Numerous retailers in the major cities closed their businesses, as a majority of people dared not go out.

Meanwhile in the planets' orbit, Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups, which separated into Combat Assault Fleets positioned near the damaged orbital bases, and they responded with a series of responses against the EAF Defense Force. After a few days, EAFDF Combat Assault Groups launched several attack waves against the ADF Combat Assault Fleets, which destroyed a number of ADFCAFs, and damaged others, while EAFDF Infantry Assault Groups landed on the 1,333,333,332 planets with speeders, blaster cannons, SAM launchers, and they landed a series of cordinated ground assaults against the Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups. After a few days, the EAFDF Infantry Assault Groups forced the Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups into the major metroploitan cities. A number of buildings were damaged or destroyed, as the EAFDF and Amderestan Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups fought intense street-to-street, and building-to-building engagements for control of the major cities.

Eastern Alliance Federal Defense Force Aerial Assault Groups launched a number of aerial attacks against Amderestan Defense Force landing platforms in the major cities, which had prepped Amderestan Defense Force Aerial Assault Groups to response against the aerial attacks.

Over on Crescent, President Williamson sat in the executive building's level 20 briefing room with the Amderestan Defense Force Chiefs of Staff, Defense Minister, Deputy Defense Minister, and other top level officials to discuss the status of covert operations inside the Blackanian Federation. Commander Sesans, the ADFCI Field Commander entered the room with a stack of datapads, passed them around the table, and proceeded to activate the Computer Access Terminal Screen.

An image of the Blackanian galaxy appeared on the 11 foot screen, which indicated the various Amderestan Defense Force Covert Operation Assault Teams currently imbedded with moderate BDF, and BULA forces.

Commander Sesans proceeded to give a status of covert operation against the Radical BDF forces on several million planets in the western half of the Blackanian galaxy. During the presention, he ran a animated simulation which showed the progress of guerilla attacks over the last few months.

Back on the 1,333,333,332 planets in the Northeast Amderesta Region District, EAF Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups who had took control of the major cities, established a number of checkpoints throughout the area and placed a dusk to dawn curfew on the civilians in the occupied areas.

While in the surrounding countryside, a large number of ADFIAPs separated into ADFIATs and began a series of small scale resistance attacks against the EAFDF occupation forces.

During the next four months in the Southeast Amderesta Region District, the EAF Defense Force Combat Assault Groups, Infantry Assault Groups, and Aerial Assault Groups subjected the planets still under Amderestan control to an intense orbital and ground assault. A large a number of ADF and civilan installations were damaged or destroyed in the assault a number of EAF Defense Force Infantry Assault Groups landed on the planets with ground vehicles, and came under attack by the ADF Infantry Assault Groups embedded in the major cities. A number of buildings were reduced to rubble as the EAFDF launched an assault for control of the cities. A number of medical centers ran by the ADF and state goverments were soon overwhelmed with the number of casualities from the intensive fighting between the ADF and EAFDF. Local businesses, and schools were closed due to concerns of safety for civilians in the area.

Over on EAFDF occupied Airiana Four, Commander Thompson exited Airiana Four ASC Medical Center, dressed in cilivian clothing, and he walked along the main road to an intersection manned by an EAFDF checkpoint. The Senior EAFDF Officer at the checkpoint motioned for him to approach. Commander Thompson approached the checkpoint as he removed his identification card from his shirt pocket.

“Where are you headed?” The EAFDF Officer inquired of Thompson, as he took his ID card.

“Do you really need to know?” Commander Thompson responded, “I'm just taking a walk.”

“We can't be too careful.” The EAFDF Officer said, “What's your destination?”

“The ADF Barracks.” Commander Thompson repiled, “Anything else you need to know?”

“Nope, everything checks here.” The EAFDF Officer answered, as he raised the roadblock placed across the road, and Commander Thompson continued for several blocks before he took a secondary road to the ADF Barracks. He entered the main entrance of the building, entered an elevator to his left, which took him up to the twentith floor. The doors slid open, and he went down the corridor to his apartment. He walked in to find his daughter seated on the couch with a datapad in her hands.

“Hello, Dad.” She said to her father, as he colapsed into a nearby chair, and he activated the Video Reception Screen, which was tuned to EAFNN. The 40 Year Old anchor seated behind the anchor desk read over list of headlines most of which pertained to offensive in the Northeast Amderesta Region District.

“I hear there's an alliance with the PLA.” Sara Thompson said to her father.

“Sara, not so loud.” Commander Thompson repremanded, “EAFDF might have ears in the building. Besides, EAFDF has been censoring the availible media.”

“A friend at school told me her dad was involved in a series of meetings.” Sara Thompson told her father, who looked up from his datapad.

“What did you hear?” Commander Thompson asked his daughter.

“My friend told me her dad met with someone in the PLA, overheard them discussing plans to sabotage communication facilities.” Sara Thompson said.

“They're getting worried.” Commander Thompson said, “EAFDF has been increasing the number of checkpoints in the city. They've been conducting searches for PLA collaberators.”

“I've seen EAFDF personnel question some of the teachers.” Sara Thompson responded, “Our history teacher got taken away.”

“Why?” Commander Thompson asked his daughter.

“Something about inticing a riot.” Sara Thompson repiled

“What about the underground tunnels?” Commander Thompson said, “It looks like people are starting to use them to get around the checkpoints.”

“What are you implying?” Sara Thompson asked her father.

“You know the answer.” Commander Thompson repiled.

“Can I come with you?” Sara Thompson inquired.

“It's too dangerous, Sara.” Commander Thompson told his daughter. “I can't risk anything happening to you.”

“I want the EAFDF to leave as much as you!” Sara Thompson answered in a raised tone.

“Stay here, I'll have Lieutenant Williamson inform me if you leave.” Commander Thompson responded.

“Not fair, I never get to go anywhere.” Sara Thompson told her father. She got from the recliner, and went into the kitchen.

Meanwhile on Parisia, an IAP sized resistance unit gathered near an abandoned cryithium mine to discuss a series planned sabotage attacks on key communication facilities in Parisia City.

“What about the reserve generators?'' A resistance member inquired, “We can't disrupt the mains, and leave the reserves. The EAFDF will realize something's up.”

“I concur.” Another member answered, “We also need target the reserve communication generators.”

“Okay, team alpha.” The Resistance Cell's Leader said, “You have the industrial district. Team Beta, your area is near the government district. The rest of you will target the EAFDF Bases.”

After each team was given their prespective assignment, they went their various ways, and sabotaged the EAFDF's communication facilities throughout Parisia City.

Over the next eight months, an ever increasing number of resistance cells conducted hit-and-run attacks on EAFDF installations in the occupied Parisia Region, along with the PLA. In response, the EAFDF Occupation Forces on a number of planets went door-to-door in search for those involved with the resistance. A number of detention camps were set up by the EAFDF to hold those accused of supporting the resistance.

In one of the detention camps on Parisia, Sara Thompson sat on a field bunk with two other 16 year olds, who had a depressed look about them.

“Why are you here?” One of the Parisians inquired,

“My father, he got involved with the resistance.” Sara Thompson answered, “He asked me about using the tunnels to bypass the checkpoints.”

“Same thing happen also.” The Parisian commented.

“Jack, what did they do?” Sara Thompson asked another Parisian, who staggered into the barracks, and colapsed. “Does it hurt/”

“Of course, it does!” The Parisian answered.

“Here, let me help up.” Sara Thompson offered as she extended her to Jack. After slight hesitation on his part, Jack took Sara's hand, and got to his feet.

“Thanks.” Jack said with a tired voice. “My parents were picked up the EAFDF in Sendesa City. I haven't had any news on their whereabouts.”

“You know Commander Lencon?” A Parisian inquired

“My father told me about him.” Sara Thompson answered, “I saw him when I was little. Dad was CMO at Airiana Four ASC Medical Center back then.”

“What caused you move here?” The Same Parisian inquired,

“Atorsia Four ASC Medical was targeted by the PLA during the AIDF Occupation.” Sara Thompson answered, “We were assigned here on a temporary basis, while the field commander's office decided on permemant assignments for eveyone. Dad got assigned to Parisia City ASC Medical's Infectous Desease Center, due to his knowledge with Bytoris.”

“Lose anyone because of that.” The Parisian asked

“My Dad's brother, sister-in-law, and my cousins.” Sara Thompson answered, “They caught from their neighbor who visited them for dinner. He survived thanks to Commander Lencon getting the antivirus.”

“I heard something about Commander Lencon having ties with BULA.” Jack Anvis commented from the back. “My Great-Uncle was involved with ADFCIS back in '978. He mentioned something about visiting a number of Blackanians who were opposed to the government's restrictions.”

“Opposed?” The Parisian responded

“The Secret Police came by after he left.” Jack Anvis said, “Figure out the rest.”

Meanwhile on Crescent, President Williamson went down a series of corridors with an aide to an elevator, which took them to the subterrian bunker underneath the executive building.

“This way, Mr. President.” The aide said, as Williamson followed him to a briefing room few feet from their location, and entered an access code on the control panel.

“Why meet down here?” President Williamson asked his Aide.

“You're on a slippery slope.” The Aide said, “I'd watch out if I were you. Mainly with the things you're proposing with Abrams.”

“Is that supposed to be a threat?” President Williamson inquired with anger in his voice. “I'll have you detained on conspiracy charges.”

“You don't have proof!” The Aide answered in a raised tone.

“Then I'll get some.” President Williamson said, as he went up to the ground level, and was met by his chief of staff.

“It sounded pretty heated down there.” Williamson's Chief of Staff commented. “Want to talk?”

“Later.” President Williamson answered, as he entered the elevator and went up to the presidental residence on the 20th floor. He entered the living area, and took a seat on the couch with a stack of 7 by 4 inch datapads, which he placed on the coffee table. He activated one of the datapads, which had a report on Amderestan Army personnel supporting the restablishment of the AAR.

“You look worried?” Lisa Williamson, President Williamson's wife said as she came from the kitchen, and sat down.

“You teach history at the secondary school?” President Williamson inquired.

“Why do you ask?” Lisa Williamson repiled with concern.

“Before the AAR rebellion started, a large number of Amderestan Army personnel began to discuss the establishment of an military controlled government. Their only problem was the President, so they had him assassinated, and the blame placed on the Blackanians.” President Williamson said, “It's looking very simular right now. Whomever's involved will probally wait until the war with the EAF is over.”

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